User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Zoom & Pan

Zoom refers to the camera moving closer to the object being recorded or going away with a zoom lens. In contrast, a Pan means horizontal movement when the camera moves right or left between subjects. These or any other camera effects can be simulated in DemoCreator using the Pan and Zoom feature.

Go the effects on the left pane and drag the Pan and Zoom effect to the clip. A green arrow shows up on the timeline once the effect is applied.

zoom and pan

Change Position:

You can edit when the Pan and Zoom occurs in your clip, click the green arrow, and drag it.

change position

Change Duration:

You can also adjust the duration or length of the Pan and Zoom effect, click and drag either end of the arrow.

change duration

Edit Pan and Zoom:

You can edit the Pan and Zoom effect by double-clicking the green arrow on the timeline. A new window will pop up with two frames on the footage: a purple frame marked as Start and a green frame marked as End.

edit zoom and pan

You will find five preset paths underneath the preview edit window:

  1. Zoom In Mode:

Zoom in from the larger purple frame to the smaller green frame. You can drag and change the area you want to zoom in. The green arrow shows the close-up direction and can be used for face or object focusing purposes.

zoom in

  1. Zoom Out Mode:

From the smaller purple frame, zoom out to the larger green frame. You can drag and change the area you want to zoom out. The green arrow indicates the direction of the zoom out. You can apply this effect to reveal a larger scene or the whole picture.

zoom out

  1. Pan Right Mode:

With Pan Right mode, the camera moves horizontally from left to right. Drag and change the area you want to pan. The green arrow shows the direction of the pan. It can be done to follow an object or move between characters.

pan right

  1. Pan Left Mode:

With Pan Left mode the camera moves from right to left. If you want to change the area of the pan you can drag and hover using the mouse.

pan left

  1. Swap the start and end areas:

The last Pan and Zoom option are the swap, which allows you to swap the start and end area of the clip.