DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below


Expecting for enhancing your videos with remarkable filters and video effects? DemoCreator video editor provides a catalog of filters and effects that present your video in different styles and vibes. Try some popular filters like VHS Static, 1970, and Valencia, making your video stand out on social media and deepen engagement with your viewers.

1. Find Filters

To find the Filters, first please ensure you've entered the DemoCreator video editor mode. Then find the Filters in the Tool Bar.

(Note: Also, you can search for more filters and effects through the search tool.)

find filters

    2. Add Filters

    Select the filter you want and drag it to the timeline, and place it above your video. Once successfully applied, the clip will show the name of the filter. Then you can preview the effects on the preview window.

    add video filters method two

    3. Customize Filters 

    DemoCreator enables you to change the duration and Alpha Opacity of the Filter.

    Change the Duration: The default length is five seconds, you can drag the edge of the effect in your timeline to change its duration.

    change filter duration

    Change Alpha: The alpha opacity (transparency) property can have a value of 0-100. A lower value makes the filter more transparent. Double-click on the filter in the timeline to customize its opacity. Then, you preview how your clip looks with the filter applied to it in the Preview Window.

    change filter alpha

    4. Add Filters to Favorite

    Click the heart icon on a filter, then it will be added to the Favorite catalog.

    add filter to favorite

    5. Remove Filters 

    Right-click the filter in the timeline and select Delete.

    detele video filters