If you are a loyal user of Windows, you must know that Microsoft launched the Snipping Tool more than two decades ago. The Snipping Tool, previously known as the Clipping Tool, has always been a part of Windows since Vista. As the name suggests, the primary function of the Snipping Tool is to help you take screenshots. But now, it has other features, too.

Last year, Microsoft launched a few new features for the Snipping Tool, turning it into a snipping tool record video. The ability to record a short video is one of the new features of the Snipping Tool. The question is, what can you do with the newly upgraded Snipping Tool? With this article, we will review the Snipping Tool to help you see if it is the right snipping video tool for you.

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Part 1. What Is Snipping Video Tool

Microsoft started rolling out the Snipping Tool's video recording feature in December 2022 for Windows Insiders. At the time, the update included improved performance and reliability. Besides, Microsoft also added the ability to pause when you were recording a video.

Windows Insiders are people who get to test the preview of Windows' new features. General consumers only got to test the new features on the Snipping Tool in September 2023. If you want to use the video snipping tool on Windows 10, you need to ensure that your Windows build is at least the 22621.1344 version. You should also update the Snipping tool to its latest version.

snipping tool’s interface

Compared to the old version, the newest version of the Snipping Tool allows you to record your screen, along with the audio. Another cool feature Microsoft added to the Snipping Tool is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which is the ability to scan text on your screen. With the new Snipping Tool, you can also use the "Quick Redact" feature to hide sensitive information, such as email and phone number.

Part 2. How to Use Snipping Video Tool to Record Screen

The main advantage of using the Snipping Tool to record video is that this tool is part of Windows, so you do not need to download a new program. Even though the Snipping Tool has limitations, its simplicity becomes an advantage. The Snipping Tool has a simple interface that is easy to use. Here is the step-by-step guide to using the Snipping Tool to record screen.

Step 1. Ensure that you have the latest version of the Snipping Tool

If you do not have the newest version of the Snipping Tool, you can update it via Microsoft Store.

Step 2. Open the Snipping Tool

You can search for the Snipping Tool by typing its name on the Windows search bar.

Step 3. Click on the "video" icon on the top bar and click on the "New" button.

draw a rectangle

You need to draw a rectangle to select the area for the recording.

draw a rectangle

Step 4. Click on the "Start" button

Once the recording starts, you can do the activity you need.

Step 5. Click on the "Stop" button

After you stop the recording, you have the chance to review the recording. If you are satisfied with it, you can download it by clicking on the Save icon in the top right corner. Another option you have is to edit the video with Clipchamp.

Part 3. Is Video Snipping Tool Available on Windows 10?

You can use the video recording feature on the Snipping Tool on Windows 10 and Windows 11. You need to ensure that you use the 22621.1344 build or newer version.

You can check the build of your Windows from the Settings. You should choose the System option, then scroll down until the end of the page and click on the "About" section.

Another thing you should check is that you use the newest version of the Snipping Tool. Even if you have the newest Windows build, you will not be able to access the Snipping Tool's new feature unless you have the latest version of the tool.

the snipping tool on microsoft store

You can check if you use the latest version of the Snipping Tool by going to the Microsoft Store and searching for the program. If your Snipping Tool is not the most up-to-date, you will find an "Update" button on the store. Clicking this button will download the newest version of the Sniping Tool and install it.

Part 4. Video Snipping Tool Alternative: Wondershare DemoCreator

Even though the Snipping Tool has become more powerful thanks to Microsoft's update, it still has limitations. If you feel the Sniping Tool's features do not suit your needs, you can look for another alternative. WonderShare DemoCreator is one option you can consider.

DemoCreator from Wondershare is software that allows you to record your screen. Aside from screen recording, DemoCreator also has video editing features. It makes the process of getting your video content, from recording to editing, faster and easier because you can do all that in DemoCreator.

DemoCreator is also compatible with Windows 10 and 11. So, if you are used to using the Snipping Tool, you can replace it with DemoCreator without worrying about compatibility issues. If you want to know more about DemoCreator, here are the features you can find:

Free Download
Free Download
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1. Screen recording: You can use DemoCreator to record what you are doing on your device, complete with the audio.

2. Video editing: Thanks to its video editing features, DemoCreator allows you to put text overlays, pan or zoom your video, put a caption, and even add effects

effects you can use on democreator

3. Cloud sync and upload: You do not have to worry about your video going missing thanks to the cloud sync feature. Another benefit of cloud sync is that even when you use different computers, you can access the same content on DemoCreator, as long as you use the same account.

Since DemoCreator is also a screen recording program, of course, it has some similarities with the Snipping Tool. For one, both DemoCreator and the Snipping Tool have the same function: to make a video recording of your screen. The two are also compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11. However, since DemoCreator is a third-party program, it also has some unique features, such as:

1. Drawing Tools

You can use the drawing tools on DemoCreator after you finish the recording or while recording a video. With these tools, you can add arrows or numbers. It can help you highlight a part of the video.

2. Virtual avatars

One unique feature of DemoCreator is virtual avatars. This feature will certainly help you if you are camera shy. This feature works by using your webcam to detect basic facial features and hand movements to project onto a virtual avatar. What's more, DemoCreator offers dozens of characters you can pick.

How to Screen Record with DemoCreator

One of the Sniping Tool's advantages is it is easy to use. However, when it comes to ease of use, DemoCreator is no slouch, either. Wondershare ensures that its screen recording program has an intuitive interface, making it easy to use, even for newbies. Here is the guide on using DemoCreator.

Step 1. Download the program on Wondershare's official website and install it

Free Download
Free Download
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wondershare’s website

Step 2. Click the "Video Recorder" segment

When you open the DemoCreator program, you will see two options you can do right away: Video Recorder and Video Editor.

what you see first when you open democreator

Step 3. Choose what you want to record

There are six options that DemoCreator offers: screen, screen & camera, camera, game, virtual avatar, and video presentation. Here, you can also check the "Skip next time" option, to avoid getting asked the same question over and over again.

the six options you can record

Step 4. Draw a rectangle to select the area of the screen you are recording

You can change the recording options by clicking the drop-down menu in the left-bottom corner.

Step 5. Click the "Rec" button

Do the activity you want to record.

Step 6. Edit the video

After you finish recording, you can edit your video on DemoCreator right away. With DemoCreators, you can add annotations or effects, such as a green screen, on your video.

edit the video


The Sniping Tool has been a part of Windows for more than 20 years. At first, the function of the Snipping Tool was only to get screenshots. However, Microsoft just updated the Sniping Tool last year. The Sniping Tool got some new features after this update, including the ability to record your screen.

Another new feature the Sniping Tool now has is the OCR, which lets you to scan the text on your record. You can also hide sensitive information on your video by using the "Quick Redact". While the Sniping Tool has solid basic features, it does not have editing tools. Consequently, if you want to edit your video, you might have to use another program.

You will not have this problem if you use DemoCreator from Wondershare. With this program, you can record your screen and edit the video. You can also add effects to your video, including the green screen, blur background, mosaic, etc. So, if the Snipping Tool's video recording feature is no longer enough for you, you should try DemoCreator.

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