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  • 1. Record computer screen and web camera with audio.
  • 2. Create video demos, tutorials, lectures and more.
  • 3. Basic video editing tools such as trim, rotate, audio fade in/out.
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10 Best Product Demo Video Maker

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:37:44 • Filed to: Demo Video Tutorial

Today, customers are equipped with the whole world of information in their hand due to the internet. They do an extensive study before purchasing an item. Thus, it has been harder for sellers to retain their attention to their own products for long. In this changing market, you need a product demo video maker to draw the attention of your customers by watching videos of your products.

For a lot of users, understanding even a simple functionality can become quite tiresome and your demo video will help them get hold of it in no time. With your creativity and these professional tools, you can lure more customers and retain them to use your product for a long time. Product demo videos have been proven to be a powerful tool in this situation. A well-made product demonstration video can draw the attention of your customers in no time. It saves you valuable sales time and effort, as you don’t need to work hard to provide the demo again and again.

Why to Make a Product Demo Video

In this new age of digitization, digital marketing has been the new norm of marketing for brands and businesses, and content is a very important part of the process. Among the different content types, video content is considered as the most intuitive and effective content medium as it demonstrates the product and services far better than the others.

Video contents have the highest response rate as it interacts with the viewer in ways that texts, photos and audio contents fail to achieve.

With all these advantages, it is needless to say that the modern businesses demand this new media to market their products and services. With an ever-growing market, there must be enough content creators who can represent the products of a brand truly.

However, sometimes a gap remains between the brand and the content creator in explaining their requirement, as no one knows a product better than the creator himself. Thus, it emerges a market of self-product demo video maker tools that gives the power of content creator in the hands of the product creator themselves. They understand their product best and can use these tools to help others view their product as they want.

Top 10 Product Demo Video Maker Software

Wondershare DemoCreator

Recording and creating your product demos have been a treat with DemoCreator. It is a product demo video maker free of all the hassles and extensive learning associated with the other similar apps. The software has a ton of features, and there is nothing that you cannot do here.

This powerful editing tool allows you to be creative with different effects and transitions. There are captions, stickers, banners, arrows, overlays, and many more options to make your videos attractive. You can record sounds from the system, microphone, or webcam as you need and edit them however you want.

It supports Windows laptops(such as HP, ASUS, Lenovo), desktops and Mac devices. Overall, DemoCreator for Wondershare is a strong contender in the product demo video maker market.

Demo Builder

Demo Builder by Tanida is a powerful product demo video software that allows you to create product demos in 3 simple steps. You can record your screen, edit it with its intuitive and resourceful interface and export the final video in any formats you want.

demo builder

Additionally, you can use male and female animated characters as visual presenters. With multiple features like speech bubbles, 3d effects, and live zoom, it is ranked as one of the best product video makers available in the market.


  • The application will also let its users record their desktop screen in high resolution. It will help in adding videos related to a demo of any software tool.
  • There will also be an option to add characters to your video to make it look more engaging. The in-built templates will not let you waste any time in designing the character.
  • For a product demo, the most basic demand is to allow the viewer to have a look at your product from any angle. Demo Builder has all the tools to present your product in 3D.
  • The Zoom/Pan function will also allow creators to focus on a particular area, especially to bring the viewer’s attention.
  • You can also add the necessary controls so that users can skip to the part where they need assistance. Demo Builder will also allow you to add the ‘Fast Forward’ function.
  • With all the tools to use animations, this application will let creators record their pointer moves and blur/censor the sensitive info.


  • For beginners, the interface can be a bit complicated and the learning curve will get pretty huge.
  • There is also no mobile version launched yet.

Adobe Captivate

Adobe has been ruling the visual content market for long with products like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, After Effects, and more. This case has been no exception, as a company that has the best knowledge of visual contents will not remain far back in easy product video makers.

adobe captive

Adobe Captivate is the solution for people who are not pros in intensive video editing using Premiere Pro or After Effects. Adobe Captivate is the right tool for people who want to make a demo video easily, without much effort.

 The software allows you to stream YouTube videos, publish online courses, and even record iOS screen in high resolution.


  • The tool offers better integration with other Adobe apps from where users will get to import content created on different apps, easily.
  • The interface offered here is intuitive and users will get to go through the detailed instruction set of each tool.
  • Not only a demo creator, but Adobe Captivate is also one of the best tools to create projects like VR, Simulation, Presentation, etc.
  • For any teacher, Adobe has packaged all the tools necessary to create a detailed guide with good viewer engagement.
  • The hotkeys support and a very feature-rich interface will give users a one-stop solution for all their needs related to creating a demo.
  • Adobe is also bundling several presets that you can use to finish the product demo much easily. All you need to do is apply the preset and the application will do everything for you.


  • The tool has become quite a dated application and there is quite a long time now since it has received no updates.
  • Adobe Captivate is also not bundled with a single subscription of other professional tools from Adobe. Users will have to subscribe separately.


Vyond, previously known as GoAnimate, is an affordable online product demo maker that helps create custom animated product demos using easy-to-use templates. Its template library has hundreds of templates to choose from which can be dragged and dropped to use.


Vyond has multiple plans dedicated to different levels of users, like small, medium and large businesses. It also has 3 different visual styles to suit different product types.

Vyond also offers a live chat support and community access to learn and support each other. The interface is compliant with all the information and data security standards, thus, protecting your data 24x7.


  • The templates offered here are quite detailed and you will get to use them without any effort, thanks to the easy interface.
  • The characters tool will give users an option to create detailed characters. You can also assign the movements and will also get all the tools to make it more striking.
  • Once the video is finished, users will again be able to tweak the elements. Later, it can also be saved in any format of your choice.
  • The video that you are creating will also need to have some audio, Vyond will give you a long range of audio library to choose from.
  • Users will also get to add the text-to-speech function and that too, in any language of your choice. It will give you the ability to add vocals without voiceover.
  • According to the type of product that you are creating a demo for, Vyond will give you the option to set the app visuals, accordingly.


  • The search tool that the application is offering can be improved quite a bit.
  • It’s not an offline tool, and you will need to have a high-speed internet connection to use all the features, efficiently.

Articulate Storyline 360

Storyline 360 by Articulate is an easy product demo video builder with 360 different templates to choose from. The user interface is easy even for someone who has never edited videos before. The intuitive timeline allows users to make media objects, trigger events, and animation elements appear in the right locations.

storyline 360

The all-round media library, slide templates, and character library are the reason for its growing user base and an ever-increasing community of content creators, who add new contents daily to the content media library for people like you to get benefits from.

Additionally, features like Story View, Slide View Toggle, One-Click Slide Insert, and DockablePanels are the reasons why you should try this product.


  • The tools that are offered here are available on both PC, as well as mobile platforms. It will become quite a handy tool for beginners, as well.
  • Thanks to the easy and intuitive interface, users will not have to go through a steep learning curve.
  • There is also good community support that you will get where you can discuss all the points related to the demo.
  • The accessibility option that you get will give you a very versatile set of features.
  • While you are creating demo videos, it’s quite important to get a stable HTML5 output. Articulate 360 is the one you should go for.
  • The customer support that you will get here is highly responsive and you can clarify all the confusions in no time.


  • There is no option for the yearly payments and you will not get any free months like some other subscription services.
  • There is no support for 360° videos and it can disappoint a lot of creators.


Apple is another contender in the content creation market with their infamous Final Cut Pro, which is very famous among video editing professionals. Keynote is their weapon to compete in the product demo video maker software market.


Keynote allows you to edit your own product video in a budget as low as $50. Start making your own videos by choosing a beautiful template from its enormous template library. Create stunning animations by applying cool effects and transitions to your videos.

Apple offers a vast library of effects and elements to use in your project. Object animation hasn’t been this easy before, as with Keynote, thus making product presentations and demonstration more intuitive.


  • There is a huge list of effects and animations that are included in the application.
  • All you need to do is find the right template for you and you will be good to go. These templates will be easy to use and you will not need to invest any extra time in learning the implementation.
  • The dashboard along with the whole user interface offered here is highly intuitive and there will be no steep learning curve.
  • The object animation that is provided here will also be exceptional when compared to other apps.
  • The files can be easily synced between all the devices, all thanks to iCloud.
  • The final file can be exported into the app of your choice, be it PowerPoint or QuickTime/iMovie for a few tweaks.


  • The application is strictly limited to Mac and iOS users. There will be no Windows support.
  • The interface will also feel a bit tiresome for beginners if they are trying to learn the features and functions all by themselves.


Powtoon is an online presentation creator software targeted towards businesses, marketers, academicians, and content creators. The tool can be utilized to create contents for product marketing, training, learning, visual content sharing and many more.


It allows you to create your own videos by dragging and dropping different visual elements and rearranging them to create a visual story that couldn’t have been possible with verbal communications.

Unlike other major software, Powtoon allows you to use the app for free with certain limitations. You can create contents up to 3 minutes in length, and all the exported videos will have a Powtoon watermark embedded. There’s a large repository of royalty-free soundtracks and objects to choose from.


  • The interface is much easier to use. All you need to do is drag and drop the components you want to add to your video.
  • The characters that you can create on this application are also quite diverse where you will be able to customize with very peculiar detailing.
  • To add a certain effect/animation, users don’t need to have a degree in designing. The interface is kind of self-explanatory.
  • When you are in the middle of creating a video, you will need to have high-res stock images and videos, at your disposal.
  • The features that you get here offer a good value for your money. Powtoon offers good competition to its counterparts.
  • The inbuilt video player will allow you to get smooth playback, even if the resolution is quite high.


  • The trial version will include limited features and to get full access, you will need to pay for a subscription.
  • It’s a web tool and you will not be able to install the app.


Snagit, by TechSmith, is a simple yet powerful content creation software, where you can create tutorials and presentations. Although it is a premium software, you can download a free trial before purchasing the full version.


The software offers a lot of features for you to create your own product demo. You can record screens and edit them with quick visual instructions and explanations to create simple videos.

The software is best for creating how-to guides, visual tutorials, product demos and a lot more. Panoramic scrolling capture, text grabbing, annotations, iOS screen recording, step tool, smart move, are some of the astonishing features that make this app stand out among the competitors.


  • It will also give you the option of resizing the pictures according to the need.
  • Snagit is available on PC, as well as Mac. The interface that you will get on both platforms is highly intuitive and user-friendly.
  • The editor will also allow you to trim videos. The inbuilt editor will be the best to tweak basic features.
  • It will also allow you to capture mobile screens by connecting your smartphone to your PC via USB.
  • There will also be multiple annotation tools present on the application.
  • Users will also get to add multiple text layers so that it can become a bit easier to explain.


  • When you capture a screenshot of the full screen, it gets blurry. The scrolling screenshot feature is also buggy.
  • There are no context menu shortcuts and it can be a deal-breaker for a lot of people.


Although it is relatively a new company, it has acquired enough reputation in this field to earn a place on this list. They do not offer an app or online interface for you to edit your videos directly, but you can buy their service for a great product demo video as you wish. Just mention them your detailed requirement, and they guarantee you a high-quality video with a high response rate.


With Corpteaser, you can get both animated graphical videos and videos that contain real footages and media. It is up to you what you want in your video.

You can brief them about your requirement and wait till you receive a highly polished product created by professionals, at the same price at which you had to create your own videos by yourself.


  • The application is focused on providing you the videos with animations and also ones with real video clips.
  • There are professionals present on Corpteaser that can provide you the content just the way and you can also get it polished.
  • The features that you are getting in exchange for the fee are highly capable to enhance the overall video quality.
  • The templates that you will get here will be ample to give you what you want.
  • The interface that you will get on this service is highly intuitive and user-friendly.
  • As the video that you are going to receive is edited by a professional, you can expect high quality and better implementation of personalized touches.


  • You will not get any web app or APK to install. All you need to do is feed your requirements.
  • Users will have to explain everything they want in detail. It can be tiring for a lot of people.


Headliner can help you create headlines in days. It is probably the cheapest and simplest video content builder tool in the market. It also has a free version with watermarks and a limit of 10 videos per month. The application allows you to transcribe your audios to captions and export your videos in different aspect ratios, resolutions, and file formats.


There are tons of text and video animations to choose from, and numerous media to help you create your visual story better. You can also post your hour-long podcasts and episodes on YouTube using this tool.


  • The free version of the app will also be more than enough to create basic videos.
  • If you don’t want to use the recorder, Headliner is the perfect tool to jump straight to the editor tab and edit external footage.
  • It will also allow you to set the video in a range of different aspect ratios.
  • Before you hit the Export button, Headliner will also let you set the video resolution in which you want to save.
  • There are also multiple format support that will be quite handy if you are going to share the video on multiple platforms.
  • Users will also get advanced audio options to get crisp vocals and music.


  • The free version will restrict you from using many advanced features.
  • The transcribe feature supports a very limited set of languages.

FAQs about Product Demo Video Maker

How do you make an interactive demo?

When it comes to gaining some figures in terms of sales, various factors play their key roles. The primary reason why a large number of businesses collapse even before break-even is that entrepreneurs aren’t able to poke their target audience.

Here, we are going to mention a few factors that are quite necessary to understand.

  • There are multiple audiences that you will need to reach out to. The highly necessary ones are technical and business. Once you get locked on in their eyes, all you need to do is to get a Product Demo Video Maker Free and create a demo for them.
  • The story is important. While you are creating the demo, never forget to add the story of your product, e.g., from where you started and where you are now.

How long should a demo video be?

The purpose of a demo video is to let your audience know that you are available at their service. A product should be displayed well and you must include the necessary points to keep it short and simple. If you ended up creating a demo video of 7-8 minutes, no one will spare that much time. If your focus is on creating an impactful demo video, you must keep the length at a maximum of 2 minutes.

The most important thing you need to note is to get rid of all the filler content that you have used to extend the length. Many business houses try to make every content go viral. That’s not the way to deal when it comes to demo videos. In a summarized way, when a viewer finishes watching your demo, he/she should have a pretty good idea of your service and features.

How do you write a demo script?

There are various factors that you need to understand. To get better results, it’s quite important that first, you write down the contents of the video in a brief. Here, we are going to jot down a few points that you should follow to get a better script. There are also many platforms available online where you can find some templates to write the script. Let’s dive in.

  • After you have written the video script in brief, it’s time to get to the main content. You will need to turn your video message into a story to which your audience can relate to.
  • Try to keep the language as simple as it can get. If they are unable to understand what you’re trying to convey, the demo video will serve no purpose.
  • Add some pictures and animations; remember that you are not writing a book. It’s the script for your video.
  • Cross-check multiple times until you get the required results.


Creating a product demo video is immensely important for a modern business to showcase their product features and capabilities. Choose the product that best suits your needs to uphold your products’ abilities.

It is you who understand your product best, and thus, you are the one who can demonstrate it in the best way possible. With the product demo video makers, the power is in your hands.