DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Learn About the Panel of the Video Presentation

In Video Presentation mode, you can easily make awesome presentation videos with PowerPoint, media content, or screen capture, record everything on video, or stream it Live.


1. Navigate the Video Presentation Panel


2. Record in Presentation Mode

Next, follow these steps to learn more about the recording solution in this Presentation Mode.

1. Prepare for Video Presentation

Click the "Video Presentation" from the main interface, you will navigate to the Video Presentation mode. From the left side of the panel, you can directly share your desktop screen, which you want to record.


In the lower right corner, the 3 icons on the right side near the "Clips" area are the Webcam (External Camera), Microphone, and Volume settings options.


You can select three layouts: Merge display, Fusion Display, and Full-Screen Camera; you can easily change your preferred display.


Customize Presentation Area: Present Video in the standard or social media dimensions.


Background: Also, you can change the background you want before recording. Various background scenes are provided, which contains the Abstract, Academy, Business, Outdoor, etc.


2. Other tools in presentation mode

Teleprompter: At the bottom of the panel is the " Teleprompter ", Teleprompter helps you to paste or type your script, and record professional speeches easily.


Drawing Tool: When you start recording, there are 5 Drawing Tools supported, including a Pointer, Pen, Text, Whiteboard, Eraser, and Clear All.


3. Different recording scenarios:

Then, the " Streaming" and "REC" give you the options for different video recording scenarios.

"Streaming" is to stream the presentation screen to the Live Streaming Platforms, including OBS Studio, YouTube Live, Twitch, Discord, Facebook Live, and more.

"REC" is for starting recording in this Video Presentation.