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  • 2. Allow you to customize screen capture and frame rate .
  • 3. Powerful editing tools and effects to enrich your video clips.
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10 Best Screen Recorder with Camera

David Wilson
2024-06-03 13:58:27 • Filed to: Webcam Recording

When COVID-19 came, most industries and organizations were affected and started using virtual technology to execute their operations. In such unprecedented times, screen recorders with cameras became crucial and far more vital to many businesses. Government institutions and private organizations have had to appreciate the need for virtual technology.

Recently, many web applications and tools have mushroomed, allowing users to take their academic courses, office meetings, and presentations via conference applications and online video chat. The mainly used ones, such as Skype and Zoom, helped numerous people run their businesses efficiently while a pandemic ravaged the civilized nations.

However, screen recorders with a camera have exceptionally shined amid such related powerful software, most probably due to their robust and unique screen recording features. These screen recorders have re-emphasized how essential it is to capture everything going on, on your screen.

What Are The Perks Of Using Screen Recorder With Camera?

Collaborative tools like Slack and Teams lack features such as screen recording and video capture, which is why having these tools installed is crucial. Let’s look at some of the importance of screen recording with camera applications.

Recording business meetings or seminars

Screen recorders are essential tools, especially when you wish to record demos, instructional videos for your software products, demonstrating various features and functionality, or whatever you want to show your viewers on the screen. Recording the proceeding is important if you attend many online meetings and need a way to remember the essential points or revisit the session for reference.

Creating Stunning Tutorials To Boost Training’s Effectiveness

The most common reason everyone is familiar with screen recording tools is the vast amount of video tutorials one can find online. Businesses use screen recorders to record videos that show how various stuff is done on your computer bit by bit because they’re easier to follow. The learner is at liberty to pause whenever they want, to understand what’s going on.

If you require to train your new employees, video tutorials are have proven to be very important. You can also use screen recorders to record your employee’s computers, to know what they do whenever they get customer information precisely. By tracking their activities, you can quickly identify their weaknesses, give them helpful advice, and provide essential insights.

Examine The Daily Performance Of Your Employees

It does not necessarily mean you use the screen recorder tools to spy on your employees. Checking your employees’ screens while executing their daily activities provides you with great insight into their performance.

With screen recorders, you’d be able to know, What tools are your employees using for most of their time? How are they responding to customer questions? Are your employees utilizing the new feature you have lately installed to its full potential? Screen records also provide you with a clear idea of the proceeding work. It will help you make essential decisions when you’re up against time or your employees are working under a tight deadline.

Conducting technical support

Software crashes, system faults, and network errors are a few issues that can quickly affect the usage of your computers. Such errors can make you lose a lot of money trying to fix them, and they’ll force your IT experts to perform a root cause analysis.

Recording the applications showing such errors will give your technicians a clear picture of how and when they occurred, enabling them to understand their causes.

A screen recorder with the camera will help you know the process through which such issues occur and prevent them from happening. They allow you to save your time and money while avoiding irrelevant disruptions to the business workflow. Application developers use screen recorders to track potential errors during the development stage and discuss with team members for a better solution.

Offer technical assistance to customers

If you’re in the business of offering technical support, you can demonstrate how your clients can go about solving an issue on their computers using screen recorders with a camera. Also, these applications are useful where you’re a gaming expert and need to explain to your followers how to go through difficult levels.

Home uses of screen recorder with camera

While at home, you can use your screen recorders to create meaningful videos to show your audience how to:

  • Solve an application error
  • Record surveillance video via your IP camera
  • Record what your children do with the painting app on your PC for memory
  • Capture non-downloadable online video
  • Do stunning makeup on your date night
  • Record webinars and Skype videos
  • Draw a 3D object and get it printed out as a custom present

There are many other ways you could use a screen recorder with the camera. What matters is the tasks you’d like to complete while recording the screen and the available applications to achieve that.

Check Out The Ten Best Screen Recorders With A Camera

Speaking of the various screen recorders with a camera, you can never miss one that lets you do all required tasks without a hassle. Let’s review some of the best screen recorders.

  1. DemoCreater
  2. ScreenCast-O-Matic
  3. CamStudio
  4. Free Cam
  5. Bandicam
  6. Veed.io
  7. Scre.io
  8. Panopto Express
  9. VSDC Screen Recorder
  10. Clipchamp


DemoCreater for macOS and Windows is currently among the best screen recorders in the market. It’s partly due to its configurable frame rate, access to the whole video editing suite, and extended video file format support.

democreator screen webcam recorder

Recording a Zoom meeting with DemoCreator is an easy task that anyone can do regardless of the screen recording experience one would anticipate from one of the best screen recording tools. After launching the software, you’ll have to choose whether you want to record the computer screen only or both the computer screen and the webcam.

Afterward, you can specify the output size, saved file type, and video frame rate. The DemoCreator also has a powerful video editing suite. After you’ve completed recording your Zoom conference, you can add effects, transitions, and notes, if you like to.

The DemoCreater allows you to create stunning presentations, how-to tutorials, gameplay videos, and product demonstration videos that you can easily share online. Besides recording the screen, you can also record the webcam footage at once. This program is well known to many because it streamlines the process, making it much easier even for the trainee to capture HD webcam videos.

You can also use DemoCreater to record both the narration and system sound through the microphone. It has a great editing suite created to help you execute changes to the recorded video as required. On completing the recordings, you can comfortably share the video on YouTube or any other site.


  • Used to edit and record audio
  • Used to create high-quality tutorials, training courses, and presentations by recording the screen
  • Records webcam footage
  • Supports different video formats
  • Has an editing suite designed to enhance all recorded videos
  • Ideal for gameplay recording since it enables you to set the frame rate


  • You’ll have to buy a license to access all the features.
  • The free trial version adds a watermark to the recorded video.


In case you want a screen capturing and recording tool that you can use to record Zoom conferences periodically, Screencast-O-Matic will be a great choice. This cross-platform software helps you to record your webcam footage and your computer’s screen, along with audio, by using an external microphone.


Screencast-O-Matic contains a built-in stock library full of images, videos, and music tracks, among other things. Although, these advanced services are only available for users with premium plans. They allow you to upload your videos to Google Drive, youtube, Dropbox, and Vimeo. There’s also a Screencast-O-Matic mobile app for iOS and Android.

In addition, the Screencast-o-Matic gives you the freedom to choose the screen portion that you wish to capture or record. Interestingly, by using Screencast-o-Matic’s stock library, you can also include captions or music in your recordings.


  • It’s easy to use, especially for novice users, as they are only required to click a start recording button to commence the recording process.
  • The Screencast-O-Matic only requires an internet connection and a browser to function.
  • The videos give the online users a face-to-face feeling while also creating an engaging environment for the learners.
  • The screencast quality is stunning and enables you to improve the design by playing with different tools.
  • It offers the users the ability for audiences to add notes for creators, add comments, highlighted cursors, and click indicators.
  • Built-in stock library
  • Collaborating video management tools
  • It helps educators give feedback on learners’ assignments, provide demos, and record lectures.
  • It has a private and secure online backup.


  • The Screencast-O-Matic videos cannot be edited in the app directly unless you purchase a Pro account that costs around $12 per year.
  • It may give users trouble creating or viewing videos if Java is not installed or updated on your computer system.
  • The free version limits screen recording time to 15 minutes.


CamStudio can record all screen and audio tasks on your computer and design high-quality AVI video files. Using its built-in SWF Producer, it’s able to turn the AVIs into mean, lean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos. CamStudio is an excellent choice for occasional or one-time users with fewer editing needs.

The CamStudio can instantly add anti-aliased and high-quality screen captions to your recordings. With the fantastic Video Annotation feature, you can easily personalize your videos by incorporating a webcam movie of yourself over your desktop. Furthermore, CamStudio also comes with Lossless Codec that generates precise results with a much smaller file size than other more popular codecs.

You’re entirely in control over the output of your video. It means that you can choose to record the whole screen, use custom cursors, or a section of it. The software can enable you to increase or reduce the quality of the recording depending on whether you want smaller videos or videos with the best quality for burning onto a CD.

The CamStudio is easy to use, and the trainees can learn it in a few minutes. It comes with a complete built-in help file so that if you get stuck, you can click the help button and get the answers you need.

Uses of CamStudio include:

  • Design demonstration videos for various software programs
  • Create video tutorials for learners.
  • Create video-based information products you can sell
  • Record new techniques and tricks you might discover on your favorite software program before you forget them.


  • It helps you design small-sized files
  • Creates a screen-in-screen video
  • It has a custom cursor
  • Quality options are available for output video


  • Output is incompatible with specific browsers
  • Outputs only to AVI with a conversion to Flash

Free Cam

Free Cam is a simple screen recorder with a built-in video and audio editor. The intuitive and attractive interface helps you record both the entire screen and a part of your screen. The tool does not place any watermark and is ad-free.

With Free Cam, you can make engaging video tutorials and screencasts. It enables you to enjoy the user-friendly interface and various useful features, such as: 

  • Customizable recording area
  • Audio and video editing options
  • System and Microphone sound recording 
  • One-click upload to YouTube 
  • Mouse indication options 
  • Saving recording as an HD video in WMV


  • It has a High-quality resolution
  • It has no ads, watermark, or time limits
  • It records computer sounds and voice-overs
  • It removes background noise
  • It enables an extensive selection of audio effects
  • It helps you upload videos directly to youtube or save them as WMV
  • It quickly deletes unwanted video fragments 


  • Saves recordings to WMV only
  • No webcam recording support.


Bandicam is an excellent screen recorder with a camera that supports gameplay and screen capturing. It makes use of a high compression ratio without affecting the video quality. Plus, it’s useful in recording  4K ultra-high-definition videos at 120 frames per second.

Another great trait is the recording capability of the Bandicam’s device. The feature lets you record videos from HDTV, APPLE TV, IPTV, smartphone, Xbox, and PlayStation by creating a different capture card.

Bandicam enables you to record anything, including Excel spreadsheets, your whole computer screen, web browser, and Powerpoint presentations, among other things. You need to purchase the package to utilize its full potential.

Other Bandicam’s noteworthy features entail capturing a game that uses OpenGL, Vulkan, or DirectX, graphics technologies, along with recording a specific part on a PC screen. The software transcends other screen capture tool counterparts that perform related tasks.


  • You can also record the videos up to 144fps
  • It can record very high-quality record videos
  • It can record videos in both 2D and 3D
  • It does affect the performance of the computer even when recording lengthy videos
  • It supports broad screen capture


  • It doesn’t support live streaming
  • It’s not an ideal solution for beginners.


Veed.io screen recorder can help you capture high-quality audio and video of your screen and webcam. It’s compatible with all computers, tablets, and mobile devices. It’s simple to use and enables you to focus on content creation rather than the recording process.

This software is excellent for those who need to create tutorials, videos, or demonstrations. The software can record from both Windows and macOS. It makes it possible for people who use different computers to have an equal opportunity to get their tutorials recorded with ease.

The main features of the Veed screen recorder include:

  • Workspace to organize your content, font, logos, and color palettes
  • Multiple layouts to enhance webcam insert, record videos in split-screen, and enable background swaps
  • The online editing tool adds crop videos subtitles, includes video effects, and removes background noise.


  • The software is easy to use for both professionals and beginners
  • The video cutter software enables the user to trim files of multiple formats
  • Video transcription makes it easy to incorporate subtitles supporting your audio.


  • The pro version can only support collaboration between multiple team members
  • The watermark appears in free videos.


Scre.io is a highly functional screen and camera recording tool for individuals and business enterprises. It helps them record videos from the camera or capture them from the screen. The software enables you to easily capture detailed, high-quality videos with its simple and user-friendly interface. You can capture videos using both a front-facing camera and a webcam. 

The app is fully secure and can also work in offline mode. Moreover, Scre.io helps you choose the type of video recording you need, which can be only from a screen, a camera-only, or a screen with a camera.  If you continue with audio recording, you find four options to choose from, including microphone, the system with microphone, only system, and none. 

While recording, you get to exert total control with the stop and pause button showcased at the bottom of the screen. After clicking one of these buttons, two new and save buttons also become visible.

Scre.io’s most vital features include:

  • Secure and works online
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Screen capture of the tab, windows, and entire desktop
  • Use your webcam or front-facing camera to record the video

Panopto Express

The Panapto Express has a new auto-tracking smart camera that can follow your moves while you’re demonstrating and keep you centered in the frame without using a point-tilt-zoom video camera. If you’re a trainer who’s more comfortable moving around while going through a lecture or slides, you’ll love the idea of being on the stage, even if you’re screen recording from home.

The Panopto Express is relatively easy to use, watermarks free, has no limitations, or recording restrictions. It also includes a virtual background blur and replacement feature. The software will enable you to capture and narrate lectures, demonstrations, or presentations.

Panopto Express Screen Recorder Features include:

  • Supports screen recording through the browser.
  • You can use the Panopto screen recorder to record your webcam video, screen, application, or browser tab directly from your browser.
  • Turn Webcam Into A Smart Camera-
  • The Smart Camera technology automatically pans, zooms, and follows you within your video frame through artificial intelligence.
  • Records numerous sources at once, including webcam, screen, mic, and system audio.

With this software, you can capture and share a captivating viewing experience. It helps you record multiple combinations, computer screens, webcams, video capture devices, applications, or browser tabs. Panopto automatically integrates all sources into a single recording.

The software can instantly share video and screen recordings using Google Classroom, YouTube, or Panopto. You can download recordings in MP4 format and use them with editing software and other streaming services.


  • Offers excellent compression ratio, producing high-quality video recordings.
  • Support multiple integrations.
  • Offers cloud storage and video management.
  • Allows recording screen and webcam simultaneously.
  • Presents a simple easy-to-use interface.
  • Allows recording the whole or part of the screen.
  • The free version offers quality recording features available in premium versions of other tools.


  • Includes many configuration settings before starting recording.
  • Video editing features are of lower quality.

VSDC Screen Recorder

VSDC Screen Recorder is an excellent video editing suite with intuitive controls to enhance efficiency. VSDC is easy to use even by the novice who has no experience with the video editing tool. They help you learn the skills and access a visual and audio effects library. 

vsdc screen recorder

The VSDC free version can support numerous widespread formats and file types. Although the software is free, it provides non-linear video editing potential. With VSDC, you can easily convert audio and video files from one format to another. The application also contains a built-in disk burning tool for DVDs. Individuals and businesses can take advantage of this free software for meetings, demonstrations, and training purposes. 

You can easily create your videos for instructional or marketing purposes and share them on Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This feature will help you extend your content’s format and explore different markets.

Here are some of the benefits of VSDC Screen Recorder:

Video Effects Library

The software exhibit a large number of video effects. You can easily access the video effects and apply them to your video clips. Such custom effects include filters, transformation, color correction features, transition, and special effects. You can also mix these library effects to design customized visuals for your videos.

Audio Effects

VSDC software contains a variety of audio effects, such as volume correction, filters, volume normalization, equalizer, reverb, delay, and much more.

3D Diagrams and Charts

The app also includes a feature enabling users to design 3D diagrams and charts. It allows you to add a scatter line, pyramid 3D chart, bar chart, and a Gantt chart. This is excellent for business presentations. In addition, you can customize the labels in charts like the names, axes, and legends.

Video Capture and Stabilization 

VSDC can capture videos from your webcam and computer screen, an IP camera, or tuners. If a person takes the video while in motion or uses a device such as a drone, VSDC allows you to remove the shakes and jitters and stabilize the video.


  • The free version offers satisfactory features without the premium.
  • The interface is full of excellent features, suited for skilled users.
  • Provides non-linear video editing capability.
  • Supports high-quality video output, including 4K.
  • Supports multiple video output formats.
  • Bundled with plenty of effects and transitions.
  • Supports 120fps video exports.


  • The user interface is complicated for unskilled users.
  • The timeline editor doesn’t have a preview.
  • The multi-cam recording is not supported.


The Clipchamp Screen Recorder allows you to record audio and video directly in editing projects and easily edit and export them. It works with your computer’s microphone and a built-in camera or connected external microphones and cameras.

Recording right from your browser means you don’t have to panic about saving content to your desktop from your camera or phone. The software is entirely private lightning-fast, and you can start sharing or editing the webcam recording right away.

Clipchamp has excellent features, including:

  • Chromebook friendly: The online recorder works in-browser for Linux, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook.
  • Internal camera and microphone: The screen recorder works excellently with your computer’s built-in webcam and mic.
  • Recording resolutions: If your webcam supports it, you can easily record videos at a resolution of 360p, 480p, 720p, or 1080p.
  • Privacy protection: With Clipchamp, your webcam recordings will always stay on your computer unless you use one integrated upload option.
  • Video editing options: The webcam recorder has a few video editing tools. You can edit after completing a recording, save the original or skip editing altogether.


  • The interface is simple and self-explanatory.
  • The free version offers excellent features for basic use without upgrading.
  • Includes excellent video editing features.
  • Available as a web application, no downloading and installing required.
  • Features the green screen effect to change the background of webcam recording.
  • Supports simultaneous webcam and screen recording.
  • Includes AI Voice Generator to allow turning text into speech when creating documentaries.
  • Offers custom video templates to make unique videos.


  • Uses a lot of computer resources; the browser tab may stop responding when editing.
  • All free version videos come with a watermark.
  • Exporting videos is somewhat tedious.


If you want to improve content creation, attend meetings, or share tutorials and lessons, you need to consider using one of the screen recorders with the camera mentioned above. These tools can help you ensure that every screen recording or webcam footage you record remains professional.

But if you need to do a lot more, such as adding annotations, captions, texts, or enhancing recorded videos, consider using DemoCreator. It’s a robust tool that can record gameplay and add your face recording via a webcam and microphone audio.

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