10 Best GIF Recorders for Mac

David Wilson
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: Screen Record on Mac

Starting from online shopping to entertainment to studies and chatting, we all are bound to the power of the web. Among all these, communication or social media platforms have been proven very useful. We all can admit the fact that we love to share our stories or doing chat using GIFs, whether it's on any streaming platform or any social media community.

In any of these texting or media platforms, GIFs play a key role. Texts are a way to convey our emotions to others, but GIFs portray them more efficiently. So, below are 10 best Gif recorder Mac applications available on Mac OS. You can opt to go through the features of each and select 1 or more to record GIF Mac.

1. Smart GIF Maker

GIFs have been on the internet for the past decades, and recording your GIF has been on trend since the release of software that can perform such feat. One such application that can turn your video or screen recording into GIF is Smart GIF Maker. It has all the options you need to make an amazing GIF, such as tools like adding frames and sharing, etc. The edit option is very easy to find because of its smooth user interface.

smart gif maker

There is also an option for joining different clips or multiple images to make one single GIF. The application also features options like frame rate settings and background colors for the GIF. And as if it wasn't enough, there is also an option to hand draw and preview after you are done. These smart features are the key highlights which make it so popular.

2. Gifox 2

The second one in the list of top GIF recorders is the Gifox 2 that allows selecting any custom window instead of choosing over a custom region. The application smartly captures the happening on the screen continuously for your GIF when your window selection mode is ON. This feature is called 'smart precision', which is available for free. When you install this application and permit it for shortcuts, it will allow you to access its features through the menu bar itself. This will help you to capture GIFs without any hustle.


Gifox 2 has a limited number of features when you are using the free version. It offers basic editing tools such as speed control, trimming, or looping. But you will have to use the app with a watermark on it if you are on the free version. There are various shortcuts available through the keyboard which you can access at all the time. There is also synchronization of the application available with other platform, which is another cool feature to try on.

3. GIPHY Capture

One of the most popular as well as classic application that has been used for making GIFs is the GIPHY Capture because of its simple yet unique interface filled with all the essential tools. The entire process of capturing a GIF to uploading it on the official website for GIPHY is very simple and can be done with just a few simple clicks. So right from your Mac, you can be a contributor for GIPHY.

giphy capture

The app first asks you to set the resolution for the GIF and then will ask you to start the recording. Although the usual duration of an average GIF is few seconds, this allows you to create a GIF for up to 30 seconds. So, when you select the resolution and finish recording your GIF, you can simply save it to the destination folder you chose. You can set the looping type if you want to and also control the frame rate with this application.

4. GIFBrewery 3

This application which comes with a variety of options for creating a perfect GIF, has a subscription amount to be paid to use all of its features. Since the service is paid, the options also get improved than others with this application. There are no watermarks with this application which is a worthy upgrade from standard GIF-making software. It allows you to easily import any video you want from any of the video sources and then convert it into an amazing GIF.

gifbrewery 3

The feature list is very expansive since all the tools you need to create a GIF are available here. You can import any video file you want and then can define the starting and end duration for your GIF. You can also record from your webcam to make your GIF without any further application. After you are done, this allows you to save the files in .gif form in any folder you want.

5. LICEcap

The next application on the list is LICEcap, which is a free GIF-making application available for your Mac. This application is so simple to use that anyone new to computers will also be able to create a GIF with the help of its tools. The options to choose from are very easy and can be used with simple clicks. You can start making your GIF by setting the screen resolution for the GIF, and then you can select the frame rate you want.


Then, there will be one record button available clicking which you will be able to record your GIF. Then after you are done with the recording, you can click on the stop, and the recording will stop. The GIF will be automatically stored at a destination folder which you can customize on your own by changing the path through the settings panel.

6. Keynote

The next app is probably known by every Mac user since it comes preinstalled on your PC. Keynote is a free application that allows you to make funny and amazing GIFs from videos and record animated GIF Mac. It is a dedicated application available to you through MacOS with a bunch of very handy tools. To start making your GIF, you just need to import any video from your PC, and then you have to insert it in the app.


After that, there will be one export button available to you to convert the video to GIF format. You can easily convert any video to animated GIFs by simply going through this app. The app doesn't have any screen recording option, which is its only drawback. But apart from it, all other tools available on the application are worth trying and are better than some of the best GIF makers.

7. Online Converter

The applications available for Mac are very efficient for creating GIFs, but sometimes, when the user doesn't want to install any extra application, then they can always go for making GIFs online. Online Converter is such a website that allows you to convert any of your videos to GIFs in seconds. The only drawback of these online GIF makers is that you can't opt to record gif macOS.

This website allows you to upload your desired video and then select the frame size. Then, it asks you to choose the starting and ending of the Gif and whether you want to loop it or not. After that, you will be able to save the GIF after it gets converted. Sadly, there are no options like frame rate or resolution to set with this website which is a drawback for using it. But despite all these, it still can cool GIFs with simple steps within seconds.


The next one on the list is also another online GIF-making website with which you can create awesome GIFs. Unlike other online websites which help to make GIF, this platform has all the necessary tools which you can find on any regular application. You can choose the frame rate from the starting which will help you to fast forward or slow down your GIF. Along with this, you are also available with the options to choose the resolution of the GIF as well as the frame size for it.


You can simply create your GIF by uploading the video file you want to convert and then set the starting and ending time for it. Then this will process your video, and you will be available with your desired GIF. Although the website only supports video uploading within 100 Mb size, the features still make it popular because of its usefulness.


This website is an online video conversion tool that allows you to convert any of your videos to GIFs within seconds. While other applications and online websites support only videos from your PC, this allows you to upload them from anywhere on the internet. You just have to upload the link to the video, and the process will be completed on the go. The website allows you to set the resolution first, and then you can choose the start and end time from the video.


Then, it asks you to choose the loop option. There are plenty of other features available on the website which lets you create amazing GIFs with very easy steps. Some of these tools include applying a color filter, changing the height and width of the GIF or DPI, and so on. The only drawback of this website is that you can't change the frame rate for the GIF. But overall, it is very useful when you want to create GIFs on the go.

10. Cloudconvert

The last one on the list is also an online video converting tool which will help you create animated GIFs from any of your videos seamlessly. This is website is completely free to use and has a variety of options to create GIFs. Although it doesn't have features like screen recording, it is very capable of doing everything that dedicated software can do. You can import any video from your PC, or you can import them from any cloud storage.


Then, the website asks you to choose the frame size of the GIF, the frame rate, and then the resolution of the same. Then, you will need to set the start time for the video and then end it. After you are done with this process, you just need to click on the convert option. This will create your GIF within few seconds of processing time. The ease of doing the whole process with simple settings and interface is what makes the website so popular.


This article covered all those points which can help you chose your best recorder for recording GIFs on your Mac. These applications mentioned above are well efficient in recording different lengths of GIFs with additional features for stickers and many more. Some of these applications are free to use, while others need a subscription with some payment. It's up to you, the user, who needs to decide what you want to have for your specific requirements.