How to Record Amazon Prime Video

David Wilson
2023-08-31 13:58:48 • Filed to: Screen Recorder Software Reviews

Cable TV is now becoming a dated thing and it is being taken over by the OTT platforms that are much more diverse in terms of content. They have a wide range of options for each and every age group. There are various platforms that are offering content on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. Some of the big players in the industry are Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and more. There will be times when you will need to record a particular scene or a full-length movie; you will not be able to do it natively.

To record Amazon Prime Video, you will need to have a few tools that will do so. We are going to jot down a few methods that you will make the job much easier. These tools are basically the screen recording applications that will allow you to record anything that is on the desktop.

1. Record Amazon Prime Video on PC/Mac

After enough introduction, it's time to reveal the first tool that you can use to record the movie or any clip from Amazon's OTT platform. When it comes to screen recording, it's necessary that you find one that can offer you the recorded session in crisp quality without any audio lag.

If you are going to record a reaction or share a section with your online audience, the tool that we are going to discuss will also let you add the webcam footage in any corner of the screen with the option of resizing it accordingly. The content that you are recording should not be used for any commercial purpose due to copyrights.

Wondershare Democreator is a highly advanced tool where you will get to record the screen with a plethora of options to configure based on the requirements. While you are picking up the screen recording tool, there is one thing that requires to be focused on.


The recorder must come with the option of recording system sounds otherwise it will only record the screen and there will be no audio. The interface, moreover, is going to be really intuitive. Further, you are able to get the various options in one dashboard. It is a paid app and if you are using the free version, it will add a watermark on the final footage.

How to record?

Before you move onto the next recording tool, we would like to briefly introduce you to the steps that you will need to follow to record Amazon Prime Video. These steps are quite straightforward and you will understand everything without any issue.

  1. Launch the app and it will take a few moments to load up based on the system requirements. You will be greeted by a compact dashboard that will offer two options; Capture and Video Editor.
  2. To start a new recording, click on Capture. Now, you can launch the Prime Video and make it ready to record.
  3. The Capture button will offer another dashboard that has another set of options that you will use to record the video. It will let you select the resolution along with the section of the screen that you want to record.
  4. Next to it, you will also get to set up the recording tools such as the microphone, camera, and checkbox to enable system sounds.
  5. As you will hit the Record button, the app will start recording after giving you a buffer period of 3 seconds. You will get to control the recording using the hotkeys F9 to pause/resume and F10 to stop the recording.

2. Record Amazon Prime Video for Free

There are various creators who are using the free open-source software tool to share game streaming, how-to guides, and various other types of videos with their online audience. The application that we are discussing here is Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). It's the simple & best answer to the how to record Amazon Video question as to the interface you will get is quite simple and straightforward. The features that you will get here are completely free of cost.

obs screen recorder

How to record?

Let's dive into the steps that you will need to follow to start recording the desktop.

  1. You will need to go to the OBS Studio official website and select the specification you are going to download it on.
  2. Once the setup file is downloaded, you will need to launch it and follow the onscreen instructions to successfully install it. The OBS Studio will also prompt you to install a few plug-ins. Hit Next after checking all the necessary checkboxes.
  3. As soon as the installation is completed, the Studio will automatically open and you will be greeted by a very intuitive dashboard. You will get a blank screen on which the Studio will show the preview of the recording window.
  4. The next step will be to add the sources, you will get to add multiple ones up to any number. The OBS will record the inputs from each and every source. Users will also get to add any application or a browser window to the source. Launch the Prime Video and then add that browser window in the source section.
  5. The next Mixer section will provide you with the controls to tweak the desktop sounds and mic input. Users will get to add the scene transition, as well. In recording any content from the OTT platform, this feature will not be needed.
  6. To further tweak the configuration, you will need to go to the Settings option present on the bottom right.
  7. Here, you will get to configure everything from video resolution to set up the different hotkeys. All the settings are categorized quite well.
  8. Once everything is set, you will need to hit the Start Recording. It will give you a buffer of 3 seconds to start the recording.

3. Record with Amazon Built-in Download For Mobile

If you have subscribed to Amazon's Prime subscription, you will have the Download button next to every movie and TV series. The method that we are discussing here is a built-in alternative to the recording tools that you use to save the video offline.

The content that you are downloading will remain on the device that you are downloading it on and you will not be able to share it with anyone. The OTT platform will also let you choose the resolution in which you want to record and you can either set it to a particular resolution or to the “Ask Every Time” option.

amazon built in downloader

How to record?

  1. Launch the app and make sure that you are signed in from the Prime account. If not, you can find the subscription option and choose the monthly/yearly option.
  2. If you are on Android, you will need to tap on the Menu button on the top and go to the Settings tab. Here, you will find the Stream & Download button.
  3. Under this option, you will get to choose the Download Quality. The ‘Always Ask' will ask you the quality in which you want to download the particular content.
  4. The available options to choose from are also quite specific in terms of quality; it will also mention the approximate data that it will use.
  5. Now, you can click on the search button to find your favorite show/movie to download.

Related FAQs

  1. Is Democreator a paid tool?

Yes, you will need to pay a one-time fee to purchase the license and the free version that is offered will add a watermark to the final output.

  1. Can you record Amazon Prime Video for free?

Yes, if you don't have the budget of getting a paid recording tool, you can settle for the open-source tool, i.e. Open Broadcaster Software. Even though it's free, there are a plethora of options that you will get here.

  1. How to add multiple sources in OBS?

When you launch the application, you will get a Source section on the bottom. In this section, there will be a ‘+' button that you will need to click on to name the source and add it so that the Studio is able to record the input from it.

  1. Can I record the content on Prime Video natively?

No, there will be no recording feature available here. However, if you are a Prime member, you can download any movie/TV show on your device. These can be accessed offline. The only con is that you will not be able to share these downloads with anyone else.


We hope that you are able to find the perfect answer to the question of how to screen record Amazon video and you are now able to keep the videos offline. There are various OTT platforms that are available in the market and the methods that we have discussed here will work there, as well. There will be a minimal change in the menu and features based on the device that you are using. The screen recording tool, Wondershare Democreator, will also offer you an integrated editor. As soon as you will stop the recording, it will take you to the editor to tweak it accordingly.