DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

AI Object Remover

AI Object Remover is a powerful new feature that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to remove any unwanted objects and elements such as texts, emojis, watermarks, logos and passersby from your photos and videos.

Step 1: Add Media File to Timeline

Launch DemoCreator Video Editor and drag your video or photo to the timeline. If necessary, split the video to locate the exact segment that you want to remove objects from.

import video or photo to DemoCreator AI Object Remover

Step 2: Access the AI Object Remover Window

Navigate to Video Effects tab on the left panel and drag AI Object Remover effect to the video clip in the timeline, the AI Object Remover window will pop up.

add AI Object Remover effect to media in DemoCreator

Step 3: Add Area to Highlight Objects

Hover your mouse in the AI Object Remover window and then highlight the object you want to remove with a frame box.

Click the x icon besides the Area field to delete mistaken frame box. Currently, you can mask up to 5 frame boxes in the footage.

remove objects with AI Object Remover in DemoCreator

Step 4: Preview and Save

Playback the video on the AI Object Remover window to preview the result and click Apply to save the changes.