DemoCreator User Guide

How to use Wondershare DemoCreator? Learn the step by step guide below

Facial Recognition/Mask/Mirror

Many personalities go the extra mile by setting up a green screen and recording their face via webcam to make their content a bit more intimate. DemoCreator offers professional-level AI Facial Recognition, border overlay and mirroring your webcam recording clips.

1. Facial Recognition [Remove Background]

The [facial recognition] feature allows you to remove the background of the portrait in the video.

Step1. Import your media file and drag it to the timeline. Then find the facial recognition feature under the Effect>Advanced>Facial Recognition.

facial recognition

Step2. Drag Facial Recognition to the timeline on the clip that you want to apply the facial recognition effect. Then the background will be removed.

apply facial recognition

Step3. There are multiple virtual background presets for you to choose like class, office, and study room, which can meet your personalized video production needs. This feature can be used to make demo videos, education videos, explainer videos and so on. Also, you can add the background through local import.

facial recognition background

2. Border Overlay

Want to change your webcam shapes? Are you bored of using rectangle cam boxes? DemoCreator supports masking your webcam, you can choose which areas you want visible to your audience, and which you want to be invisible.

Step1. Find the Border Overlay effect under Effect>Advanced>border overlay. And drag it to the video clip in the timeline.

Step2. Go to the properties' area, you can find numerous overlays for you to add. 

border overlay

3. Mirror

Find the Mirror effect under Effect>Advanced>Mirror, and drag it to the video clip in the timeline. You’ll find the video is flipped horizontal or vertical on the preview board.

mirror effect