How to Screen Record on Windows 8/8.1

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Screen recording is anything that is currently playing on the screen of your computer that you want to capture and share with your friends and coworkers. It is the most suitable procedure for sharing your ideas, videos, or online tutorial so that others can easily understand your thoughts and ideas. There are many screen recorders for Windows 8 that you can download for free from the internet and install on your computer.

The benefits of screen recording are vast. It will provide you with authentic evidence about the video that you have seen and captured. Some videos do not permit to save it directly from the options. Hence with a screen recorder, you will record anything that is playing on-screen and save it for future use. Here we are mainly talking about Windows 8/8.1 versions.

1. Does Window 8 Have a Screen Recorder?

Windows 8 does not have an in-built screen recorder, but that doesn't deny you to capture the screen. You will record anything from the screen still using some of the best software that you can download over the net. It will help you record and capture the videos with audio and give you the option to share them over the net. Most of the online screen recorder applications have extensive features that will help you to develop your tutorials and other solutions. You will be able to specifically highlight the areas that you require your users to see and understand.

You can also add your comments to the videos that you want to share with your colleagues or the nearest and dearest ones. In this crazy world of digital technology, you cannot be denied any applications as various other steps will help you cross the barriers. You can even use your laptop with the in-built camera to record either from the screen or the webcam. Many internet sites will give you the option of how to record video on laptop Windows 8. It is simple and user-friendly; hence you can easily create wonders beyond your expectations.

2. How to Record on Windows 8 Free

If you want to know how to record your screen on Windows 8, though it does not have a screen recorder, you must use a VLC media player. It is a versatile media player that will allow you to record what is happening on the screen. Hence, you will record the video with audio and share it with your friends and loved ones. VLC player is available for free; hence you can easily download it and install it on your computer.

The VLC media player has some of the power-packed features you can use for any live streaming videos, including Netflix and other popular OTT platforms. The video quality is amazing with surround sound HD quality audio, thus providing you with an overall cinema effect experience. It supports various file extensions and can even rip a DVD and save it on your computer.

Following are the steps on how to record on Windows 8 with a VLC player:

Open the VLC player from the programs file or the icon on the desktop and click on Media on the left corner of your screen. You can record or capture anything on screen with the help of a VLC player.

run vlc

Click on the Capture device and select the desired Frame rate as per your requirements.

open capture device

Select the Play button and click on Convert from the options given.

vlc advanced options

To start the recording, click on the start option and after the process is complete, click on Stop. You can create audio and video effects with the help of the powerful tools available and even convert the video files into any specific format.

3. Record Windows 8 Screen with Audio

There are many screen recorders that you can download from the net, but the best among them is Wondershare DemoCreator. It is regarded as the ideal software to capture the screen and audio of Windows 8. Whether you want to record anything that is playing on the screen or a gaming page, WonderShare DemoCreator will allow you to pursue your goal. You can download it easily from the net for free, and it is compatible with most Windows and Mac platforms.

When it comes to screen recording software, WonderShare DemoCreator tops the list. It can capture the screen, but you can also edit the videos and photos using your creativity. You can use the software to record from the screen as well as from your webcam simultaneously.

It has a wide variety of exciting tools to make professionally styled videos and instantly share them with your friends and coworkers. You can highlight the areas while creating a tutorial for the users. It is one of the most popular software that will surely give your edited videos a five-star without prior knowledge.

Following are the steps on how to screen record on Windows 8 with WonderShare DemoCreator:

Download WonderShare DemoCreator and click on "New Recording".

run democreator

Set your recording preferences: audio settings, webcam input, video frame rate and cuztomize the recording area.

democreator settings

Click on the red circle to start recording. You can use the screen drawing tools during the process.

record windows screen and audio

Press F10 to end the recording and save the file in the desired location or export to YouTube.

4. Record Screen on Windows 8 No Download

Screen Capture is a free online screen recorder that you do not need to download. Hence it will save your gigabytes, and you will be able to record anything on the screen. You can even record screens with audio, including your voice. Screen Capture is an online screen recorder that can be used as many times as you want without any fees.

You can use a screen recorder for Windows 8.1 free with the help of Screen Capture. With the help of the online application, you will be able to record a streaming video with the best quality sound. It does not require any prior knowledge, as you need to follow the steps. The rest is a cake-walk. You can even save the videos in HD mode and share them over the net. The most important feature is that you will show others what you see on the screen by making that part visible.

Following are the steps on how to record screen on Windows 8 no download:

Open the Online Screen recorder from the website

open screen capture

When the "Share your Screen" pops up, select the required area to be recorded

Click on "Start Recording".

recording with screen capture

When the process is over, click on "Stop Recording".

Related FAQs

Q1. Can your screen record in window 8 without downloading?

Windows 8 does not have an in-built screen recorder. Hence if you do not want to get your hard disk overloaded by downloading a screen recorder application, you can do the same online. There are several options available over the net to record your screen on Windows 8 by visiting the websites. Most online screen recorders are free to capture your screen and save it on your hard drive.

Q2. What are the Key Features of WonderShare DemoCreator?

WonderShare DemoCreator is one of the most popular screen recorders that are available online for free. It has some of the best features to remove the noise, add audio and video mixers, and color tuning. You can even highlight the areas that you want your coworkers or loved ones to see. It is equipped with one of the fascinating tools with which you can express your creativity.

Q3. Why is screen recording important?

Screen recording is more authentic as it provides you visuals that you cannot deny in the future. That is why most IT companies come to a solution by using screenshots of the customer's screen to understand the real problem. You can even highlight the areas to your students in an online tutorial video to make them understand properly. Most of the gaming videos use screen recording to give instructions on how to use the product.

If you want to record a video playing on a Windows 8 screen, do not be disheartened. It is because there is innumerable software available online that will give you the freedom to record anything playing on your screen. It is not complicated, and anyone with a piece of basic knowledge can create wonders with the screen recorder application. It becomes necessary to visually convey your ideas, as the impact will be stronger in the current digital world. Hence Screen recording any videos is a must as it will hold your foot strong on the ground.

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