DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Keyboard shortcuts list (Mac)

In this page, you can learn the shortcuts about DemoCreator for Mac.


Record(default) Launch Recorder Cmd+Shift+R  
  Stop Cmd+Shift+2  
  Start/Pause/Resume Option+Command+2  
  Full-Screen Recording Shift+Cmd+F  
  Add Marker Ctrl+M  
  Screen Drawing Ctrl+D  
  Cut Cmd+X  
  Copy Cmd+C  
  Paste Cmd+V  
  Delete Del(Backspace)  
  Play/Pause  Space   
  Split S  
  Freeze Frame Opt+F  
  Add Marker Cmd+M  
  Delete Marker Del(Backspace)  
  Select Same Color Group Opt+Tilde (~)  
  Select Multiple Clips Cmd+click clip  
  Select Range of Clips Shift+click clip  
  Select Entire Track   Double-click track name
  Go ahead 1 frame Right arrow  
  Go ahead 1 second Shift+Right arrow  
  Go back 1 frame Left arrow  
  Go back 1 second Shift+Left arrow  
  Go ahead to the next edit cmd+Right arrow  
  Go back to the previous edit Cmd+Left arrow  
  Go to the first frame of the project Home(Fn+Left arrow)  
  Go to the last frame of the project End(Fn+Right arrow)  
  Zoom In Timeline Cmd+Plus sign (+)  
  Zoom Out Timeline Cmd+Minus sign (-)  
  Zoom Fit Project or Selection Shift+Z Middle mouse click within the timeline
  Pan the timeline Right mouse hold and drag within the timeline
  Ripple Delete Shift+ Del(Backspace)
Wondershare DemoCreator
Preferences Cmd+,
  Quit Cmd+Q  
  New Project Cmd+N  
  Open Project Cmd+O  
  Save Project Cmd+S  
  Save Project as... Shift+Cmd+S  
  Undo Cmd+Z  
  Redo Shift+Cmd+Z  
  Cut Cmd+X  
  Copy Cmd+C  
  Paste Cmd+V  
  Delete Del(Backspace)  
  Enable Canvas Snap Opt+S  
  Rapid value adjustment  
  Fine value adjustment  
Archive Project Cmd+Shift+P
Group Cmd+G
Ungroup Cmd+U
Canvas Options Zoom in on canvas Cmd+Shift++  
Zoom out on canvas Cmd+Shift+-  
Move selected media on canvas Cmd+Arrow Keys (hold)  
Zoom to see all media on Canvas Cmd+Shift+A  
Text Options On Canvas Bold Cmd+Shift+B  
Italic Cmd+Shift+I  
LiveDemo New Project Cmd+N
  Open Project Cmd+O
  Save Project Cmd+S
  Save Project as Cmd+Shift+S
  Next Clip Right arrow
  Previous Clip Left arrow
  Delete Clip Delete
  Start/Pause/Resume Recording Option+Command+2
  Stop Shift+Command+2
  Camera moves to the right Cmd + 1
  Full Screen Camera Cmd + 2
  Share content in the full-screen Cmd + 3
  Content and camera side by side Cmd + 4
  Content and camera exchange Cmd + 5
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