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  • 1. Record screen with audio and export video in high resolution.
  • 2. Edit videos with built-in video editor, record and edit all-in-one.
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AceThinker Online Screen Recorder Review

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:34:39 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

AceThinker is a free yet comprehensive online screen recording tool. It is a web-based platform that permits limitless recording while leaving no watermark. Designed with advanced technology, the tool is straightforward, user-friendly, and hugely versatile. Consequently, it is highly productive for recording audios and videos for whatever you see on the screen. 

Loaded with advanced features, the screencasting software allows real-time editing where you can add pictures, shapes, and text to the media. It has a plethora of basic to highly advanced elements including video downloader, video converter, and video editorial manager. Accordingly, it caters to all your screen recording goals, from an elementary instructional project to multiplex interactivity content. 

AceThinker is an ideal internet based-recorder for Mac, Windows, iPhones, and iPads. It allows you to record the full screen or whatever section of the screen you want. Besides, the super-quick platform is lightweight and is equipped with an annotation feature. It uses comprehensive and sensitive navigation technology. As a result, even beginners can master it.


AceThinker online screen recorder is a basic yet mind-blowing device that is armed with remarkable recording tools and features. The major features that make AceThinker highly productive and remarkable are listed below. 

  • All-inclusive Recording 

AceThinker can record everything that you see on your computer screen. From tutorial videos to online conferences, gameplay to live streaming, and music videos to movies. It can create a perfect high-quality screen recording and/or audio recording. The application delivers flawless creation on every occasion whether it is screening the video via a webcam or recording the audio using the system or an external microphone.

  • Different Modes of Capturing 

With AceThinker online screen recorder, you can record whatever area of the screen you like. Several screen recording modes allow you to focus on the area of your choice. It is entirely up to you to capture the entire screen or to record just a part of it. Just select the area to be recorded and set the schedule. The application will do the rest in case you want to avoid gazing at the screen. 

  • In-Built Editor

The application comes with an in-built editor to deliver a real-time editing experience to the users. You can edit the recordings by adding shapes, images, icons, notes, texts, colours, and more. Moreover, the editing tools provide options to include or exclude the sound via system, microphone, or webcam. Hence, with the same tool, you can record, edit and create a full-fledged video ready to be uploaded on the desired platform. 

  • Unlimited Recording

The free web application allows its users to record unlimited media of any length and size; whether it’s a 30-second WhatsApp status or an hour’s long live stream. Whatever be your recording goal, AceThinker has got it all covered. Just run the software without worrying about the size and enjoy recording with no boundaries.

  • Versatile Saving and Viewing Options

You can save the videos created in any of the popular formats including AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, MP4, and several others. Hence, you can save, play and share the videos anywhere you want without setting up a separate software or application. You can create, save, edit, download, upload and view the videos even without the watermark. And the best part is all this can be done for free. 


Balancing the cost and the features, the web-based recording tool, AceThinker is an ideal choice for content creators who want to record and edit videos professionally. Highly beneficial for YouTubers, gamers, vloggers, and content creators, the application has all the tools necessary for recording the screen activities. 

In other words, AceThinker online screen recorder is a fundamental screen recording application that can serve basic content creating purposes. It supports live annotations and feeds from a webcam. Hence, AceThinker is unbeatable when it comes to getting more for less.

It is the best lightweight and space-efficient screen recording software to cater to all the basic needs for a recording dedicated to an online audience. The advantages of using the application are summarized below.

  • Free of cost
  • No watermark 
  • Record whatever you want with/without audio
  • Capture the area of your choice
  • Powerful Design
  • In-build editor for real-time editing
  • Basic device demanding no outsider applications
  • Light-weight and straightforward
  • Space-efficient
  • Comprehensive and limitless recorder 
  • Option for scheduling tasks
  • High-quality output on all types of formats


AceThinker Online Screen Recorder offers a simple, mobile yet convenient user interface that keeps aside the intricacies of bundled information and puts forward a straightforward solution to screen recording. 

The tools that appear on the screen when you run the recorder are-

  • Record button
  • Region selection
  • Full-screen mode
  • System sound settings
  • Webcam feed adding option
  • Account setting

The following tools are visible when you start recording the screen-

  • Clock
  • Pause button
  • Stop button
  • Annotation button

How to use AceThink Online Screen Recorder (Step by Step)

Using AceThink Online Screen Recorder is quite effortless since all the elements are easy to understand and operate. The tools allow you to record audio and/or video without watermark unlimitedly. They allow you to select the source of the audio you want to edit in the recording. Moreover, you can select the mode of capturing, area to be captured, and type of video form. 

Mentioned below is the step by step guide to record screen activities on AceThinker.


Go to the official site of AceThinker online screen recorder and press the ‘start recording’ button flashing on the exact front. Here you will be asked to download a small launcher necessary for operating the recorder.


Download the launcher. It will take just a few minutes. Install the launcher, get introduced, and come back to the website page of AceThinker. Again the same screen appears.


Click on the start recording button again. At this stage, you will be asked to select the area you want to record along with certain other setting options. These settings can be customized in real-time as well if needed.


Move the recording box to the area you want to record and customize the size. You can turn on the camera using the camera icon and can select the audio source using the microphone and speaker icon. 


Start recording the screen using the REC marked button. Use the same button to stop or pause the recording when needed. Once it's finally recorded, you can use the options appearing on the screen to save, share or upload the recording.

FAQs about Free Online Screen Recorder - AceThinker

1. Is AceThinker free?

Answer. Most of the necessary features of the AceThinker screen recorder are free to use, however, more advanced tools are available with a premium plan.

2. What is AceThinker Online Screen Recorder used for?

Answer. AceThinker screen recorder is used for recording, editing, sharing, and uploading streaming audio, video, or both simultaneously.

3. Who are the chief users of AceThinker?

Answer. AceThinker Screen Recorder is most commonly used by Media houses, especially YouTubers, Vloggers, and gamers.

4. Which operating system does AceThinker support?

Answer. AceThinker supports the Windows operating system and MacOS to record the streaming visuals.

5. What type of screen recorder is AceThinker?

Answer. AceThinker is a Web-Based screen recorder that operates using an online launcher on the browser.

6. Is it safe to screen record online?

Answer. Yes, online screen recording is safe and even better when it comes to saving the files.

7. Can AceThinker screen recording be detected?

Answer. No, no trigger event can detect the screen recording on any website including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

8. How to record streaming videos in the highest quality for free?

Answer. AceThinker Online Screen Recorder is the easiest way to record streaming videos of the highest quality for free.

9. What are the features of AceThinker Screen Recorder?

Answer. The features of AceThinker Online Screen Recorder include screen recording, streaming audio recording, adding effects, sharing video on various websites, and uploading them using many different formats.

10. What is the price of the AceThinker Online screen recorder?

Answer. AceThinker is available at zero cost, while the pricing plans for its premium versions are based on several factors including customization.

11. Is AceThinker worth it?

Answer. Yes, AceThinker screen recorder is the best online tool for screen recording as it offers all the necessary tools at zero cost.

12. How to record video using AceThinker?

Answer. Visit the official website of AceThinker Screen recorder and download the launcher by clicking on the ‘start recording’ button. By doing so, you can start recording videos using the same button.

Alternative to Acethinker Online Recorder

Undoubtedly, AceThinker is the best free and lightweight screen recorder available in the market. It is a perfect screencasting software for novice users who want to record dedicated gameplay, simple educational content, or tutorial videos. But for those who want an alternative to Acethinker for recording walkthrough and gameplay in even higher quality, Wondershare DemoCreator is the right choice.

DemoCreator: The Best Alternative to AceThinker 

DemoCreator is the most suitable alternative to AceThinker as a free online screen recorder. The most remarkable feature of this software is the high frame rate of 120 fps even while game streaming is recorded with a webcam simultaneously. Besides, it provides several other tools and services to prove that the program is great at giving more for less. 

DemoCreator is prominent at providing its users with a fully-featured suite for audio and video editing. Hence, you can edit texts, annotations, callouts and can navigate around the recorder. It supports 4K resolution editing, GIFs, several languages, and video stabilization. With a commendable user-friendly interface, DemoCreator has evolved to be the most preferred application for gamers. 



DemoCreater is loaded with a plethora of advanced features and tools to capture and edit your screen activities more productively. It is a one-stop solution to all; whether it is for creating video lectures or live streaming, gameplay recording, or tutorial making. 

The best alternative to AceThinker Online Screen Recorder, Democreator offers the most resourceful tools for video recording and editing. The list of all the powerful features equipped with DemoCreator is listed below. 

  • Green Screen
  • 4K video Quality
  • Noise Removal
  • Green Screen Technology
  • Microphone Recording
  • Voiceover
  • Annotations
  • Stickers
  • Caption Tools
  • Video Position Transformation
  • Crop & Cut
  • Cursor Modification
  • Transitions
  • Multiple formats
  • Control over Video Speed
  • Customisable frame rate


DemoCreator is a great way to depict your talent towards games or other specific fields by recording amazing screencasting videos. Besides, it allows you to create webinars and similar videos to spread your thoughts more clearly and to help your viewers understand and learn your views better. 

The DemoCreator screen recorder benefits several communities to achieve their specific goals. In particular, the software is highly beneficial for the following communities. 

  • Business - Through presentation videos, conference recording, instructional videos, and demo videos
  • Educational Industry - To record online course videos, student projects, instructional videos, and conferences
  • Video Production - Creating demo videos, tutorial videos, YouTube reactions, and product review videos

DemoCreator is a productive screen recording tool loaded with a plethora of advanced features and specialities. Consequently, it has become the first choice of a large number of content creators, especially for the following reasons.

  • It can record multiple screens (main screen and other screens simultaneously)
  • Real-time screen drawing with creative stickers, tools, and annotations
  • Possibility of adding spotlight while recording
  • More than 500 in-built editing resources including text animation templates, effects, stickers, annotations, and more
  • Multi-Media Modifications at a professional level
  • Quality enhancement and modification of captured video


The upgraded interface of DemoCreator is among its most appealing features as it makes the software highly useful for both- beginners and professionals. Hence, no matter what your age and background are, you can create a perfect video for a product demo, lesson plan, or whatever you wish. 

The recording modes are very convenient to choose from, with just a single click. The ease of using the program makes it most suitable for beginners while the advanced features balance the connection with professionals. 

Finally, the screen recorder from Wondershare DemoCreator delivers a world-class video recording and editing experience to its users. The software is upgrading consistently, with advancing security and support services. This improves the user experience even more.

How to record and save recording with DemoCreator?

With DemoCreator, you can easily record and save your screen activities to execute your daily operations through virtual technology. The interface of DemoCreator guides you throughout the way to record the screencast. 


Download the application. Install and launch it on your computer. And then, click on the capture button, the large red highlighted icon flashing on the screen. 



Establish the fundamental settings asked for. For instance, you can select between ‘Full screen’ and a ‘target window’ and customize the resolution and frame rate from 15 fps to 120 fps. Besides, you can customize the setting for the microphone, webcam, and system.


Click on the screen drawing option appearing below settings in case you need to draw or write while recording. The toolbar available allows you to add lines, arrows, texts, and more. 


Once you are done with the settings, you can click on the capture button to finally initiate the recording process. A countdown to 3 and you are ready to capture the perfect shot.


After finishing the recording, clicking on the STOP button will automatically save the recorded video to the editing tool. From there, you can edit, share, download, and upload your project to platforms like YouTube and Facebook. 

AceThinker Vs DemoCreator: Which is Better?

Both AceThinker and DemoCreator fulfil the basic requirements necessary for creating a great video. Both have powerful functions for video capturing, editing, and exporting to common formats. And, both can record a specific portion. Besides, they have a user-friendly interface and customized recording options. 

However, certain points make the two applications quite distinguishable from each other. Among them, the maximum fps and video editing tools supported are the key points of difference. Moreover, pricing and software type are other crucial factors.

Comparing AceThinker Screen Recorder and DemoCreator

The table below compares the most popular screen recorders - AceThinker and DemoCreator.




OS Support

Windows, Mac 

Online Windows, Mac

Free Version



Starting Price for Premium Version



Maximum fps

50 fps

120 fps

Software Type




Not Attached


Video Editing Tools

Not Supported


Customized Recording 



Drawing the conclusion, DemoCreator outshines to be brighter for its robust and dynamic editing tools. The advanced interface with spectacular recording quality is the most lucrative feature of the software. Though AceThinker Online Screen recorder is an appealing tool for its affordability and portability, it lacks certain essential video editing tools. Hence, it cannot be used for expert-level editing. 

However, for novice recorders, AceThinker is still the best option as it offers maximum recording features for free without a watermark. It is ideal for users who want to avoid using premium versions. Finally, you must choose the software according to the purpose you want to achieve using it. 


AceThinker online screen recorder is among the most preferred screen recorders available in the market so far. It is free and its features can meet all the requirements of novice content creators including streamers, gamers, teachers and other tutorial creators. It has a playback player, an average editor, different modes of capturing and versatile saving options. Besides, one cannot neglect the fact that it does not leave your video with a watermark. 

However, for professional-level editing, the software might not perform well as it lacks advanced editing tools like frame rate adjustment and speed ramping. Besides, certain customisations, that can result in improving the output, are not supported. 

To sum up, the software is capable of creating interactive and engaging content for YouTube, Vlog and other specific purposes. When used dedicatedly, the screen recorder can depict your art wonderfully at no cost. But for complex video editing or fast-paced gameplay, you must go with other robust software like DemoCreator.