DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Video Recorder - Screen Recording

Launch DemoCreator, and select Video Recorder.

Come to the "Recorder" panel, there are six distinct recording modes tailored to suit various needs, ensuring a fluid and exceptional recording experience.

screen recorder windows interface

Screen Recording mode supports recording the screen, system audio, and microphone simultaneously. You also can record the camera as you need.

screen recording mode

screen recording windows 10

1. Customize Recording Setting

① Customize Recording Area: Choose to record the full screen, custom selection, capture window, or social media dimensions.

customize screen recording settings

② Select Windows: Here you can select the windows that you want to record screen.

select a window to record screen

2. Export Configuration

There are 2 export configurations, Fast Merge, and Track Separation

① Fast Merge (Quick Export): Enable this option to merge webcam and desktop content fully, making them inseparable for individual editing. Faster export times.

② Track Separation(Editable Tracks): Enable this option to separate webcam and desktop content onto distinct tracks, allowing for individual editing, Export requires additional processing.

In addition, you can modify your recording presets in settings to make your recording experience more convenient.


3. Schedule Recording Settings

The completion of Step 2 directs you to the "scheduling" interface, where you will have to work on the actual task by setting the start/end timings of your recordings and making additional adjustments in recording settings. Tap " Save Recording Task" when you are satisfied with the arrangements.

schedule screen recording setting

4. Start/Finish Recording

① Start: After you've finished all the settings, click the red "Rec" button or press F9 to start recording.

② Finish/Pause: If you've finished recording, press F10 to stop. Press F9 to pause/resume a recording.

start and finish screen recording

5. Screen Drawing Tool

The Screen Drawing Tool helps you to draw while recording. To open it, press Shift+Ctrl+D. The screen drawing tool contains a pen, Highlight, Spotlight, Whiteboard, Stickers, etc. You can quickly write and highlight while recording.

 use screen drawing tool