DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Navigating DemoCreator

In this section, you'll learn:

  • The main interface of DemoCreator.
  • Features for each part.

Launch DemoCreator, then come to the start-up panel. Including 10 parts, below are the basic introduction to each part.

democreator startup window

1. Start a New Demo Project

The "Demo Mode" allows you to easily create videos for presentations, training tutorials, and more. For presentation, DemoCreator supports to add media files including video, audio, picture, and PowerPoint. For video conferencing, DemoCreator Demo Mode works with your favorite video conferencing tools (like Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) to amplify and enhance their effectiveness.

democreator demo mode

2. Video Editor

In the Video Editor Panel, you can edit the imported media files and the recorded video. There are Effects, Transitions, Annotations, Captions, Stickers, Filters, Audio, SFX Store(tones of effects packs included). After you've finished your editing, click "Export" button to export your video.

Navigating video editor

  1. Tool Bar: Allows you to import media files and acquire editing effects and resources. 
  2. Preview Window: The Preview Window shows how you play the video in the Timeline.
  3. Properties Panel: Here you can adjust the parameters of your video including transform, speed, border, hotkey tips, and audio.
  4. Timeline: The Timeline is where you assemble the media files (video clips, photos, audio.) and effects for your video project.

3. All-in-One Recorder 

In All-in-One Recorder, you can record screen, audio, and webcam simultaneously. There are 2 recording schemes for your project. 

all in one recorder

4. Virtual Avatar Presenter

Virtual Avatar Presenter is a new feature in DemoCreator that allows you to create your own lively and professional-looking webcam recording video. DemoCreator virtual human tracks your jaw, eyes, ears, and pupils with machine learning. Move your head, and your avatar will make too. Talk into your mic, and the avatar will lip-sync in real-time or even mimic recorded audio.

virtual avator presenter

5. Game Recording

The Game Recording supports you to record the game screen, audio, and webcam. Different from the All-in-One, in game mode you can select a specific game to record.

game recording

6. Schedule Recording

The schedule recording mode supports you to start and end recording at a specific time. After the schedule, automatically record the screen and audio.

schedule recording

7. Recent Projects

This part shows your recent projects. You can double-click to open the project.

recent project

8. Membership 

The membership part shows the plans that you've booked, including the DemoCreator membership and the DemoCreator Effects Store membership. Learn more about the DemoCreator Plans.


9. Cloud Service

The "Cloud Service" is the online toolkit of DemoCreator, where you can create online screen&webcam recording, online PPT presentation, quick online recording and game recording. Start Recording in seconds and no download requirement.

cloud service

10. Creator Academy

Creator Academy is a place that supplies regularly updated tutorials about DemoCreator. From the beginner's guide to advanced courses, you will learn how to record, edit, and create professional-looking presentations with DemoCreator. Those ultimate video guides help you to learn and level up video creation.

creator academy