User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Record Screen

Record screen is the simplified version of feature-rich DemoCreator screen recording. That makes it easy for everyone to record the screen without going into the details and many features offered by the incredible tool.

record screen

Customize Recording Area

The customizing recording area is straightforward. You can drag and select the area you want to record, input the dimensions, or press the full-screen icon to set the recording area to full screen.

customize recoridng area

Start/Stop Recording

Press the red Start recording button to begin the screen recording or use the keyboard shortcut, Shift+Cmd+2.

start recording

To stop the screen recording, you need to press the end recording.

stop recording


You can pause the screen recording directly from the recorder or use the keyboard shortcut, Opt+Cmd+2.

pause recording

And when you want to resume the video recording, you can click the resume button or the same keyboard shortcut again.

resume recording

Delete and Re-record

If you make a mistake or something unusual happens during the recording, you can always press a single button to delete the current recording and start a new screen recording. That serves as a refresh button and starts recording the selected region again.

delete and re-record

Review Recording

Once you stop the recording, you are seamlessly taken to the preview window. Here you can review the whole recording by playing it.

review recording

Fast Export

The fast export makes exporting video files seamless. You only have to identify the export location and the rest of the process is speedy.