DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

AI Vocal Remover

With cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the AI Vocal Remover feature in DemoCreator swiftly isolates and separates vocals from instrumentals, extracting pure vocals from background noise and audio files.

With the separated 2 audio tracks, you can enhance audio quality, remove vocals or instrumentals from audio, create karaoke versions of songs, focus on instrumental elements for a more immersive learning experience, or edit the audio files further.

Step 1: Import Audio or Video File

Launch DemoCreator Video Editor and then import the recorded file from your computer.

Drag and drop the media file to the timeline.

Step 2: Enable AI Vocal Remover Tool

Go to the Audio Effects tab on the left panel and then drag the AI Vocal Remover effect to the video/audio clip in the timeline.

DemoCreator will automatically begin processing the extraction of vocals and background audio, so please ensure that the network connection remains stable.

add AI vocal remover effects to video and audio in DemoCreator

Step 3: Check the Result and Edit Further

Once the process is finished, you will find two audio tracks on the timeline: vocal voice and background audio.

You can then delete the background noise to isolate pure vocals or remove the vocals to use the background audio as your music track.

DemoCreator AI Vocal Remover process results