DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

All-in-One Recorder

In this section, you'll learn:

  • 1. Customize Recording Settings
  • 2. Start/Finish Recording
  • 3. Screen Drawing Tool
  • 4. Connect Virtual Cameras
  • 5. How to Record Zoom Meeting

Launch DemoCreator, and select New Recording.

start up interface

1. Customize Recording Settings

Come to the "Recorder" panel. This mode supports you to record the screen, system audio, microphone, and camera simultaneously. 

customize recording settings

① Customize Recording Area: Choose to record the full screen, custom region, or social media dimensions.


② Set Microphone & Webcam Inputs: Choose other inputs to record along with the screen. Options include webcam, microphone audio, and system audio. Check the link of your system sound, microphone, and camera. Customize the camera and audio to the best condition. And under the camera recording, you are allowed to set up the webcam mirror and the AI face recognition.

③ Choose Recording Scheme: There are 2 recording schemes, Export Express and Edit Recordings.

  • Export Express: Export video directly after recording, no editing process required. (In this mode, your recorded screen, microphone, and webcam files will be combined into one track. The cursor effects can't be applied to the recorded video under this scheme.)
  • Edit Recordings: Export the footage to the video editor for more editing options after the recording is done. (In this scheme, the recorded screen, audio, and camera clips will display in 3 different tracks, you can edit them separately. The cursor effects can be applied to the recorded video under this scheme.) 

2. Start/Finish Recording

Start: After you've finished all the settings, click the red "Rec" button or press F9 to start recording.

Finish/Pause: If you've finished recording, press F10 to stop. Press F9 to pause/resume a recording

start recording

3. Screen Drawing Tool

The Scree Drawing Tool helps you to draw while recording. To open it, press Shift+Ctrl+D. The screen drawing tool contains, Pen, Highlight, Spotlight, Whiteboard, Stickers etc. You can quickly write and highlight while recording.

screen drawing tool

4. Supported Virtual Cameras

The DemoCreator program supports virtual camera recording, such as OBS, MMHMM, Xplit, Nvidia Broadcast, Snap Camera, ManyCam. This feature allows you to deliver professional recording videos on any video platform, video conferencing app, and distance learning tool.

To connect the virtual camera, set the third-party virtual camera as webcam input in DemoCreator. Here use Snap Camera as an Example.

connect virtual camera

Supported virtual cameras

No. Type Software Name Camera Screen Video Quality Minimize Virtual Camera
1 Virtual Camera OBS Studio Yes Yes Normal Normal
2 Virtual Camera Nvidia Broadcast Yes Yes Normal Normal
3 Virtual Camera XSplit VCam Yes Yes Normal Normal
4 Virtual Camera snapcam Yes Yes Normal Normal
5 Virtual Camera CyberLink YouCam Yes Yes / Normal
6 Virtual Camera CamTwist(Mac) Yes Yes Normal Normal
7 Virtual Camera Lightstream Studio Yes Yes Normal Normal
8 Virtual Camera Streamlabs obs No / / /
10 Virtual Camera EV Virtual Camera No / / /
11 Video Recorder mmhmm Yes Yes Normal Normal
12 Video Maker Soom Yes Yes Normal /
13 Video Maker Prezi video Yes Yes Normal Normal
14 Video Recorder ManyCam Yes Yes Normal Normal
16 Video Recorder SplitCam Yes Yes Normal Normal
17 Streaming Program casttingo Yes Yes Normal Normal

5. How to Record Zoom Meeting

  1. First, check if your system sound is the same as the selected zoom output sound.

check the sound

  1. Launch DemoCreator, select New Recording. Change the recording area to record the Zoom meeting. Then click the red button or press F10 to start recording.

record zoom meeting in windows

  1. When you’ve finished the recording, then it will automatically switch to the video editor panel. You can preview your recording in the preview window before exporting.