Voice Recorder
with Timer

  • ❶. Supports you to start and end screen & audio recording at a specific time.
  • ❷. After the schedule, automatically record the screen and audio.
  • ❸. Once finished recording, it supports export and open folder directly. Or choose to import to editor to make further editing.

Voice Recorder with Timer - Schedule Audio

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Audio Recording

How do I schedule a voice recording? Which audio recorder with timer is the best?

Owing to the diverse media sharing and data collaboration needs, you may often land across the need to create voice and audio recordings to adhere to a variety of personal and professional concerns. Moving further, you may even require automatically starting and stopping the recording process after a lapse of some definite time under certain circumstances, like that of an online business meeting, organizational events and conferences, etc.

Talking of affordable solutions to effectively create scheduled audio and voice recordings, there are a number of software choices in the software market, as well across the web, which you can use to set the issue straight. The following section illustrates some of the best timer-enabled software alternatives to schedule voice and audio recordings within an eye blink.

Part 1: Top 3 Voice Recorder With Timer App

Starting to look through the cream of audio and voice recorder applications and tools, the following is an analysis of the top 3 voice recorders with timer applications:

1. Timer Voice Recorder

This one is a free audio and voice recorder with timer app, which comes with the feature of creating preset recordings. You can work with the application to set exact time limits for the recording process and schedule the same with the tool’s inbuilt timer to initiate the sound recording task at your desired time.

Some other utilities of the application include the flexibility to schedule multiple recordings for future concerns with an exact duration, date and time adjustments and spy mode for creating secretive and anonymous recordings, etc. The recorded audio output is of excellent quality and can have a limitless record duration.

The application further comes with an intuitive and simple interface with the most recent techniques of material design; and can be utilized to create scheduled audio recordings of lectures, business meetings, webinars, personal notes, music, speeches, and much more.

voice recorder with timer

Key Features

  • You can preschedule a large number of recordings together.
  • You are allowed to use the options of play, stop and pause the voice recording.
  • The program comes with a utility to share and export your recorded creations.
  • The recorded audio file size has high compressibility ratio, that is, a record length of 1 hour corresponds to a file size of 8 MB.
  • You can work with the application to record background music.
  • The program protects your recorded audio with an encrypted password.

2. Timer Sound Recorder

    This is further a reliable sound and voice recorder app with timer, which you can use to preschedule your sound recordings so that the recording session automatically starts and stops at the already fixed time. The application consists of a hidden timer audio recorder for creating secretive audio recordings.

    The application can be used to record extensive varieties of audio files including speeches, personal notes, academic lectures, songs, and much more. The app promises you of a high resolution recording output with a compact file size. Audio files of visibly any file format can be recorded with the application without any restriction on the recording duration while allowing you preset multiple recordings at a time.

    voice recorder with timer

    Key Features

    • The application greets you with a non-messy and intuitive working interface.
    • You can save, share and export your recordings to different media sharing platforms, directly from the application interface.
    • You can even go for a deletion of unwanted and redundant recordings.
    • The tool allows you to take total control of the recording process, with the functionalities of play, pause, resume or cancel the recording process.
    • You can easily access your recording list in the main interface of the application.
    • The recorded output is generated in affordably high sound quality.

    3. Voice Recorder- Scheduled Timer and Recorder

    A further addition to the list of top ranked audio and voice recorder tools, the Voice Recorder is an established name in name in the field of automatic and scheduled sound recording. Welcoming with the most responsive and user cohesive interface, the utility presents you with an extensive variety of recording alternatives, like that of secretive audio recording, limitless record length, and simultaneous scheduling of multiple records.

    You can rely on the application to record live streaming audio from events, meetings, lectures, and interviews. You can even attempt a scheduled recording of your own voice while delivering an official or academic presentation, event performances, etc.

    Key Features

    • The application is known to generate a high quality recording output.
    • You are given the liberty to share, save and export your recordings over a diversity of media sharing platforms.
    • The application rests the total control of the recording program with the user, who can start, stop, resume, pause and quit the process any time.
    • All your work is saved within the application with a password security.
    • You don’t need to worry about the file format concern while working with this application, as the latter supports almost all common audio file formats.
    • You can conveniently remove the undesired recordings from the application memory.

    Part 2: Top 3 Online Timer Audio Recorder

    Having learnt about the best voice and audio recorder with timer applications and software programs, let us snow dive into the realm of online tools to get through some more alternatives for creating high quality sound recordings in an effective manner. The following section is focus towards a few of the best options you can get to sort out the concern of scheduled audio recording.

    1. Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder

    This one is an excellent choice to make for settling the concern of pre schedule audio visual screen recording. Being a highly interactive and convenient to use sound recorder with timer utility, the tool is widely preferred for creating high quality sound records. The tool works in cohesion with your Windows and MacOs supported PC, desktops, and similar devices and is free to use.

    The recorder gives you the flexibility to create top quality audio recordings from almost any source, including live events, webinars, academic tutorials, and gameplay sessions, along with internal sound devices of your system, like webcam and microphone.

    The timer feature of the tool permits you to preschedule audio recordings for an automatic start/stop at the desired instant.

    voice recorder with timer

    Key Features

    • The tool has a top rated screen recorder utility that facilitates you with the creation of excellent quality screen recording from possibly any source you can think of.
    • You can further use the tool take high resolution screen captures as screenshots and edit them with a variety of effects and filters.
    • The tool is flexible enough to facilitate quick media sharing of the recorded audio files on a diversity of social media platforms.
    • This recorder program offers you a choice to select the most suitable media export option according to the content and subject of your recorded audio.
    • You can create as well as customize the shortcuts of your recorded audio files within the tool.
    • You can choose from Mono and Stereo recording modes to suit the type of sound bring recorded, that is, the varieties of audio from your microphone or system.

    2. Audio Capture

    Moving further in the list, the aforesaid audio recorder tool is another excellent online utility to create scheduled sound recordings in premium quality voice output. Talking of device compatibility, you can work with the software on any device that supports any of your favorite Operating System versions.

    Exclusive appeals of the tool include live stream audio, music, and podcast recordings in WAV and MP3 file formats. Don’t worry if you have an audio file format exclusive of the supported ones, because the program facilitates you with a convenient conversion of the file into an MP3 format. You can additionally integrate the tool with software like MixPad, WavePad, RecordPad, and Switch MP3 File Converter.

    voice recorder with timer

    Key Features

    • You can rely on the tool to create scheduled audio and voice recordings in high resolution.
    • The tool grants you the liberty to record audio from live events, webinars, radio, conferences, and allied sound-generating platforms.
    • The tool further allows you to export the created audio recordings on a diversity of media sharing platforms.
    • You can also save the created recordings locally in your device when working with this tool.
    • The tool has some excellent editing features, which you can use to customize your recordings for a professional appeal.
    • The tool ensures an affordable data safety and is absolutely free to use.

    3. Screencapture.com

    This one is another online sound scheduler tool to create high-end, automatically scheduled audio and screen recordings with utmost ease. There is absolutely no requirement of downloading the tool and you can directly work on the utility website to create sound and video recordings either from different online sources or in your own voice.

    There is also a feature to add narrations to your recordings if need be. All you have to do is go for a switch between sound settings and the microphone of your device. You can use the tool for free to create an unlimited number of sound and screen recordings, however with a watermark, which can be removed by taking a paid subscription of the utility.

    voice recorder with timer

    Key Features

    • You can work with the software to record audio from visibly any content running on your screen, like web browsers and normal desktop applications.
    • Apart from audio and voice, the utility is known to create excellent screen recordings from webcams and other visual sources.
    • The tool affordably takes care of the safety and security of your data.
    • The tool assures you of a top quality audio and voice recording output, without any playtime file crashes.
    • You can record audio and internal sound data in a variety of file formats, like that of MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, OGG, MA4, FLAC, etc.
    • The tool permits you to locally save the recorded files to your device.

    Part3. Screen and Voice Recorder with Timer - DemoCreator

    You've got the top online timer recorder and voice recorder with timer apps in the above introduction. But sometimes if you want a more powerful and comprehensive Screen and Voice Recorder with Timer, the DemoCreator will be a suitable choice. Different from the above online tools and apps, DemoCreator is a desktop tool that allows you to make not only screen and audio recordings but also video editing. That means, once you've finished the scheduled recording with the timer of DemoCreator, you can edit your recorded videos instantly. No need to transfer to another video.

    The DemoCreator schedule recording function supports you to start and end screen recording at a specific time automatically. You only need to set the start and end times. While recording, there are 2 different voices, the system sound and the microphone sound. If you want to also make the microphone sound be recorded, remember to set your microphone previously. Then the system sound and the microphone sound will be recorded in the recording process.

    Step1:Launch DemoCreator and Select “Schedule”

    After a successful launch, the software opens up to its main interface, where you will need to select the ‘Schedule’ feature from among the available ones.


    Step 2: Schedule Recording Settings

    The completion of Step 2 directs you to the ‘scheduling’ interface, where you will have to work on the actual task by setting the start/end timings of your recordings, along with making additional adjustments in recording settings. Tap ‘Save Settings’ when you are satisfied with the arrangements.


    1. Start time: This option allows you to set the start time of the scheduled recording.
    2. End task: This option allows you to set the end time of the scheduled recording.
    3. Duration: This option allows you to set the duration of the scheduled recording.
    4. Recording area: This option allows you to select the target recording area for scheduled recording.
    5. After recording: This option allows you to select whether to import to the editor or export and open the folder.

    Step3:Save Settings and Start Recording

    Once you've finished the schedule recording settings, click save settings. Then your schedule recording task will automatically start according to your settled time.

    Precautions to take when using Scheduled Recording

    • The scheduled recording function is available only when DemoCreator is running.
    • The scheduled recording function will not work on a remote computer when the remote connection is lost.
    • If you want to stop recording while the scheduled recording does not end, press F10.
    note Note:

    Now the DemoCreator did not support scheduling audio/voice recording separately but can record the screen and audio simultaneously. If you want to get separately recorded audio, after finishing the scheduled recording, go to the editor to make the audio detach to get the separate audio track.