You may want to record YouTube audio when you wish to create a playlist for your long drives, night-outs, forest or remote area campaigns, etc. Because you can’t expect to have Internet services or your cellular network everywhere, you must capture audio from YouTube to add enthusiasm to your parties.

Considering this, listed below are a couple of audio-capturing methods that you can use to record sound from YouTube:

[Method 1] Record Audio from YouTube with DemoCreator [Windows/Mac]

Developed by Wondershare, DemoCreator is an all-in-one production and post-production program for Windows and Mac computers. The built-in recorder allows you to record computer screens, create gameplays, prepare interactive video tutorials, and do much more. In addition, it can also capture system audio and microphone to add acoustics to your creations.

How to Record YouTube Audio in 3 Easy Steps?

To record YouTube audio with Wondershare DemoCreator:

Step 1: Prepare DemoCreator Recorder.

Go to DemoCreator site, download and install a compatible version of DemoCreator on your PC. (A MacBook Pro M1 is used here for illustrations).

Free Download
Free Download

Go to the YouTube video whose audio you want to record, and pause the playback.

Launch DemoCreator and click All-in-One Recorder from the first window.

launch youtube audio recorder - democreator

When the recording panel opens, turn off the Microphone and WebCam buttons. Ensure that the System Audio button is turned on.

Note: The settings under the Capture Area section won’t matter as you don’t want to record the video.

Step 2: Start the Recording.

Get back to the YouTube page. Notice that the recording panel is still on top of all the active windows. Click the REC button and wait while the countdown begins and gets to Zero (0). This makes DemoCreator record audio from YouTube. Once the recording starts, resume the YouTube playback and wait while the video finishes playing.

start recording audio from youtube

Step 3: Stop the Recording.

Once done, press the cmd + shift+ 2 keys on the keyboard (macOS) or F10 key (Windows) to stop the recording.

[Bonus] How to Edit the YouTube Audio Recordings?

After you have stopped the recording, DemoCreator automatically launches the built-in editor and adds the footage to the Timeline.

To Edit the YouTube Recording:

  • Position the Playhead (Skimmer) at the frame in the Timeline from where you want to start the playback in the final output
  • Click Split from the mini toolbar present above the Timeline
  • Click to select the unwanted portion of the video in the Timeline
  • Press Delete on the keyboard to get rid of the unnecessary segment

split youtube audio recording

To Remove Background Noise:

  • Right-click the recorded clip in the Timeline
  • Click Edit Audio from the context menu
  • From the right pane that appears next, turn on the Normal Noise, Hiss, and Hum buttons
  • Use their corresponding options and sliders to remove background noise

edit youtube audio recording

To Adjust the Audio Quality:

  • Use the slider under the Audio section to manage the volume
  • Optionally, scroll down and use the options available under the Voice Changer section to change the voice to get your preferred acoustics

To Export the Audio:

  • Click Export from the upper-right area
  • Ensure that the This PC category is selected in the left pane of the Export box
  • Choose MP3 from the Format list
  • Specify a name for the project
  • Choose an output directory
  • Click Export from the lower-right area
  • Go to the output folder to access the recorded YouTube audio

export youtube audio in mp3

Free Download
Free Download

[Method 2] Record YouTube Audio with Audacity

Audacity is a cross-platform free and open-source tool designed for almost all acoustic treatments. The application is quite versatile, and many professionals use it to come up with industry-standard outputs that they use in production environments.

Because Audacity can record system sounds, it is easy to capture audio from YouTube.

To record sound from YouTube with Audacity:

  • Download the tool according to your operating system (A Windows 11 Pro computer is used here for illustrations.)
  • Install it on your PC
  • Launch the program
  • Choose Windows WASAPI from the input type list
  • Select Speakers (loopback) from the audio input source list
  • Go to the target YouTube video
  • Begin the playback
  • Click the Record button on Audacity to record from YouTube
  • Click the Stop button once you’re done
  • Optionally, use the tools present in Audacity’s standard toolbar and menus to adjust the audio quality, remove unwanted sections, manage the tempo and pitch, etc. before exporting.
  • Now, go to File > Export and click your preferred format to export the recorded audio

audacity record from youtube

[Method 3] Record YouTube Audio with EaseUS RecExerts

RecExperts is developed by one of the renowned IT giants, EaseUS. As the name suggests, the application is designed to record audio from YouTube online along with its video. In addition, RecExperts can also help you capture your computer screen along with your voice and webcam. With these facilities, you can record gameplays, demonstrate something online, create interactive tutorials, and do much more.

To record YouTube audio with EaseUS RecExperts

  • Download the compatible version of the tool
  • Install the application
  • Launch the program after the installation is complete
  • Go to the target YouTube video and pause the playback
  • Click Audio from the recording panel
  • Click the Speaker icon from the right to prevent microphone recording
  • Click the Back button
  • Repeat the process for the web camera as well
  • Choose System sound from the options present at the bottom-left corner
  • Click the REC button to begin the recording
  • Resume the YouTube video playback
  • Click the Stop button from the floating panel once you are done
  • Right-click the recorded media from the right pane of the editor that opens up
  • Click Extract audio from the context menu
  • On the Extract audio box, ensure that MP3 is selected in the Format list
  • Click Extract and follow the on-screen instructions to extract only the audio from the recorded video

record audio from youtube with easeus

[Method 4] Record Audio from YouTube with AceThinker

AceThinker is an online screen capture tool that, with some workaround, you can also use to record audio from YouTube. However, to use this web app, you must download and install its desktop launcher which then works in conjunction with the Internet application to record YouTube audio.

To record audio from YouTube free with AceThinker

  • Go to the AceThinker website
  • Click Start Recording
  • When the web tool prompts, download and install the desktop launcher
  • Go to the target YouTube video
  • Get back to the AceThinker page
  • Click Start Recording
  • Switch to the YouTube tab
  • Use the recording panel to select a region to capture
  • Turn off the webcam option
  • Choose System sound as an audio input source
  • Click REC to start recording
  • To stop, click the Stop button on the panel
  • On the preview window, click the Floppy icon from the lower-right area
  • Click Save as Video File from the box
  • On the next box that pops up, click Open folder to get to the output folder to access the recorded video
  • After this, you can use DemoCreator to extract and export audio from the clip

record audio from youtube acethinker

[Method 5] Capture Audio from YouTube Online with DemoAir (All Platforms)

DemoAir is an online sibling of DemoCreator and works on the web interface, which makes the app platform independent. Simply put, you can use DemoAir on any computer or smartphone, as long as it has a web browser and is connected to the Internet.

Quick Tip

Wondershare strongly suggests using Google Chrome to make your tasks easier and get the most out of DemoAir.

To record YouTube audio, using DemoAir alone is not enough as it cannot capture acoustics from the web independently.

Therefore, as a workaround, you can use DemoAir to capture audio from YouTube, and then use DemoCreator to extract the sound from the footage.

To record audio from YouTube online with DemoAir:

Step 1: Add Chrome Extension.

Launch Google Chrome on your PC, go to, and sign in to your Wondershare account.

Note: If you don’t have an account with Wondershare, you can create one for free.

After signing in, once you are on the Dashboard, click Screen & Webcam Recording, click Add to Chrome on the box that pops up, and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Chrome extension for DemoAir.

access demoair online

record audio from youtube online

Step 2: Prepare DemoAir Extension for Screen Recording.

Go to the target YouTube video and pause the playback.

Click the Extensions icon from the upper-right area of the Chrome tab, and click DemoAir to launch the extension panel.

On the panel opens, ensure that the Current Tab icon is selected. From the Recording Settings section, enable the audio recording source.

setup audio recording

Step 3: Record YouTube Audio.

Once everything is set up, click Start Recording from the lower section of the DemoAir extension panel and resume the YouTube video playback to begin the recording.

record audio from youtube online

Let DemoAir record the video along with audio and once you are done, click the Stop button on the floating toolbar to stop and save the recording to your computer.

stop audio recording online

After that, you can use DemoCreator advanced editor to extract sound from the YouTube video.

[Method 6] Record Audio from YouTube with Notta

Initially, Notta was designed to record Zoom, Meet, or Teams meetings. As the technology grew, the developers integrated the audio and screen recording features into it too. On your part, you can exploit the audio recording option to record YouTube audio with ease. The process is explained below:

  • Launch Google Chrome (Recommended)
  • Go to Notta website
  • Sign up for a free account
  • Sign in to Notta
  • Use the popup boxes to allow Chrome to use your media devices (You can manage these permissions later)
  • Open a new tab
  • Go to the target YouTube video and pause the playback
  • Back on the Notta tab, click Record audio from the right area of the page
  • Go to the YouTube tab
  • Resume the playback to start recording
  • Once the playback is complete, tap the Stop button from the bottom of the page
  • Click Dashboard from the navigation bar on the left
  • Check the audio recording box from the center pane to select the recorded audio
  • Click Export to export the recording to your preferred location

record audio from youtube with notta

Final Words

Recording anything from the Internet, especially from YouTube is illegal. However, you may want to save audio for offline access. This becomes important if your broadband connection is capped or you have a limited cellular data plan.

In such a case, you may need a tool to capture audio from YouTube with clarity. Furthermore, you may also require a program that lets you edit and fine-tune the recordings so you can enjoy the acoustics without any interruption. This is where Wondershare DemoCreator comes into play as it allows you to record YouTube audio in high quality and do many other things that are not usually possible with any random application.

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Free Download

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