Tips for Asynchronous Video Interview

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:42:55 • Filed to: Interview Video Tips

With the advancement in technology, many sectors are turning into digital to outgrow their business. From large corporations to small businesses, every sector is making its online presence to stay innovative and competitive in the market. With the changing trends, many companies now support asynchronous video interviewing.

Now, what is Asynchronous video interview? Well, it is a web-based interview, and it’s an emerging trend in the hiring process. They have become popular in the last few years and are expected to become mainstream in the coming years. They save time and money for both employers and jobseekers.

Asynchronous videos are pre-recorded applicant responses to interview questions. You’ll receive a link to video interview software where you respond to these questions. You get about 30 to 60 seconds to read the question and then 2 to 3 minutes to respond. You answer these questions using a webcam or the camera on your phone.

Questions are then reviewed by multiple decision-makers within the organization who are critiquing your communication skills as well as assessing the quality of your answers. Effective communication skills in a job interview, whether in a digital or a face-to-face context are crucial for allowing a job candidate to progress in the hiring process or to be successful in the workplace.

With the Asynchronous video interview, job applicant interviews are reviewed by multiple decision-makers. This makes it important that you effectively communicate on video in the screening process.  

Why Do They Use Them

They are used by large consultancies or corporate for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that they get to see how you look like and sound like. They can’t do this with a large number of people, so a video recorded interview is a very efficient way of doing this. They can get through hundreds of candidates in a day. It also is a way of seeing whether you are the right fit for the job. The resume in itself, may not be the most important part.

Maybe you have to speak on the phone as part of your role, or maybe you have to engage with clients. These types of roles can only be accessed when they meet somebody and almost as good as that is a video recording. 

Benefits of Asynchronous Video Interview

Employers create a job and customize asynchronous video interview questions specific to that job position. They source the profiles from the job boards or social media, and then they opt to send mail invitations to all the candidates. There will be a link to access the video recording.

When it comes to a candidate, he/she attends the interview through a webcam that too sitting about anywhere at any time. Recruiters are then able to see the recorded video. They share it with the technical panel.

Now, when it comes to the technical panel, it reviews the video and then gives a status. This is how a decision is reached that whether it’s selected, rejected, or on hold. Moreover, it gives candidates the flexibility.

They can record their answers to the asynchronous video interview questions whenever they have the time. It can be after work hours, or at night. The benefits of video interviewing for recruitment teams are extensive, but how does asynchronous video interviewing benefit the candidates and recruiters? Here’s the answer to this.

Convenience and Comfort

When the candidate is invited to a one-way video interview, he has control over where and when the interview takes place. This allows the candidate to set himself up in a comfortable environment, so he can put his best foot forward. The convenience of being able to do a one-way video interview at any time takes the stress out of squeezing a job interview in-between his busy schedule.

Recruiters are busy people too, and this may affect their ability to get the most out of an interview. As a result, recruiters are increasingly using the one-way video interviews to standardize the interviewing process and to ensure no candidates get left behind. They even don’t run the risk of intent inline on a long day of interviewing.

Showcasing the best version of you

Job interviews are not intimidating. Candidates have a small window of time, which they can use to impress a recruiter, and this is how they hopefully get on to an advanced level in the hiring process. In many cases, just getting an interview can be difficult. When it comes to video interviewing, most of the recruiters can interview plenty of people. Now, this means there’s a higher probability of getting the interview. In a video interview, a candidate gets the opportunity to let his personality shine and highlight his past experiences.

Since, he is in control of his environment, attire, as well as background; things go together well into a strong video. It further ensures that he is showcasing his best.

Revealing Personality

Video interviewing gives people who are hiring an idea about the expertise and knowledge of the candidates. A video says much more than just one screen notes, resume on paper or text profiles. Moreover, anyone can come to know the other person, whether personally or professionally, even prior to a proper meeting by properly utilizing video interviews.

Cost and Time Savings

Asynchronous video interviewing may save time on screening the jobseekers. Reviewing the pre-recorded videos consumes much lesser time than the walk-in interviews. You can ask the same pattern of questions from all the candidates and compare every candidate’s answers. The online interviews can also be stored as a record for future references.

Promotes Collaborative Decision Making

Asynchronous video interviewing promotes collaborative decision making to make the hiring process easier. Instead of putting a burden on one hiring manager, you can ask the entire hiring committee to review the recorded interviews. This will also promote quality work.

Provide More Insights

The resume only does not provide much information about the candidate. The synchronous video interviewing helps the recruiter to know how the candidate looks and sounds like. This may be a big help for the hiring committee to decide whether the candidate fits for the profile or not.

Appealing to the candidates

Online video interviewing might be appealing for the candidates as everyone is technical in today’s era. This will make you appealing, and candidates may think that this company is best to start their career. It may be helpful for the hiring company if they are looking out for a particular age group, especially the new generation.

How to Prepare for An Asynchronous Video Interview

Normally, if you are selected for an interview, you’ll be sent an email. Inside the email will be a link to access the video recording. They are generally a series of prompts that you have to respond to, and you click to the next one to respond to each one. It may take 15 or 20 minutes, sometimes longer. Here are some asynchronous video interview tips to prepare for a video interview.

1. Prepare your examples

Though it is an online video interview, still you require doing some prep at least for this interview. You will have to be prepared with what you are going to say for those standard responses.

2. Practice

It’s important to hear and see back what you have produced, only then can you make changes. Because we are never really sure about what we sound like and what we look like until we hear and see ourselves. 

3. Lighting

Make sure you have as much light as possible on your face. Now very rarely do people overexpose themselves. Usually, they are too dark. So make sure you get the lightings right. Avoid having a window behind you as this will shoot straight into the camera and will make your face dark.

4. Background

Get the background right. Just make sure there are no distractions and nothing in the background that you don’t want the employer to see. Besides, this may divert their attention from you. 

5. Camera at eye level

Make sure you place the camera at the eye level. Most laptops and tablets will be lower, so you will be having the looking down effect. This may distort your face, which is not the best. Also, make sure you know where the camera is on your device and look straight into the camera to make the connection.

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6. Audio

Make sure the audio is clear in your video. With projections comes energy, and they might want to see that energy as well. They don’t just want to see you just speaking to a device; they have to feel like you are in the room.

7. Specifications

The hiring team may send you some suggestions for what device to use and what setup to have. Make sure you have done everything according to the specifications, so you don’t have any technical problems on the day of your interview.

8. Read the instructions

The instructions are important because they tell you what steps you are going to go through when you click start now. Usually, you only get one attempt, so you don’t want to be confused at that stage. To avoid this, make sure you read all the instructions in advance and get prepared for what’s coming next.

9. Dress Professionally

Dress appropriately as you would for a real job interview. Try to get some information on what is appropriate for that particular employer. Employers will have different cultures and may have different expectations. But generally, dress as if you are heading for a face-to-face interview.

Final Words

We hope you have now understood the process of asynchronous video interviewing. This type of hiring process has become the new normal. It builds a bridge between the recruiters and jobseekers. Recruiters have to create the job and customize questions specific to that job profile. They send mail invitations to the candidates. Moreover, a candidate attends the interview through a webcam from anywhere at any time.

Recruiters review the video and give a status whether it’s selected, rejected, or on hold. So, now you know how the hiring process works with the asynchronous video interviewing. If you have an interview in line, you might want to keep the above-mentioned tips in mind to get to the next level. We know you are going to rock it, best of luck!