How to Record Video on Mac

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2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Screen Record on Mac

At any point needed to how to record video on MacBook pro, utilizing the PCs worked in camera? Possibly you need to catch an extraordinary second as a film, record a speedy video note, record a film for online media, or for some other reason. Whatever the explanation, you can undoubtedly record video on Mac utilizing the forward-looking FaceTime camera and an underlying application. Here you'll get the easy guide to get a know-how of how to record video on mac, so let's dive in!

There are a couple of various approaches to achieve mac record screen video, yet we will zero in on recording video with QuickTime Player and the Mac PCs webcam, in light of the fact that the product is packaged on all Macs and essentially every Mac has an implicit camera to record from. This final product will be a film document being saved that can be shared, transferred, altered, or utilized. Hence stay with us to find out about the more suitable options for you to pick from.

1. How to Record video on Mac with Photo Booth

Photo Booth is a product application for taking photographs and recordings with an insight camera. It is distributed by Apple Inc. as a component of macOS and iOS (on the iPad and iPad Mini accessible beginning with the iPad 2) Photo Booth shows a see showing the camera's view continuously.

Photo Booth is an unbelievable device assuming you need to snap a couple of pictures with companions, do your cosmetics with your MacBook camera, record recordings, mess with impacts, thus, a great deal more.

photo booth

Step 1: Launch Photo Booth app.

Step 2: Click the Record a Movie Clip icon. It looks like strip of film

Step 3: Click the red button with the white video-camera icon to shoot your video.

Step 4: Click the record icon to stop filming with Photo Booth.

2. Record video on Mac with QuickTime

QuickTime Player is an incredible application that has a ton of extraordinary highlights and recording capacities, including a superb screen recorder for catching recordings of the Mac show, a comparable choice to record an iPhone or iPad screen, and surprisingly the capacity to record sound and sound utilizing the PCs worked in mouthpiece. Everything being equal, you can likewise catch video straightforwardly on the Mac with iMovie and some outsider applications as well, yet QuickTime is so quick, simple, and effective, that in case all you're hoping to do is catch a fast film it's by a wide margin the easiest decision.

Step 1: Open QuickTime Player in Mac OS, it's found in the /Applications folder

Step 2: Pull down the "File" menu and choose "New Movie Recording"

quicktime new movie recording

Step 3: The FaceTime webcam will activate and show on screen, click the red record button to start recording your movie

Step 4: When finished recording, hit the Stop button to end the recording, you can use trim option to shorten it.

recorded video quicktime

Step 5: Go to the "File" menu and choose "Save" (or Export)

Step 6: Give the recorded movie a name and save the recorded movie to the location of your choice

The default video format type recorded will be a .mov QuickTime document however you can save it as another configuration whenever wanted, or convert it to an alternate video design later on the off chance that you'd like. The .mov record design is broadly viable and will transfer straightforwardly to any online media webpage and be quickly distinguishable by any Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, or Android client with a properly present-day media player.

Goal of recorded motion pictures relies upon the model of the Mac since every Mac has an alternate FaceTime webcam camera with various goal, yet as a rule you can expect somewhere close to 480p and 720p goal for most Mac webcam accounts. Assuming you need more excellent film like 1080p or 4k, you should consider recording 4k video with an iPhone or iPad all things being equal.

3. Use Mac Screenshot to Capture Video Clips

Screen recording is basic on Mac. You at this point don't need to depend on QuickTime to record screens. All things considered; you raise the equivalent toolbar as you accomplish for screen captures.

Step 1: Press Command + Shift + 5 on your keyboard to bring up the screenshot toolbar.

mac toolbar

Step 2: Click either Record Entire Screen or Record Selected Portion. Your recording will begin immediately if you select Record Entire Screen.

Step 3: Select the portion of the screen you wish to record if you're only recording a part of it.

Step 4: Click Record on the screenshot and recording control bar.

Step 5: Press the Stop button in the Menu bar to stop the recording.

Step 5: Control-click, right-click, or two-finger-click on the recording that appears in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Step 6: Use the contextual menu to choose where to save the screenshot, send it, show it in the Finder, delete it, or mark it up.

Step 7: Although you can choose from a limited set of locations to save your screenshots and recordings after making them, you can also pre-select a destination beforehand.

  • Press Command + Shift + 5 on your keyboard to bring up the screenshot toolbar.
  • Click Options.
  • Select Desktop, Documents, Clipboard, Mail, Messages, or Preview under Save to to set a save location.

4. Record and Edit Video on Mac with DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is exceptionally adaptable free video altering application accessible on Mac and PC. When you move beyond the fairly steep expectation to learn and adapt, you'll see you can do a considerable amount with DemoCreator. What's more, since it's a free application, you have the choice of seeing whether you like it without paying a penny.

DemoCreator is a multi-track altering application like some other genuine application, and you can promptly revise the work area to suit your altering needs. DemoCreator upholds a wide assortment of document types for both import and export on your MacBook, including 4K video. In addition, you can alter sound, shading, and lighting impacts in DemoCreator.

Step 1. Launch Wondershare DemoCreator

The foremost Step while opting for this masterpiece software is downloading and installing this software. To ease your research, we've brought you the links as well via which you can easily get access to that software.
After you've downloaded the software, install this masterpiece within your PC, and launch it right away as soon as it gets completed. Now you shall be seeing the two-section options which have a separate button as well. To record your PC screen, simply opt for the Start new recording button.

democreator new recording

Step 2. Setup the Recording

As soon as you hit the record button, a recording window shall be open with the screen adjustment and customization toolkit for your screen recording. All you need to do is set up your desired screen settings and hit it with a red dotted button visible for your recording startup.
You can also set your audio and integrated webcam setting by option for the specified buttons right from the recording window interface respectively.

customize recording region democreator

Step 3. Edit the Recording

Wondershare DemoCreator also allows you to set up advanced level customizations for your recorded content, once done, so you can have the desired taste of recorded video as an output file. For pre-recording, you can get for the recording area, pixels of your screen, resolution setup, system music, and a dropdown menu of targeted window selection for recording purpose which is detected automatically with this software intelligence.
Meanwhile for the post-recording, you'll have a plethora of editing features available to pick for your easiness including titles, effects, green screen effects, formatting, basic editing, audio editing, transitions and much more.

recording mac screen with democreator

Step 4. Export your video & share:

Once you have finished creating the video and editing it, you can now save it to share on social media. The file can be saved into the format as; MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, GIF, MP3.


Concluding the article, in case you're an amateur simply dunking your toes into the universe of video altering, a free application program is most likely your smartest option. In the event that you have further developed requirements, you'll probably have to pay to get to the highlights you'll require. Notwithstanding, most application programs have free preliminaries that let you attempt them before you get them.