DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

AI Text to Speech

DemoCreator features hundreds of realistic AI voices in 10+ languages, which allows you to generate lifelike voiceover from texts and subtitles effortlessly for various user scenarios, such as News, social media sharing, audiobook creation and education purpose.

1.Generate AI Voice from Subtitles

DemoCreator allows you to generate synced voiceover from subtitles in video automatically.

Step 1: Select the Subtitles Need to Convert to Voiceover

After completing the subtitle settings, select the text portion you want to convert to speech. You can select a specific segment or all subtitles in the timeline to convert to voiceover.

Select subtitles for voice generation in DemoCreator

Step 2: Start AI Voiceover Generation

After selecting the subtitle segment, click on the AI Dubbing button to set up the corresponding language and desired voice settings in the parameter settings window.

set up AI Voiceover Generator parameters in DemoCreator

After making the selection, click OK to start the AI Dubbing and Voice Generation process, and wait for the subtitle to voiceover to be completed.

Step 3: Edit Your Voiceover

After text to speech AI voiceover generation is complete, you will see the generated voiceover in the audio track. You can then select the audio segment to fine-tune details such as volume, playback speed, and more.

2.Convert Texts to Speech

DemoCreator also allows you to generate speech from texts directly. You can copy and paste a paragraph of texts and then get natural-sounding voiceover automatically.

Step 1: Enable the Texts-to-Speech Tool

Click the AI Dubbing (Text-to-Speech) icon in the toolbar above the timeline to turn on the Text-to-Speech tool.

enable Texts to Speech AI Dubbing feature in DemoCreator

Step 2: Enter the Texts That You Want to Convert

In the pop-up window, enter the words that you want to convert to voiceover.

type texts in Democreator Texts to Speech Generator window

Step 3: Choose Language and Voice Type

Specify the language of the texts you just entered from the language list and then select the voice type that most your storytelling style.

choose language and voice type in DemoCreator Texts to Speech Generator window

Step 4: Generate Speech form Plain Texts

Click the OK button to start speech generation process. Once completed, the generated audio track will be added to the timeline automatically.