In the age of digital technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) devices have come a long way. They open numerous windows of opportunity for users, allowing them to personalize and custom-tailor various software solutions according to their preferences.

Virtual character creators are fantastic tools you can tap into to create personalized virtual avatars or even replicas of your digital self. Whether you want to introduce a new virtual avatar on social media or improve customer engagement with your e-commerce website, virtual avatars can help you add the human touch to your digital communication channels.

Today, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about virtual character creators and give you some tips to help you create as many virtual avatars as you need.

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What Is a Virtual Character Creator?

virtual character maker

A virtual character creator is a software solution that allows you to create a digital representation of a fictional character of your design or a replica of your virtual or digital self.

The tool has a wide range of AI-powered items, outfits, and features to assemble digital characters called avatars that you can seamlessly integrate with compatible metaverse platforms, VR games, and websites.

You can also use a virtual avatar maker to create one or several digital characters for VR headsets, tablets, computers, and mobile phones. Since these are AI-powered avatar creator tools, you don’t need advanced technical finesse or special skills to accomplish your goals.

You can simply determine the main characteristics you want your virtual character to have from the available libraries and let the tool put them together automatically.

How Virtual Character Creators Work

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VR character creators use advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to interpret large training data sets and use those insights to help the user create a virtual person.

They give users a wide range of customization options and VR character templates that they can put together to build personalized 3D models that represent them in a virtual environment or any computer-generated space like an AR app or video game.

Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies, a virtual character can act like a human, producing virtually natural speech, and assuming any role you want it to be. You can use a VR character creator to build a digital persona, non-playable character, virtual assistant, anime character, you name it.

A top-grade VR character creator gives you AI and automation features to seamlessly design, create, personalize, and export realistic or stylized virtual character assets for various uses and applications.

Main Applications of Virtual Character Creators

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Virtual characters used to be reserved for online gaming websites only. However, things have changed, and you can now see them everywhere, from social media and sports events to business meetings, fashion shows, etc.

If you take a closer look at the web right now, it’s safe to say that VR characters have the potential to reshape the online digital landscape. Whether you’re a content creator for social media, an online presenter, or a businessman, you might need a virtual avatar at some point.

With that in mind, let’s discuss the main applications of virtual character creators to assess their usefulness and importance:

  • Gamify daily activities – whatever you do online, business or entertainment, can potentially cause stress and fatigue. A virtual character maker can help you overcome this by introducing a virtual avatar as a gamification element to get a long-deserved break from tedious online activities and make things more interesting.

Whether holding online meetings or creating gameplay videos, virtual avatars can help you break your routine, allow yourself more comfort, and instill feelings of community and connection in your target audience.

  • Increase engagement with social media – virtual avatars are fantastic tools to improve social media communication, engagement, and interaction between you and your target audience. Thanks to AI, you can create multiple social media avatars representing your digital persona faithfully across all relevant social media networks.
  • Create your gaming characters – though most modern games let players customize gaming characters, a virtual character maker lets you personalize your virtual character even further and according to your specific preferences for an extra enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Personalize digital presentations – if you’re holding online meetings frequently, a virtual character creator can help you build a professional virtual avatar so you can present your virtual self in a more convenient and engaging way.

Advantages of Using Virtual Character Makers

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The most significant benefit of using a top-grade virtual character maker is that it simplifies and streamlines the process of making a virtual person of your design. Since it uses AI and automation to give you a vast selection of models, templates, and digital assets, you can quickly and easily assemble your 3D virtual that can successfully mimic everything you want it to do.

Modern virtual character makers are intuitive and user-friendly enough to allow users to create virtual avatars without tech-savvy knowledge or skill. In addition, some tools even let you make one or several virtual persons for free.

Top VR Character Creators

virtual you 3d avatar creator

Here’s our selection of the top three VR character creators you should check out in 2024.

DemoCreator Avatar Recorder

make a virtual person wondershare democreator

DemoCreator Avatar Recorder is a fantastic tool that lets you create exact digital clones of your virtual self. The tool uses advanced machine learning algorithms to track and record your movement and personal characteristics to replicate them via a virtual persona in real-time.

DemoCreator captures and implements your motion and expression in your virtual character model. You can also tap into user-friendly settings for background, proportions, and mirroring adjustments to enhance and custom-tailor your virtual avatars for multiple purposes, from business and gaming to online education, presentations, meetings, etc.

Adobe Character Animator

create virtual person adobe character animator

Adobe Character Animator is a top-grade tool for users looking for an interactive and dynamic 3D avatar creator. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface lets you capture your voice and facial expressions using your microphone and webcam.

The tool then turns your input into a virtual avatar, following your emotions, expression, movement, etc. Adobe also offers various customization tools that let you customize your virtual character’s appearance with background effects and accessories.

Reallusion Character Creator

create vr avatar reallusion character creator

Reallusion Character Creator is the leading 3D character creation and animation tool that lets you create incredibly natural-looking virtual avatars with ultra-realistic clothing details, skin textures, and facial expressions.

The tool has a vast library of customization options, allowing you to design unique and personalized virtual characters. In addition, the software can perfectly capture your clothing style, hairstyle, skin tone, body shape, etc.

How to Use a Virtual Character Creator

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the DemoCreator Virtual Avatar Recording feature to create a virtual character according to your requirements.

Step 1: Download Wondershare DemoCreator from the below button;

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Free Download
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Step 2: Install the software on your computer and launch the program;

Step 3: Navigate to the main What would you like to record screen and select Virtual Avatar;

create vr avatar wondershare democreator

Step 4: Make sure your webcam is enabled;

Step 5: In the Choose your virtual avatar menu, select a virtual person that fits your needs;

Step 6: Test your camera to see if the selected avatar is in sync with your movement and facial expression;

Step 7: Hit the red REC button to start recording;

create metaverse character wondershare democreator

Step 8: Press F10 to stop recording and select what you want to do next;

Step 9: Click Quick Export to export and save your virtual avatar recording.

vr character creator wondershare democreator

Note: DemoCreator allows you to customize your virtual avatar recording with various background scenes, teleprompters, and advanced editing options to make your virtual avatar look more professional, engaging, and immersive.


Virtual characters and digital avatars are the future of the internet-driven world. They can help millions of internet users shape their online identities according to their specific needs. Whether you aim to increase your social media presence or launch a new e-commerce business, a virtual avatar creator can help you stay on top of fast-paced internet trends.

This article helps you understand these tools, the technology behind them, and their importance today. In addition, we shared the best virtual character creators you should keep on your radar in 2024 and demonstrated the steps to create a custom-tailored virtual avatar with Wondershare DemoCreator.

Tools like DemoCreator streamline virtual character creation using AI and machine learning to help you design and create personalized 3D character models without extensive training or advanced tech-savvy skills.

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Alma Elliott Jun 12, 24
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