DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Learn About the Panel of the Video Presentation

In Video Presentation mode, you can easily make awesome presentation videos with PowerPoint, media content, or screen capture, recorded everything on video or streaming it Live.

1. Navigate the Video Presentation Panel

So, in this part, you will navigate to learning the new panel and new recording solution.

Firstly, find the image below for an overview of the Video Presentation's various functional areas.


2. Record in Presentation Mode

Next, follow these steps to learn more about the recording solution in this Presentation Mode.

Click the "Video Presentation" from the main interface, you will navigate to the Video Presentation mode. You can upload all "Clips" from the left side of the panel, where you can add Pages, PowerPoints, videos, images, and other media files. Even you can directly share your desktop screen, which you want to record.

upload media files

At the top of the panel, the 3 icons on the left side near the "Clips" area are the Webcam (External Camera), Microphone, and Volume settings options.

webcam settings

Next to the icons, you can find the "Camera" and "Avatar" options. These allow you to record the video presentation with your real person's presenter on the screen or use a preferred virtual avatar presenter.

camera or avatar mode

2 different recording scenarios:

Then, the "Live Streaming" and "Start Recording" give you the options for different video recording scenarios.

"Live Streaming" is to stream the presentation screen to the Live Streaming Platforms, including OBS Studio, YouTube Live, Twitch, Discord, Facebook Live, and more.

"Start Recording" is for starting recording in this Video Presentation.

Start Recording

3. Preview the recording

Below these 2 buttons are the Preview Windows in this mode. You can preview the recording contents in this window, including imported media, real or virtual backgrounds, characters (Camera or Avatar), and more.


4. Other tools in presentaion mode

At the bottom of the panel are the "Teleprompter", "Drawing Tools", and the Presets for Content and Character. There are 5 Drawing Tools supported, including Pointer, Pen, Text, Whiteboard, Eraser and Clear All.

teleprompter and drawing tools

5. Explore video resources

On the right side of the panel is a library of video resources.

Suppose you are in "Camera" mode. In that case, the "Camera Effect" settings are provided for adjusting the contents in a webcam or external camera. You can change the Frame of the camera display to round, square or rectangle. The "Blur Background" and "Remove Background" are convenient for users who don't want to reveal the environment they are in to remove the background. The next setting tab "Dressing" is the one-click facial beauty function, which also provides customized facial beauty settings. The third tab, "Filter" is to add a filter to the camera image.

Below the "Camera Effect" are "Background", "Transition" "Objects" and "Demopedia". In these libraries, you can find different virtual backgrounds, visual annotations, various style pictures and other awesome SFX.


6. Select avatar

Suppose you are in "Avatar" mode. The "Camera Effect" will turn into "Avatar Selection", from where you can select a preferred virtual presenter to replace your real character.

select avatar

Now that you already have an idea about all the settings on this panel, try to choose corresponding tools when creating a presentation video.