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How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Remove Background/Cinema Style/Mosaic

In this section, you'll learn how to use:

Remove Background (Green Screen)

Remove background is used to remove specific colors from overlay images and videos. For example, if you capture a subject against a "green screen" background or cover part of the subject with green, you can use remove background to remove the green.

1 Import Videos to Media Library

Import both your background video and green screen clip to the media library. Drag the background clip to the video track on the timeline, and green screen footage to the track above as shown below:

remove background

Try it now
downlaod democreatorSecure Download
Try it now
downlaod democreatorSecure Download

2. Find Remove Background Function

Find the Remove Background feature under Effect>Advanced>Remove Background. 

find remove background feature

3. Enable Chroma Key

Then drag [remove background] to the green screen clip, and then tick Enable option in the right properties window. By default, the green screen color will be picked and be removed automatically. You also can refine the video by adjusting the offset, tolerance, edge thickness and edge feather settings to make the background video clearer.

chroma key effect

Adjust Settings:

You can adjust the following settings to alter the borders, transparency, shadows, and much more in the video.

Offset: adjusts the visibility of the backdrop

Tolerance: controls the width of the range of hues of the key color

Edge Feather: softens the edges

Edge Thickness: adjusts the edges of the subject

Alpha Channel: turns anything keyed out appearing black and anything not keyed out appearing as white.

Cinema Style

1. Find the [Cinema Style] feature under Effect>Advanced>Cinema Style.

cinema style

2. Drag the Cinema Style to the timeline above the clip, adjust to the position you want to add. Also, you can change the duration.

enable cinema style

3. Cinema Style Settings: You can also change the border and alpha.

adjust cinema style


1. Find the [Mosaic] feature under Effect>Advanced>Mosaic.

mosaic effect

2. Drag it to the timeline, place it above the clip that you want to apply the mosaic. You can change the size in the preview window. Click it, you will see a purple frame with the mosaic, drag it to change the size.

apply mosaic effect

3. Mosaic Settings: You can change the type, Intensity, and Opacity of the Mosaic.

mosaic settings