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[Updated] Best 8 Screen Recorder for Low-End PC

Alma Elliott
2023-08-26 17:09:01 • Filed to: Recorder Software List

Screen recording is a useful tool for sharing ideas, and skills and helps users to maintain key information displayed on their monitor. However, if you have a low-end PC, then you need to get the best screen recorder for receiving effective results.

screen recorder low end pc

Many users who have low-end PC may wonder if their system is capable of capturing screen video, how to capture a screen on a PC with poor performance, and if there is any compatible screen recorder for a low-end PC. Thus, you will get to know several no-lag screen recorders in this article that can help you in many ways to meet your exact needs. Let’s get started now.

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In this article

1. DemoCreator - Most Recommended

WonderShare DemoCreator application is a great application that is used to create video tutorials and other sessions effectively. This online tool is designed to meet the requirements of Windows systems.

Find more video ideas from Wondershare Video Community.

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When it comes to low-end PC, it is the best screen recording software to help users with their needs. DemoCreator comes loaded with powerful features to help you with video tutorials and professional demos through its inbuilt tools. The application focuses on meeting the screen recording requirements of users.

It is an amazing screen recorder for low-end PC that can help turn your ideas into reality. You can fulfill all your video recording, sharing, and editing needs through this useful tool. DemoCreator is an easy-to-use tool that does not require any special skills. Moreover, it is loaded with multiple features that can make your task easier. You can download this tool without any cost and avail yourself of the benefits of its excellent features.


  • Windows & Mac

Key Features

  • Flexible recording options: You get plenty of options with DemoCreator to record demos, presentations, games, video tutorials, and much more. It allows capturing a particular area from the screen and on-screen editing of your video without requiring any additional tools.
  • Better import and export: DemoCreator allows you to work on multiple media files at a single time. You can add multiple videos from your system using its Import option and export your videos in various file formats, including MP3, MP4, GIF, MOV, etc.
  • Easy recording options: With the DemoCreator tool, you can easily capture the screen while the video is running. You can carry out full-screen recordings, add a recording, and integrate multiple projects.
  • Video illustrations: This tool is not like any simple screen recorder as you get unique functions like annotations that help illustrate your videos. You can highlight specific portions of your videos to make them more appealing and interesting.
  • Record with audio: You can record a screen and audio through this powerful tool by using a microphone. When the video gets recorded with your voice, you can edit it to make it professional by using amazing effects and inbuilt functions.

2. FBX Game Recorder

FBX Game Recorder is designed to capture HD recording smoothly and comes with powerful editing tools that can make your gaming videos more fascinating.

fbx screen recorder

You can review gameplay footage, choose the best parts, and save them in the form of GIFs, short clips, and videos. Moreover, it allows the sharing of these clips and clips over social media platforms easily. You can discover outstanding features that are available with its free version.

This online tool is the best game screen recorder for low-end PCs because it helps in recording HD gameplay videos without lagging. You can run a webcam while recording gaming videos up to 120FPS. Capturing action screenshots has become easy with the FBX Game Recorder tool. With this excellent software, you can record screen activity, including sound effects, and share the videos on Youtube and other social media sites. You can create customized captions, add scenes with slow-motion effects, and pause moments using freeze-frame.


  • Online

Key Features

  • Save instant clips: allows you to save short clips of action scenes perfectly. It comes with a hotkey that can help you save this short video instantly while the game is running.
  • Non-stop recording: non-stop recording through its FBX recording DVR-style. With this feature, you can get hold of every part without missing it.
  • Web-games and screenshots: effectively record web and older games. It allows windows desktop recording and helps to capture high-quality images of the best moments that you can be shared with family, friends, and other users.
  • Easy Bookmarking: easily bookmark interesting and cool moments during gameplay and use them later. It acts as a simple and effective visual bookmarking tool that captures and records everything within the browser.
  • Stickers and GIFs: upload images and gifs available on your system, or you can use it from the featured tools. Adding stickers and gifs will make your videos more attractive.

3. Dxtory

Dxtory is one of the best screen recorders for low-end PC without watermark and a leading game recording tool. It records gameplay, including audio from you and other players.

It is a great video recording tool without requiring plenty of processing. Dxtory offers a simple user interface, and you can find a learning curve available to avail of its benefits. Besides, there are a lot of videos and tutorials online that can help you during the process. Although it is loaded with many attractive features, one of the most key features is its in-built hard drive.


Dxtory is considered an essential capturing tool for DirectX and OpenGL applications. Since it is only available for windows for the time being, according to reports, Dxtory Mac is expected to release soon. When it comes to audio recording, this great tool offers high-end results because it can record a large number of sounds that you can separately edit later.


  • Windows

Key Features

  • Faster movie capture: an excellent movie-capturing tool for DirectX and OpenGL applications. Moreover, the data gets directly obtained through a surface memory buffer; thus, making it a great low-end PC tool. It is designed with a high-speed functionality that can work well with a small load.
  • High-quality capture: record high-quality videos without any loss. It helps to create high-quality clips with larger file sizes.
  • Output formats: six different audio codec options for audio output that you can choose based on your requirements. Furthermore, each codec consists of various formats to give a better sound effect to your video. In the case of video output, your recordings are saved by default in AVI format.
  • Screenshot capture: customized screenshots through its scaling, margin, and clipping options. You can save screenshots in four formats JPEG, PNG, TGA, and BMP with manual adjustments up to 100. 
  • Recording execution: several users opt for this tool because it supports 120FPS recording and compact design.

4. D3DGear

D3DGear is one of the fast game recording tools that help you to record gameplay without any game lagging. It has a minimal performance effect that prevents game lagging and dropping large frame rates, unlike other recording software.

d3d gear

It is designed to help users show their skills with its easy-to-use functionality. D3DGear is capable of working at slower uploading speeds. This amazing recording software is compatible with Youtube, twitch. tv, and many other game streaming sites.

Although D3DGear looks like a basic recording tool, it is an essential tool for screen recording. You don't need to create a special set-up for this recording software.

Besides, you can install it to start your gameplay footage recording. D3DGear's lightweight design and inbuilt compression system make it a great tool for compressing recorded videos in real time. It automatically identifies and connects with games; you just have to use the hotkey to start and stop recording.


  • Windows

Key Features

  • Game Recording: creates high-quality video recordings with small file sizes. The recording feature supports a microphone, push-to-talk, and face camera recording. It is a great option for those game players who want gameplay recording with voice annotation.
  • Live game streaming: to go for live game streaming in popular live-stream websites without creating any impact on your gaming performance.
  • Split audio trace: use this feature to split audio into two tracks creating another audio track in your video. Moreover, you can set recording levels apart from mic and game.
  • Screen capture: capture a screen during gameplay without affecting your performance. It supports image formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, TGA, HDR, and PPM. The game video recording can be saved in WMV and AVI formats.
  • Basic UI: making your gameplay recording easier. You don't require any advanced skills to operate this software. You can easily run this application with minimal input to meet your desired needs.

5. NVIDIA ShadowPlay

Currently, recording game highlights has become popular among game players. Certain online tools help users to record their gameplay and share it with other players. One among them is NVIDIA ShadowPlay, where you can record gameplay and share it easily.


It consists of powerful features and is capable of recording, live streaming, broadcasting, and sharing your gameplay highlights with anyone you want. It can record gameplay automatically in the background or when you command it.

The GPU encoding in NVIDIA ShadowPlay is more effective as compared to traditional game recording forms. With this excellent software, you can record outstanding gaming moments with minimal effect on your game performance.

It supports streaming to Twitch, Youtube Live, and Facebook Live, similar to a webcam. Even though you do not have a powerful PC, you can still use this software to meet your requirements. You can record the last minutes of your gameplay by using its hotkey.


  • Windows

Key Features

  • Instant sharing: easily stream NVIDIA ShadowPlay and save a lot of time. It allows the broadcasting of your recording directly on Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube.
  • Create GIF easily: to create gifs without leaving the game. Once gifs are created, you can share them immediately on various online platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Imgur.
  • High-resolution screen capture: a featured Ansel available with ShadowPlay that allows screen capturing in high-resolutions. Furthermore, you can adjust their appearance and configure their positions to produce professional and high-quality images. With the Ansel feature, you can create 360-degree in-game capture.
  • Instant highlight capture: it allows last-minute gameplay recording, and you can save instant highlights with the help of the Alt+F10 key. If you do not want to record and save the entire game, you can share the highlights.
  • ShadowPlay highlights: recording gaming moments and save them to your hard drive automatically.

6. BandiCam

Bandicam is a paid game recorder designed for low-end PCs, compatible with Windows versions like XP and Vista. Despite its reasonable price and a free trial option, it might not be the ideal choice for watermark-free recording on low-end PCs. Additionally, if maintaining FPS is crucial, it may not suit users with lower-end systems. However, Bandicam does enable recording from various sources like the PC screen, webcam, gaming systems, or mobile devices.



  • Windows

Key Features

  • Webcam Overlay: Ability to overlay webcam footage onto recordings.
  • Real-time Drawing and Effects: Allows real-time drawing and mouse effects during screen recording.
  • Simultaneous Audio Recording: Supports recording system audio and microphone audio simultaneously.

7. Action! Screen Recorder

Action! Screen Recorder, developed by Mirillis, is a Windows screen recording software renowned for its HD recording capabilities. It offers a 30-day free trial period, during which recorded videos carry a watermark. However, the trial version encompasses all features of the paid edition, granting users a comprehensive experience. This tool enables video capture from a webcam, screen, web player, or a designated screen section. Additionally, a complimentary Android app accompanies the software, allowing remote control of recordings while eliminating the need for direct computer interaction.



  • Windows

Key Features

  • Live Audio Commentary: Empowers users to provide live audio commentary during recording sessions.
  • Simultaneous Webcam and Screen Recording: Offers the convenience of recording both webcam footage and the screen concurrently.
  • Livestreaming Capabilities: Supports livestreaming on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

8. Fraps

Fraps stands as a universal Windows screen recorder, catering to a wide range of systems - whether newer low-end PCs or older Windows machines. Despite its universal compatibility, the user interface may feel slightly outdated and less intuitive. However, it compensates by allowing users to tailor their output video's frame rates. For those with powerful systems, recording at resolutions up to 7680 × 4800 and frame rates ranging from 1 to 120 FPS is possible. Notably, Fraps provides flexibility in audio source selection, enabling concurrent recording of both system audio and microphone audio - an advantageous feature for live streaming content creators.



  • Windows

Key Features

  • Custom Frame Rates: Offers the capability to adjust output video frame rates to suit preferences.
  • Instant Screenshots: Allows one-click screenshots even during recording sessions.
  • Customizable Hotkeys: Facilitates personalized hotkey setups for efficient control.


You might have gathered information about some excellent no-lag screen recorders through this post. It completely depends on you to select the right one based on your needs. You can take the help of any one of these screen recording tools to get a user-friendly experience.

All the recordings mentioned above software are packed with advanced features; you can use them in many ways to achieve your desired objectives. These are some of the popular screen recorders for low-end PCs that provide optimum results. So, without looking for more tools, choose one from the software mentioned above to enjoy greater outputs.

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