DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Brand Kits

With the Brand Kits feature, you can store all brand assets such as openers, end credits and watermarks in one place without uploading them for every projects, ensuring a consistent brand look for effective brand building in your videos.

Step 1. Add Media Files to Brand Kits

Click the + option to import the opener video, end credit video or brand logo image from local to DemoCreator.

add brand kit assets to DemoCreator

You can also explore the openers and end credits in Education, Business, Gaming, Social Media, Festival scenarios in the DemoCreator Brand Kits library and select the best one suit for your brand. Click the Star icon to add it to the Favorite category to edit them quickly.

add favorite opener and end credits in DemoCreator Brand Kits

Step 2. Add Brand Kits Assets to Video

To add opener and end credit brand kit assets, place the playhead to the right position on the timeline and click the + icon.

Add Brand Kit Opener & End Credit to Video in DemoCreator

For more details about editing Openers and End Credits in DemoCreator, you can check this guide to Texts.

To incorporate your brand logos into your video, simply click + icon on the uploaded logo image. The logo will be added to your video automatically without the need for manual duration adjustments.

add brand logo to video in DemoCreator Brand Kits

You can adjust the size and location of the logo image within the preview window directly. To remove the logo image from the video, right click on it and then select Cancel Application option.

adjust or delete brand logo application in DemoCreator Brand Kits