User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Navigating DemoCreator

Launch DemoCreator, the startup window will appear and you will see three recording modes: New Recording, Record Screen, and Record Game. And the Video Editor, Recent Project.

democreator startup window

New Recording

In New Recording mode, you can record screen, audio, and webcam at the same time. The recorded screen, audio, and camera clips will display in 3 different tracks, you can edit them separately. This recording mode is mainly used for recording courses, meetings, making product demos, and presentations. 

 new recording mode

Screen Drawing Tool: The Screen Drawing Tool supports you to spotlight, highlight, add text, arrows while recording. If you need to emphasize in something important while recording, then this tool is necessary for you.

screen drawing tool

Record Screen

In Record Screen mode, you can only record the screen and audio, the camera is not supported. This recording mode is mainly used for PowerPoint recording and some simple text recording. 

record screen mode

Record Game

The game recording mode supports you to record the game screen, capture the excellent moment in the game. Also, it supports you to record the audio and camera at the same time.

record game mode

Switch Recording Mode

If you’ve already selected a recording mode in the startup window, but want to switch to another recording mode. The picture shows you how to change the recording mode in the recording panel.

switch recording mode

Advanced Recording Settings

Click the setting icon, you can make some advanced settings. The General, Encoder, and Shortcuts settings.

advanced recording settings

Video Editor

In the Video Editor Panel, you can edit the imported media files and the recorded video. There are Annotations, Captions, Transitons, Numerous Effects, Stickers, Sound Resources, Cursor Effects, and a tone of Templates.

Navigating video editor

  1. Media Library: After you import your media files, they will show in the Media Library.
  2. Preview Window: The Preview Window shows how you play the video in the Timeline.
  3. Properties Panel: Here you can adjust the parameters of your video including transform, composition, border, speed, and audio.
  4. Timeline: The Timeline is where you assemble the media files (video clips, photos, audio.) and effects for your video project.