Streaming entertainment is everywhere these days. But paying for all those different services can put a dent in your wallet. The good news? There are plenty of fantastic free streaming platforms out there that let you watch hit movies and binge-worthy TV shows without spending a single penny!

Whether you're a die-hard movie fan, a television junkie, or just someone who loves being entertained, this guide to the best free tv streaming services is for you. We'll go through the top free streaming services online and break down what makes each one great. So now you can decide which free streaming apps are perfect for your viewing habits.

Get ready to be wowed by a massive selection of free streaming options. We're about to take you on a tour of the greatest free streaming services online, from big-name platforms to some lesser-known gems.

Your next binge-watching obsession could be just a few clicks away!

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    9. Disney+
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Part 1: Best 10 Free Streaming Services for Watching Hit Movies and TV Series

Let's have a brief overview of the free TV streaming services we picked out to know whether they offer a free trial, and what each service is best suited for in terms of content or features.

Top Free Streaming Services Price Free Trial Best For
Amazon Freevee Free (ad-supported) Free Wide selection of movies, TV shows, and originals
Hulu $79.99/yearly 30 days Rotating premium content selections
Paramount $5.99/Monthly 7 Days Live sports, network shows, and movies
Roku Channel $29.99 7 Days On-demand + live TV channels in one hub
Pluto TV Free (ad-supported) Free Cable TV-like experience with live channels
Crackle Free (ad-supported) Free Classic, cult, and independent films
Plex $119.99 30 days. Personal media server + free streaming library
YouTube $72.99 30 Days User-generated videos + movies/TV shows
Disney+ $13.99/Monthly N/A Family-friendly Disney, Pixar, Marvel content
Vudu Free tier (ad-supported) Free New releases, huge movie library

#1 Amazon Freevee (formerly IMDb TV)

amazon freeve tv streaming free site

Amazon's Freevee is a fantastic free TV streaming service option for those seeking a wide range of movies and TV shows without paying a dime. This free streaming platform boasts a vast library of content, including popular TV series, classic films, and original programming.

Freevee offers an amazing collection of movies, shows, and originals - all free to stream with minimal ads. From coveted classics to modern hits, its ever-growing library ensures endless entertainment.

Key Features:

  • The "Featured" row curates new and trending content.
  • A huge library of movies and TV shows
  • Offers Originals like "Judy Justice" and "Forever Summer Hamptons"
  • Watch Party allows streaming together remotely

#2 Hulu

hulu free tv streaming services

While Hulu is primarily known for its paid subscription service, it also offers a free streaming platform with limited content. Hulu's free tier is an excellent free TV streaming service choice for sampling the platform's offerings before committing to a subscription.

The free version features a rotating selection of TV shows and movies. One benefit is access to Hulu's user-friendly interface and robust video player on this best free TV streaming app.

Key Features:

  • The free tier rotates selections from the premium library monthly
  • Access to fresh episodes and movies without paying
  • Simple, ad-supported streaming interface
  • Live TV channels like ABC News Live, ESPN3
  • Create personalized watchlists across devices

Know how to record on Hulu here.

#3 Paramount

paramount free tv streaming services

Paramount's free streaming service is a must-visit destination for fans of classic TV shows and movies. This free TV streaming platform offers a diverse selection of entertainment options from various networks and studios.

A standout feature is the extensive collection of classic TV shows like "Star Trek" and "Cheers." The free streaming service also offers popular movies from action-packed blockbusters to heartwarming dramas.

Key Features:

  • Live streaming of major sporting events like NFL games
  • No cost access to NCAA championships and more sports
  • On-demand shows like "Survivor," "Blue Bloods," "Evil"
  • Movies from Paramount Pictures, MGM, and more studios

#4 Roku Channel

roku channel movies free sites

The Roku Channel is a fantastic free streaming platform that offers movies, TV shows, and live news channels. Accessible on Roku devices and other platforms, it's one of the top free streaming services.

Roku Channel seamlessly combines the latest movies, shows, live news, and more into one unbeatable free streaming hub. It's the all-in-one destination to never run out of free entertainment.

Key Features:

  • Combines free on-demand movies/shows
  • Over 100 free live TV channels in one streaming hub
  • Premium channel subscriptions available to add
  • Mobile app for streaming anywhere
  • Kids' experience with parental controls

#5 Pluto TV

pluto tv to watch tv free

Pluto TV is a unique free online streaming site that mimics traditional cable TV with over 250 live channels and a vast on-demand library. This free TV streaming platform has something for everyone.

Bringing back that classic cable TV feel, Pluto TV recreates free live channel surfing with over 250 options across movies, shows, sports, news, and more - plus on-demand watching.

Key Features:

  • Recreates traditional cable TV experience
  • Guide with over 250 free live-streaming channels
  • On-demand movies and shows to watch anytime
  • Thematic channel bundles like Movies, News, Sports, etc.
  • Pluto TV Android mobile app

#6 Crackle

crackle free tv streaming services

Crackle, owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, is a top free streaming service offering a vast library of movies and TV shows. With a focus on classic and cult films, it's a must-visit for movie buffs.

Cinephiles, rejoice! Sony's free streamer Crackle is chock-full of iconic classics, beloved cult hits, and intriguing indie gems you won't find elsewhere. It's a movie buff's paradise.

Key Features:

  • Specializes in classic, cult, and independent films
  • Constantly updated library with new titles
  • Android and iOS apps for mobile viewing
  • Watchlists to keep track of your picks

#7 Plex

plex free tv streaming services

Plex is a unique free streaming service that allows users to access their media libraries from anywhere. Its sleek interface and features make it a must-have for those with large personal collections.

Plex puts you in full control of your streaming. Build an epic media server for your library, plus access to free movies, shows, live TV, and more - all in one handy app.

Key Features:

  • Organizes and streams your personal media library
  • On-demand streaming of free movies, shows, and live TV
  • Premium subscriptions unlock more content
  • Mobile apps to watch anywhere
  • Parental controls and managed user accounts

#8 YouTube TV

youtube free streaming platform

While known for user-generated content, YouTube is also a top free streaming platform with a vast library of movies and TV shows. It has a dedicated section for free streaming.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated hub for free movies and TV shows
  • Constant stream of new content added
  • Live TV channels like NBC News NOW, movies on demand
  • Cast capability to TVs and mobile app
  • Personalized recommendations

#9 Disney+

disney plus free streaming services online

While primarily a paid subscription service, Disney+ offers a limited selection of free movies and TV shows. It's a great online streaming platform for family-friendly entertainment.

Disney's free streaming goodies give you a taste of their magical worlds. Sample family-friendly flicks from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and more before deciding on a paid membership.

Key Features:

  • Sample of family-friendly movies and shows for free
  • Classic Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars titles
  • New free titles rotated regularly
  • Optional paid premium subscription upgrade
  • Disney+ GroupWatch for remote co-viewing

#10 Vudu

vudo streaming

Vudu is a fantastic free streaming service with a vast library of movies and TV shows. With a focus on new releases and popular titles, it's ideal for staying up-to-date with the latest entertainment.

Vudu is a paradise for movie lovers with its generous free streaming library, including new releases added regularly alongside classics - and rent/purchase options.

Key Features:

  • Huge library of free movies and TV shows
  • New releases are regularly added for free
  • Rent or purchase the latest titles
  • Mobile apps for iOS/Android
  • Wish lists to track desired content

Part 2: Record your Favorite Movies and TV Series: Wondershare DemoCreator

These free streaming services provide an excellent way to enjoy movies and shows. But there may be times when you want to record and save favorites for offline viewing, or you may want to share the most appealing plots with your friends, or even want to make a short commentary video to the whole movie or TV series into different languages, for in such cases, Wondershare DemoCreator can be a valuable screen recording tool.

Free Download
Free Download
icon note
Note: Please check your local rules to see if recording TV series or Movies is acceptable. Normally, it is acceptable as long as it is not for commercial use.

Here are the steps to record your favorite movies, and TV shows live using DemoCreator:

Step 1: First, download the Wondershare DemoCreator software from their website and install it on your computer. Open the DemoCreator application and select "Video Recorder". You'll see options to start a new recording. Select the "Screen" option to proceed.

free streaming service recorder

Step 2: A preferences window will pop up. Here you can:

configure video settings on a recorder for streaming websitea
  • Select the recording area (full screen, specific region, webcam, etc.)
  • Choose to record system audio, microphone audio, or both
  • Set video and audio quality
  • Enable options like drawing tools, webcam overlay, etc.

Step 3: Once you've configured the preferences, simply click the "REC" button. DemoCreator will start capturing your screen. Play the movie or TV show and DemoCreator will record it.

hit the rec button to record hit movies

Step 4: Once done, click the Stop button in DemoCreator. You can then preview the recording and Export it in your desired video format like MP4 or WMV.

edit the recording from free tv streaming sites

By following these steps, you can easily capture and save movies, shows, and live TV from any free streaming source for offline viewing using Wondershare DemoCreator.


In the ever-evolving entertainment landscape, free streaming services have emerged as a game-changer, providing access to movies and TV shows without expensive subscriptions or cable packages. These free streaming platforms cater to diverse tastes, ensuring something for everyone from classic films to the latest hit series. Embrace the freedom and convenience to embark on an extraordinary journey through the realms of entertainment.

While these top free streaming services provide access to favorite content, tools like Wondershare DemoCreator add convenience by allowing you to record and save movies and shows from any free TV streaming app for offline viewing.

Free Download
Free Download


  • Are these free streaming services truly free or do they require subscriptions?
    The services mentioned are completely free and do not require paid subscriptions. However, some offer optional paid tiers or premium features.
  • Can I watch these free streaming platforms on various devices?
    Yes, most are compatible with smart TVs, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and web browsers, but device compatibility may vary.
  • Do these free TV streaming services have advertisements?
    Yes, most include advertisements, but ad frequency varies among platforms and may be less than traditional cable TV.
  • Can I download or record content from these free streaming services?
    Most do not allow direct downloading or recording due to copyright restrictions. However, you can use screen recording software like DemoCreator to capture content for personal use.
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