DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Schedule Recording

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • How to schedule recording with DemoCreator
  • Customize schedule recording settings
  • Save settings and start recording

Schedule recording supports you to start and end recording at a specific time, after the schedule, automatically record the screen and audio. Below are the detailed steps to make schedule recording:

Step1:Launch DemoCreator and Select "Schedule Recording"

Launch DemoCreator, then select the "Schedule Recording" in the start-up window.

democreator schedule recording

Step 2: Schedule Recording Settings

The completion of Step 2 directs you to the "scheduling" interface, where you will have to work on the actual task by setting the start/end timings of your recordings, along with making additional adjustments in recording settings. Tap " Save Settings" when you are satisfied with the arrangements.


  1. Start time: This option allows you to set the start time of the scheduled recording.
  2. End task: This option allows you to set the end time of the scheduled recording.
  3. Duration: This option allows you to set the duration of the scheduled recording.
  4. Recording area: This option allows you to select the target recording area for scheduled recording.
  5. After recording: This option allows you to select whether to import to editor or export and open folder.

Step3:Save Settings and Start Recording

Once you've finished the schedule recording settings, click save settings. Then your schedule recording task will automatically start according to your settled time.

Precautions to take when using Scheduled Recording

  • The scheduled recording function is available only when DemoCreator is running.
  • The scheduled recording function will not work on a remote computer when the remote connection is lost.
  • If you want to stop recording while the schedule recording do not end, press F10.