• 1. Create annotated screen recordings.
  • 2. Record customized screen & audio and edit directly.
  • 3. Capture webcam video and export it to social media platforms.

12 Best iOS Screen Recorders for iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak

Alma Elliott
2023-04-20 19:43:58 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

Nowadays, people watch short videos on their iPhone or iPad, such as TikTok videos. Sometimes, they may find that they want to record the screen on iOS devices so that be able to share videos with friends. We have prepared and brought several methods that you can use to record the screen on your iOS devices, including recording the iOS screen with some apps without jailbreaking and recording your iPhone/iPad devices on Mac & Windows.

Here we will show you some mobile screen recorders that you can use in iPhone screen recording as well as other methods to record iOS screens on Mac and Windows. So, let’s dig further to find out the best apps for recording iOS screens.

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If you need a free screen recorder without time limitations and a watermark, I highly recommend DemoCreator. It's a powerful screen capture and also a video editor without any limitations:

  • Able to record primary and secondary displays
  • Customizable video quality recording (High, mid, low)
  • Reduce the noise of the recorded audio
  • Save to different formats or upload to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch Directly

Download and try the recording feature for free.

Part 1. 3 Easy Ways to Record iPhone without Jailbreak [Video Tutorial]

Watch the video below to learn how to use the 3 best tools mentioned in this article to record iOS screens.

Part 2. Best iPad and iPhone Screen Recorder Apps

1. Airshou

This application is developed by Shou. tv creators and works perfectly on iOS 13. The best thing is that it utilizes very little processing power but still can serve with high-quality recording results. Professionals often love to use this application for recording games and applications but when it is connected to a microphone for audio recording then it suffers too much noise. This application works perfectly on portable devices and leads to complete screen coverage with awesome recording results.

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2. Vidyo:

Vidyo application serves users for recording screen videos along with active audio controls that can be the internal voice of the device as well as audio from the microphone at the same time. The resolution offered goes up to 1080P with 60fps and there are so many attractive mixing features for advanced recording results. The sad part is that users cannot hear the voice of the speaker when the audio sound is being recorded.


3. BB Recorder:

Here is one more screen recorded for active users that helps in easy mirroring while recording. The best part is that it allows easy streaming with an extremely intuitive user interface. BB Recorder can be utilized for camera recording, live screen recording, and basic screen capturing needs. The installation process is very simple and it has the power to serve users for professional usage.


Precision controller enhanced to offer players absolute control for all games


4. IOS Screen Recorder:

It is time to enjoy mirroring with crystal clear game recording features on iOS13 or future versions, using Wondershare Dr. Fone iOS screen recorder. You can avail of this software tool in iOS as well as windows version with the best feature which is the one-click start function. Users can also enjoy customized settings with the application so that desired videos can be created easily. This application can be used for presentations, education, gaming, business, and other recording needs.


5. CoolPixel:

You will be glad to know that CoolPixel is not just a video recorded rather it also serves as an advanced video editing software program. People love to use this screen recorder for games but it is not able to capture the game audio during the recording process. With this software tool, you can add so many filtering effects to videos along with subtitles, cutting, and dragging combinations. Users love to take benefits from their creative editing support.


6. iRec 2.0 ($7.99):

iRec is one of the most simplest and efficient screen recording tools that can capture videos at very high resolution. Some of the incredible features of this software program include simple to use, well-designed navigation platform, and high-quality video output generation abilities. People love to use this screen recorder for capturing game events or just to create interactive tutorials.


Part 3. Best iPhone & iPad Screen Recorder on Mac:

1. Capto ($29.99 Mac):

Here is an easy-to-operate application that can assist users to capture screen movements, recording and for an advanced image as well as video editing requirements. It comes with an intelligent file manager and serves with quick sharing features.


  • Advanced file management.
  • Offers easy sharing.
  • Dual type audio editor as well as image and video editor.
  • Screen as well as Web capturing abilities


2. ScreenFlow ($99 Mac):

This software tool allows users to record any selected portion of the screen so easily over iOS. It can capture the signals from a video camera, microphone, computer’s audio as well as multi-channel audio devices at the same time.


  • Users can edit any desired portion of video and images with texts, transitions, and animations.
  • It allows users to share all kinds of files with ease.
  • The best solution for educators as they can create advanced tutorials.


3. QuickTime Player (Free Mac):

This software program is owned by Apple and is rated as one of the most powerful screens recorded with a built-in type media player. Users can view a wide number of file formats using this software tool. The advanced video recording technology results in rich quality output with an improved audio combination.


  • Advanced multimedia platform.
  • Highly sophisticated media player.
  • Supports advanced video technology.
  • Flexible file formats.
  • Fast processing.


Part 4. Best iPhone and iPad Screen Recorder for Windows and Mac:

1. AirServer ($14.99 Win/Mac):

Here is an advanced screen mirroring software program for Xbox One, PC, and Mac. With the help of this program, one can receive Miracast Streams, Google Cast and Airplay, etc. same as that of an Apple TV. The advanced editing features of this screen recorder application make it to stand in the top ranking among all screen recorder software programs.


  • You can record videos with this software on iPhone and iPad even with a separate voiceover.
  • The advanced post-recording facility allows users to work on contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, sharpness as well as the flipping of the screen.
  • Gameplay demos can be easily created.


2. Reflector ($14.99 Win/Mac):

Reflector is popular as wireless streaming and mirroring receiver that can help users to stay connected with any external device. The mirroring feature works for all devices on a real-time basis. The reflector is capable enough to organize and present multiple devices of different specifications with ease.


  • Allows easy and efficient management of all connected devices.
  • Real-time mirroring facility available.
  • It is much easier to record screens with voice-over.
  • Media streaming is possible with reflector.
  • Advanced security features.


3. X-Mirage ($16 Win/Mac):

X-Mirage is rated as one of the most professional software tools for Windows PCs and Mac devices. Users can stream content wirelessly using this software and it further allows easy mirroring with iPod, iPad, and iPhone, etc.


  • An efficient mirroring feature is available.
  • Users can prefer to connect with many iOS devices at only one platform.
  • You can enjoy a one-click recording function that makes recording much more simplified.
  • It offers very fast processing along with advanced editing features.


Update: How to Record iPhone's Screen with Built-in Screen Recording Tool:

If your iPhone or iPad is running iOS13, below are the quick steps about how to record screen on iPhone iOS 13 with the built-in screen recorder:

1. Add Screen Recording tool to Control Center

Though your iPhone and iPad have the screen recording feature, it is not enabled by default, which means you need to set it up first.

Go to Settings->Control Center->Customize Controls, and find the Screen Recording option under the MORE CONTROLS tab. Tap the green plus icon next to the Screen Recording option and add it to the Control Center.

iPHone iOS Screen Recorder

2. Start Recording

One of the best things about the built-in Screen Recording tool is that it allows you to record the in-app sound and music while you are recording videos. But, if you need to record your own voiceover during recording, just long-pressing or 3D Touch-ing on the control tile to enable the recording control window, then tap the mic icon to turn it on or off.

To start the recording, just tap the screen recording tile on the Control Center and the screen will be recorded after a three-second countdown.

iPHone iOS Screen Recorder

3. Stop Video Recording

To stop the screen recording on your iPhone, just tap the Screen Recording icon again in the Control center, or tap the red recording indicator in the status bar and tap Stop. The recorded screen video will be saved to Camera Roll and Video albums in the Photos app.

4. Edit Recorded Video Footage*

We all know that there are some basic editing features available in the Photos app, like trimming and cropping. But for better visual performance, we highly recommend you use desktop video editing software to add more overlays, filters, animations, music, or text.

Wondershare DemoCreator is a good choice if you are asking which video editing software you can use. Also, the built-in video editing software on your Windows PC or Mac, such as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie is also a good choice if you prefer.

Check this article if you need more detailed steps about how to record iPhone/iPad screen on iOS.

Download a free trial version of Wondershare DemoCreator to edit your videos below.

FAQ: Learn More about iOS Screen Recorders

1. What is the best screen recorder for IOS?

Here are several apps working perfectly on iOS 13 and later versions, such as Airshou, Wondershare IOS Screen Recorder, Vidyo, and so on.

2. Is IOS Screen Recorder safe?

If you download the iOS screen recorders from safe websites, they are 100% secure. However, if you get the software from an unsafe site, no one can assure the screen recorders are reliable.

3. How do I record my iPhone screen in 4k?

It is effortless. First, open the settings of your iPhone. Swipe down and hit the “Camera” button. Then, tap “Record Video,” and you can choose 4K at 24fps, 30fps, or 60fps.

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