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How to Record Screen and Audio on Windows 10[2022]

Oliva Eve
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: Screen Record on Windows

Part1. Why You Will Need to Record Screen and Audio on Windows 10?

Recording a video using a strong screen recorder is the greatest way for saving crucial stuff on your screen. It's common knowledge that Windows 10 has a default recording software, but is this basic tool capable of meeting all of your recording needs? As the globe is compelled to adopt remote working and new technology, it is projected that the usage of screen-recorded movies to convey information across numerous platforms will expand. And, in a world that is continuously changing, finding better methods to reach our intended outcome in a seamless manner is critical. Many of the screen recorders described below also provide video editing features. You can quickly capture and edit your screen recordings with these free screen recorders.

A screen recorder or screen capture program is required to record the screen. These are merely various names for the same tool that captures screencasts and may include video editing capabilities. You may use many tools in this version of Windows to keep track of your screen recording and microphone narration. Because it depends on your needs as a user and what you want the recordings for, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all the tasks that may need a microphone screen recording. You may record your screen using a screen recorder. Screen recording may be used for a variety of things, including YouTube videos, screen sharing, test proctoring, and lessons. With the aid of these screen recorders, you can capture everything that happens on your screen. That's why we've put together a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to record your screen with audio on Windows 10. This article will walk you through the top screen recording apps for Windows 10, including online and offline screen recorders, and show you how to screen record on Windows 10 with them step by step.

Way 1. Record Windows 10 Screen with Audio Using DemoCreator

Windows 10 has a built-in video capture tool, but it's geared at gamers. It may, however, be used with any open program, providing a simple method to record the screen and even add audio if necessary. Consider using a screen capture program like DemoCreator that offers simple clipping and editing tools if you only want to present a procedure or walkthrough that doesn't need much skill. DemoCreator Screen Recorder is our top selection from this list of video recorders for Windows 10. This simple and powerful screen recorder device is compatible with Windows 10 devices and may let you capture a video and record your screen in a single click. It's especially useful for video guides, real-time recordings, and online events since it allows you to simply adjust the recording limits and, in any case, it has its own built-in editorial management devices for managing your recorded documents.

Recording for instructional and documentation needs has never been easier than with this unique, easy-to-use screen recorder. DemoCreator records video and music in real time or on demand. You can use a microphone to capture your voice, a camera to capture your face, and the framework sound to record inwardly. It's the perfect tool for creating screencasts, webcasts, and video educational activities. These sorts of screen captures are ideal for quick films that explain concepts to others. These are the sorts of recordings you'll make the majority of the time. Plus, the greatest part is that they just take a few seconds to make! You can record several streams, set up accounts, take a photo with the camera, screen record video, display keystrokes, and add mouse effects. After you've completed capturing using DemoCreator, you may edit the video, save it in any well-known format, and distribute it over informal networks.

How to Use the Best Screen Recording Software - DemoCreator

To start recording and storing your screen with this DemoCreator solution, follow the instructions below.

record screen with audio

Step 1: Get DemoCreator and install it:

To get started with this Apowersoft alternative, go to the official website and search for both versions, i.e., Windows 10 versions with the most recent version. To get started, download the program from official source and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Start the DemoCreator Recorder program:

After you've completed the installation procedure, run it from the Start menu and choose the New Project option. It'll lead you to DemoCreator's user-friendly interface, where you can start recording right away. As indicated in the diagram below, you may configure the screen recording with your chosen options, such as camera, microphone, system sound, and more.

record screen with audio

Step 3: Customize Audio Recordings:

Wondershare DemoCreator's most important feature is its screen recording with audio capability, which allows you to easily capture anything is occurring on your screen with audio.

record screen with audio

Go right to the Capture button at the very beginning of this program to get this handy screen recorder with audio. Now you'll be in the screen recorder's handy toolset, where you may customize the cropping frame to pick your recording region. If you're already on the DemoCreator interface, you may use this recorder by pressing the top-left Record button, which will transport you to the software's recorder.

Step 4: Begin/End Recording

After you've completed the Windows 10 setup, press the Record button, and it will immediately begin recording your personalized screen. When you're through recording, press the Stop button, which will send you into the video editor, where you may polish your recorded footage.

record screen with audio

Step 5: Broadcast/Save the Recordings:

Now is the moment to export your recording once you've summed everything up. After you've completed editing your screen captures and webcam recordings, you have a variety of options to choose from when sending them out. To do so, go to the top-right corner of the product interface and click the Export button. You may now easily post your piece of art directly to YouTube or another well-known site by selecting your preferred platform from the drop-down menu.

record screen with audio

Way 2. Use Windows 10 Built-in Game Bar Recorder

Windows 10 has a built-in video capture tool, but it's geared at gamers. It may, however, be used with any open program, providing a simple method to record the screen and even add audio if necessary. Many people are aware that on Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices, there is a vendor-supplied program. This program was created by Microsoft to assist users in capturing video and audio in the most basic of ways. Because this is effectively a game recorder, you should specify what you want to record as a game before using the Game Bar to begin recording. Game Bar is a feature in Windows 10 that allows players to record their gameplay and share it online. It is not, however, a tool that everyone has on their computer, particularly because it often fails during updates.

The Game Bar is a feature that was added to Windows 10 and later versions of the operating system. It offers a number of features that are aimed at improving the user's gaming experience. It is capable of optimizing computer resources and presenting them when needed. One of its obvious flaws is that Game Bar only allows you to record the audio along with the screen, so you can't only use it to record audio files. Aside from that, Game Bar is not compatible with any video or audio editing software. Even if you merely want to trim or clip the recorded films, you'll need to select a video editor. Although Game Bar lacks certain complex capabilities, it is a useful screen recorder for Windows 10 PCs since it is simple to use. As a result, even if you won't use it for games, it's an option you may use for your recordings. Here's a step-by-step instruction to utilizing Windows 10's Game Bar to screen record with microphone.

How to Record the Screen of a Windows 10 Computer Using the Xbox Game Bar:

Game bar can only record applications; it can't capture the whole screen or a particular location. It is meant for game capture; thus, this makes it logical. Although the Game bar is accessible on all Windows 10 PCs, your computer's video cards must fulfill the hardware requirements in order to capture game clips and screen.

Step 1: In the Start Menu, click the Start button, followed by the gear icon. Alternatively, you may pick the All Settings tile in the Action Center by clicking the notifications icon on the taskbar. The Settings app will be opened using one of these ways. Run this application on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer. You may locate it by typing its name into the search box in the right bottom corner, or by pressing the "Windows" + "G" keys at the same time. By default, the Xbox Game Bar area should load. Under the first paragraph, there is a toggle that should be turned to On, as illustrated below. If the toggle is set to Off, click it.

record screen with audio

Step 2: On the Capture overlay, click the circular Start Recording button to get started. Click the purple Stop Recording button to end the recording. To start the recording, click the "Record" button. Alternatively, you may use the "Windows" + "Alt" + "R" keys.

Step 3: When you've finished tweaking your settings, press Win + G on your keyboard to bring up the Xbox Game Bar. To save the recorded video to your computer, press the "Stop Recording" button on the floating toolbar. A popup inquiring whether the selected program on your screen is a game may or may not appear.

Way 3. Record Windows 10 Screen with Audio Using VLC

VLC is a well-known open-source media player that lets you play almost any video you can find, but many people are unaware of its other capabilities. This multi-functional program may also be used as a screen recorder for Windows 10 or a converter for a variety of media types. To record the screen of a Windows 10 PC, just pick your desktop as the video source, select an appropriate output file type, and save the clip to the desired location. The built-in recording function in Windows 10 will then capture what is going on.

VLC is another screen recorder for Windows that is available on the market. With VLC, you can quickly snap screenshots, capture screen recordings, or record any individual window. VLC's user interface is likewise quite basic and straightforward. The user interface is extremely simple to grasp. As a result, this program is simple to use. VLC also enables you to annotate the videos you've shot. Only the premium edition has the annotation feature. To run this program, you may use a variety of keyboard shortcuts. VLC Media Player also comes in handy when it comes to video editing. You may use it to distort, spin, divide, mirror, and add a logo overlay to movies as they're playing.

Method of Windows 10 Recording with VLC Media Player:

Step 1: Open VLC Media Player, then go to "Media" > "Convert/Save."

Step 2. In the "Open Media" window, go to the "Capture Device" tab and choose "Desktop" from the "Capture mode" dropdown menu. Then, on the following screen, click the "Convert/Save" button.

record screen with audio

Step 3: In this box, configure the output format and pick a suitable folder to store your recordings by clicking "Browser."

record screen with audio

Step 4: To screen record on a Windows 10 PC, click the "Start" button, then press the "Stop Recording" button in the bottom left after you've captured all you want to keep.

Way 4. Camtasia

Camtasia is now one of the most expensive screen capture applications available. It has over 14 million users globally and is likely to remain in the top screen recorder ranks for the foreseeable future. It comes with a selection of brand-new video assets, such as customized intros, outros, and bottom thirds, as an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor. It also has a variety of themes to keep the appearance and feel of a series of videos constant. A 30-day free trial with a watermark is available. You may use this program to capture your screen and add a watermark on it. This isn't all; this program also enables users to register and make numerous adjustments to the system, simplifying the process.

Camtasia video editing software comes with a plethora of functions. Camtasia software is more expensive, but if content production is your primary business, you can afford it. Camtasia is an excellent screen recording program that is mostly used to create video courses and presentations. TechSmith is the company that designed this program. Because this program is simple to use, even novices can get started with it. There is a free trial and a premium edition of this program. Camtasia has a lot of useful features, such as pre-made video templates, pre-made materials, PowerPoint connection, green screen, and so forth. Camtasia's free trial is only good for 30 days. After 30 days, you must buy a Camtasia subscription to continue using it. This program may also be used to make promotional films. Camtasia makes it simple to produce video tutorials.

Steps to Record with Camtasia:

A simple recording toolbar controls screen and sound recording in Camtasia screen recorder. Nonetheless, in the most current version of Camtasia, this changing toolbar has been simplified. Choose the area you want to change and record it using your framework sound or receiver. You may also record sound and screen to just create a network around the area you want to capture. You may also use this feature to create a GIF of anything rather than a large GIF.

Step 1: Open Camtasia for Windows 10 on your computer.

Using Camtasia for Windows 10, you may record a full-screen project; ideal for viewing on a PC or TV or concentrate on a device like an iPhone or iPad. You may also specify camera settings, for example, if you wish to include an on-screen inset video of yourself to accompany your representation.

Step 2: Setup the Recoding Window

When you're ready to record material, click the red record button in the upper-left corner of the window; this will bring up a little dialogue option that you may adjust depending on the target device. Camtasia will then perform a commencement at that moment. The menu bar will now include a film strip framework icon. When your screen starts recording, you may start doing whatever you normally would, and Camtasia will record it for you.

Step 3: Put an End to The Recording

When you're finished, click the filmstrip icon in the global menu bar's notice space, then click Stop Recording. When you're ready to start recording again, go back to the menu and choose Start Recording. If you wish to make a modification, you can usually pause the recording and resume it later.

record screen with audio

Step 4: Save and Share the Recordings

A recorded video is automatically uploaded to your endeavor, and you may begin modifying it. Even your greatest take, as you can probably imagine, will need to be tweaked. When you're ready to share your recording with the world, Camtasia makes it incredibly easy. Simply click the green Share button in the top right corner, then choose one of the available options, which include: as a backup, YouTube, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive.

record screen with audio

Way 5. Bandicam

Bandicam, developed by the Bandicam Company, is regarded as one of the most powerful game recording apps for gamers. It can record a variety of 2D/3D games at up to 144 frames per second in 4K UHD quality. Bandicam may also record the whole screen, a portion of the screen, and video from other sources such as a camera or a gaming console. This tool is primarily concerned with delivering services to users at the lowest possible cost. It makes it easy to record gaming in a more professional way. This tool offers the greatest resolution of 1080p at 144fps, which is the current trend. You can make a nice impact on a presentation with such high-quality films.

Bandicam Screen Recorder is a PC screen recording system that may be used on-premise. Professionals that need to record internet material, snap screenshots, or generate screencasts may utilize it. Real-time sketching, camera overlays, audio/voice recording, mouse-click effects, and other editing tools are included in this solution. Screencasts may be posted on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. While the recording tools may appeal to the most discerning users, the program lacks any video editing capabilities. You can only trim, divide, and join recordings, even while using Bandicut, a video cutter from the same business. The free version includes a 10-minute recording restriction per video and a watermark.

Steps to Record with Bandicam:

Step 1: First, open Bandicam on your computer. Next, pick 'Fullscreen' from the drop-down arrow.

record screen with audio

Step 2: When you're finished, click the 'Rec' button. On the top of your screen, Bandicam will add a recording interface.

Step 3: Press the 'Stop' button to end the recording. You may also stop the recording by pressing F12.

record screen with audio

Step 4: Now go to Home > Videos to play, edit, or upload the videos you've recorded. That concludes our discussion. You've completed your task. This is how you can record your complete computer screen using Bandicam.

record screen with audio

Part 2: Frequently Asked Questions:

The option to record your PC's screen will come in handy whether you're doing training, need to discuss a procedure with a colleague, or just want to boast about your recent gaming exploits. There are a variety of ways to record your on-screen activities, and we've discussed a few of them above.

1. What is Screen Recording?

Screen recording, often known as screen capture, is the process of capturing what happens on your computer screen. It may be used for a variety of things. Learning experts, for example, may show their staff how to utilize the tools they need to do their jobs. Software development businesses may film videos for their clients on how to use their product, while gamers can broadcast their games to the whole globe.

2. How can you record your computer screen so you may use it for other things?

Many gamers currently utilize screen recording software to capture their gaming and then publish it to YouTube. Screen recorders are also used by many educators to build e-learning courses and tutorials. You'll need a screen recorder or screen capture software to record your computer's screen. We've included some of the best free screen capturing applications that works with Windows 10 in this post.

3. In Windows 10, here's how to record your screen?

If you're using Windows 10, you already have a built-in screen recorder in the form of Xbox Game Bar. It has very restricted features; for example, you can't record the full desktop or File Manager using it. It may, however, be used with any desktop software or application from the Windows Store. Let's look at how to accomplish it:

Step 1. Open the program you want to record and press the record button.

Step 2. Hold down the Windows key and the letter G at the same time.

Step 3. The Xbox Game Bar menu will now appear. In the top left-hand corner of your screen, click Start Recording. By pressing the Microphone button, you can also record your voice.