A voice recorder with a timer is valuable for capturing audio. It automatically starts recording at a set time and stops when the timer ends. This ensures your recordings stay within a specific length. Use them for scheduled meetings, interviews, lectures, or anything else that needs to be recorded for a certain duration.

There are many voice recorder apps with timers, which can make it difficult to choose. We've researched different options, so you don't have to. Here's a compiled list to help you find the best voice recorder with a timer suited for your scheduled activities.

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    1. Scheduling Recordings
    2. Recording Flexibility
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    4. Audio Quality vs. File Size
    5. Playback Controls
    6. File Organization
    1. DemoCreator: Best Voice Recorder App With Timer and Scheduler for PC
    2. Voice Recorder Pro: Simplest Audio Recorder With Timer for Android
    3. Voice Activated Recorder: Record for Long Durations With Timer
    4. Bandicam: Capture Streaming Audio With Timer Functionality
    5. RecExperts: Versatile Voice Recorder With Timer for Multitasking
    6. Icecream Screen Recorder: Free Audio Recording App With Timer
    7. Iris: Best Online Voice Recorder With Timer for Interviews
    8. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder: Best Mac Audio Recorder for Scheduled Tasks
    9. Free Sound Recorder: Record Online Music While You're Away
    10. FonePaw: Best Scheduled Audio Recorder With Noise Cancellation

Part I: How To Choose a Good Voice Recorder App With Timer?

If you're looking for the best voice recorder with a timer, you should know how to choose the good ones first. Here are some key features to consider when choosing an app or tool:

Scheduling Recordings

Set a one-time recording within the app, and it will automatically start capturing audio at the designated time. Some advanced voice recorder apps with timers allow you to create a queue of recordings at different times. You can schedule recordings to repeat at regular intervals, like daily for a class lecture or weekly for your team catch-ups.

Recording Flexibility

Want to record a short interview or a lengthy presentation? A good app will let you set the exact recording time, giving you flexibility for different needs.

Cloud Storage Integration

Storing recordings in the cloud can free up space on your device and make them accessible from anywhere. Look for an app that integrates with your favorite cloud storage service, like Dropbox or Google Drive.

cloud storage concept on mobile

Audio Quality vs. File Size

Do you prioritize crystal-clear audio or smaller file sizes for easy storage? Many apps offer options to adjust audio quality. Higher-quality recordings will take up more space on your device.

Playback Controls

A good audio recorder with a timer app has easy-to-use playback controls, like play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward. Although optional, this lets you easily review different parts of your recordings.

File Organization

Stay on top of your recordings with features like file naming options and organized folders. This feature makes it easy to navigate and find what you're looking for.

Part II. 10 Popular Voice Recorders With Timer Functionality

Yes, you can set a timer for screen recording with some screen recording software. These programs let you schedule the start and stop time of your recording, freeing you up from having to control the process manually. If you don't have such software, keep reading. You'll explore here the 10 best screen recorders that allow you to schedule your recordings.

DemoCreator: Best Voice Recorder App With Timer and Scheduler for PC

democreator voice recorder with timer

While Wondershare DemoCreator can record audio with a voice recorder and a timer for free, it also lets you capture your screen simultaneously. This is perfect for creating professional presentations with voiceovers, recording online meetings, or online classes. Plus, you can edit your recordings right there in the DemoCreator app. DemoCreator empowers you to capture, edit, and finalize your audio content, all within the same program.

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Free Download
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Key Features

  • Capture your screen, system sounds, microphone, and webcam all at once
  • Turn your spoken words into text captions after recording automatically
  • Change the sound of your voice with different effects using AI Voice Changer
  • AI Speech Enhancer improves your voice quality and removes background noise
  • AI Denoise removes unwanted background noise from both videos and audio files
Pros Cons
- Capture audio continuously for up to 24 hours
- Can edit audio tracks, such as trim, fade in and out, and change speed
- Save your recordings in popular formats without losing quality
- May require a paid subscription or license to access more features
- Can only export MP3 and M4A audio file formats
- Can only schedule one voice recording at a time

Voice Recorder Pro: Simplest Audio Recorder With Timer for Android

voice recorder pro with timer ap

For those who want a no-frills audio recorder with a timer on Android, Voice Recorder Pro is a great pick. It focuses on the essentials and lets you see the duration of the recording. This mobile app is ideal for students or anyone needing quick, timed voice memos.

Key Features

  • Rapid tuner tool to change voice in real-time
  • Various audio source options, including main microphone and phone call
  • Noise cancellation keeps your recordings clean, wherever you are
Pros Cons
- Can continue recording even when the screen is off
- Option to stop recordings before phone memory runs out
- Allows for unlimited recording length
- There's a free version with ads
- Some user reviews mention occasional crashes, particularly for longer recordings
- Can save recordings in different formats either mono or stereo

Voice Activated Recorder: Record for Long Durations With Timer

voice activated recorder for android

Sometimes, you need a recorder that can handle lengthy sessions. Voice Activated Recorder steps up to the challenge. This smartphone app boasts a long-time recording timer, allowing you to capture extended lectures, conferences, or even podcasts. Plus, it has a voice activation feature that saves storage space by only recording when there's sound. This means it won't waste space recording silence during breaks or quiet moments.

Key Features

  • Manual and automatic voice activation settings
  • Add a label to a voice recording
Pros Cons
- Can keep the original time of the recording
- Adjust recording sensitivity from low to high for optimal capture in any environment
- Auto-pausing reduces battery drain compared to constant recording
- If someone speaks softly during a pause, it might not capture that part
- In-app ads are present, and the use of a timer is unavailable unless the user has a subscription
- Relies on the app's quality for noise reduction and accurate voice detection

Bandicam: Capture Streaming Audio With Timer Functionality

bandicam voice recorder app with timer

Stream a lot of audio content online? Bandicam caters to your needs with a timer function designed for screen and audio recording. This makes it best for capturing webinars, gameplay, or online music performances. Schedule your recordings in advance, and Bandicam will handle the rest, ensuring you don't miss a beat.

Key Features

  • Capture your voice, computer audio, or both simultaneously
  • Set schedule for up to 100 recordings
  • Noise suppression filter to lessen external noise
Pros Cons
- Record for over 24 hours without stopping
- Can mute sounds during audio recording
- Automatically stop recordings after 30 seconds of silence
- Can save recorded audio as MP3 or WAV only
- Scheduled recording is only available if the app is running

RecExperts: Versatile Voice Recorder With Timer for Multitasking

recexperts voice recorder website interface

For those who need a jack-of-all-trades voice recorder app with a timer, RecExperts is a great pick. You can schedule recordings in advance to catch that important lecture even if you're busy. It also lets you record from several audio sources at once. This app is useful for capturing interviews with multiple people or creating complex audio projects.

Key Features

  • Clear audio with background noise removal using AI
  • Capture quiet voices or distant audio with a microphone volume boost
Pros Cons
- Mute unwanted audio in real time without muting the recorded file
- Considered user-friendly with a clean interface
- Lets you customize recording settings even during the recording
- Built-in editing features in RecExperts are fairly basic
- The free version of the app may have limitations on recording time

Icecream Screen Recorder: Free Audio Recording App With Timer

icecream voice recorder app with timer

For those new to scheduled audio recording, Icecream Screen Recorder can also help boost your productivity. It lets you schedule audio recordings along with screen capture. That's why it's also perfect for capturing online tutorials or presentations. Simply set the date, time, and duration, and Icecream Screen Recorder will automatically start and stop recording for you.

Key Features

  • Change the format of audio files
  • Batch audio conversion
  • Trim audio to edit track length
Pros Cons
- Built-in video editing with watermarking
- Captures microphone and computer audio at the same time
- Free cloud storage for recorded video files
- Limited recording time in the free version
- Can cause occasional freezing and high CPU usage

Iris: Best Online Voice Recorder With Timer for Interviews

iris audio recorder with timer online

If you frequently conduct online interviews, Iris is a great option. This tool functions as an online voice recorder with a timer, allowing you to schedule recording sessions directly in your browser. It is ideal for remote interviews, as you can easily share recording invites with your team.

Key Features

  • Custom recording rooms for privacy via URL
  • Customization options for microphone, camera, and echo removal
  • Separate audio file for each user
Pros Cons
- Automatically upload audio files to Dropbox and Google Drive
- More control over the recording process
- File encryption for files uploaded to the cloud
- Can only save audio files in WAV and MP3 file format
- Requires reliable internet connection and proper home studio setup for good-quality recordings

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder: Best Mac Audio Recorder for Scheduled Tasks

aiseesoft audio recorder with timer

Mac users looking for a powerful audio recorder with a timer can turn to Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. This app offers screen recording and editing functionalities beyond simple audio capture. Schedule your recording, capture system sounds or microphone input, and edit the recording directly within the app.

Key Features

  • Microphone noise cancellation and enhancement settings
  • Records sound from microphone and internal audit
  • Removes echo while recording audio
Pros Cons
- Can schedule repeated audio recording tasks
- Users can choose to stop recording automatically or manually
- Can adjust the sound volume before recording
- Need to purchase a license to unlock the full features and remove limitations
- Limited in-app editing tools

Free Sound Recorder: Record Online Music While You're Away

free sound recorder with timer

Do you enjoy listening to online radio shows or music streams on YouTube but miss them sometimes? Free Sound Recorder offers a solution with its recording app with a timer. Schedule your recording to coincide with your favorite program, and the app will capture the audio stream for you to listen to later.

Key Features

  • Digital audio editor with functions including amplify, cut, copy, and more effects
  • Quality presets before audio recording
  • Auto-naming of the files to avoid overwriting files
Pros Cons
- Export audio files in various formats, such as MP3, WMA, and WAV
- Record local audio from apps like Windows Media Player and iTunes
- Automatically tune your recording settings for crystal-clear audio
- Steep learning curve for beginners to navigate the interface
- Limited editing options for audio files

FonePaw: Best Scheduled Audio Recorder With Noise Cancellation

fonepaw voice recorder app with timer

For those who need high-quality recordings and want to remove background noise, FonePaw is one of the best options. This app boasts a scheduled audio recorder with noise-cancellation features. Set your recording and activate noise cancellation to capture clear audio, even in noisy environments.

Key Features

  • Video recorder, audio recorder, and screen capture in one app
  • Adjust the microphone volume before recording
  • Audio editing, such as advanced trimmer, split, fast split, add segment, and more
Pros Cons
- Scheduled audio can be saved as MP3, WMA, AAC, and M4A
- Option to adjust audio quality
- Audio file conversions to allow multi-device playback
- Subscription required for full access to functions, including noise cancellation
- Can be costly for casual users


A voice recorder with a timer app offers convenience and flexibility for capturing audio at specific times. Whether you need to record a lecture, meeting, or live stream, these apps can ensure you don't miss anything. With features like scheduling and timed recording, you can set it and play it back after.

Explore the options listed and choose the app that best suits your recording needs. For those who want screen and audio recording with editing capabilities, DemoCreator is a powerful option to consider. It is easy to use for beginners and is available on a free trial.

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Alma Elliott Jun 12, 24
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