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Windows 11 Screen Recorder

David Wilson
2023-08-25 21:06:27 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

Everyone is now fully aware of the fact that the future is going to be more and more virtual. A major section of the whole workflow has now shifted to work from home and to offer it a smooth transition, there are certain tools that the users will need to have at their disposal.

As everyone is remotely connected, there needs to be an app that allows you to share something with your colleagues and classmates. You need to have a screen recorder and in this guide, we are going to introduce some methods. There are a couple of ways to use the default Windows 11 screen recorder feature and we will discuss them in detail here. 

There are also a number of creators who have nurtured an online audience and screen recording tools will allow you to share a guide or a tutorial. These recorders will also allow you to add a voice-over along with the facecam footage for better communication with the audience. Now, without any further ado, let’s dive into the methods you can opt for to record the screen. 

Part 1 Use Xbox Game Bar

Like every other operating system, Microsoft has also incorporated a basic screen recording tool in Windows 10. The app works in coordination with the Xbox gaming setup and users will have the option of recording the desktop and not just the gameplay.

The all-new Windows 11 will also come with this integrated tool and you will get to record the screen in a very crisp resolution. You might find yourself in a confusing spot and to clear everything up, we are going to jot down the steps you need to follow to start using the application. 

How to record?

Hit the Start button and search for the Xbox, it will give you an interface with a plethora of options. Before you proceed to hit the Record button, you need to check whether the Game DVR toggle is enabled. 

When the Xbox panel is launched, find the gear icon in the left vertical pane. Click on it and navigate to the Game DVR tab.

Game DVR tab

It will take you to the Settings app of your PC and here, you are required to turn on the Background Recording toggle.

turn on the Background

Next up, you will need to scroll down to find the Recorded Audio section. Make sure that you have turned the Record Audio When I Record Game toggle on. Below this toggle, you will get the sliders to adjust the mic and system volume.

mic and system volume

Now, once every setting is configured according to your requirements, you are needed to hit the Win+G combination on the keyboard. It will open up the Game Bar control center.

open up the Game Bar

The control center will offer you a number of options where you will get to enable the Streaming feature along with taking a screenshot of the screen. The red-colored Record button will be used to start recording the screen. 

Right below it, you will also get a checkbox that you can click on if you also want to include the mic input in the recording. 

Part 2 Use PowerPoint

When it comes to screen recording or sharing, a number of users assume that it can’t be done without a premium application. The operating systems have advanced quite a lot and you get a number of native tools to record the screen. This method is known to very few people even though Microsoft PowerPoint is used by millions of users on a daily basis. Here, we are going to offer you a simple and straightforward guide to use PowerPoint on Windows 11 to easily record a meeting or a tutorial. 

How to record?

Launch the app on your computer and you will need to create a new presentation to start with the Windows 11 screen capture process. 

On the top, you will get a number of options, and to start a new screen recording, you will have to click on the Insert button.

Insert button

Under this tab, you will get the Screen Recording button on the extreme right. This feature will give you the capability to record anything that happens on the screen. 

As you will click on the icon, it will give you a compact control center that will provide a few options that will help with the screen recording.

screen recording

The Record button will stay hidden until you select the area that you want to record. You will need to click on the Select Area button and use drag & drop to make a selection. Right next to it, you will get the Audio configuration and the option to include the pointer movements in the recording. 

Once the selection is made, you will get to click on the Record button.

Record button

It will give you a 3-seconds countdown and the recording will be started. The control center will hide itself and if you are done, you can stop the recording using the Win+Shift+Q keyboard shortcut. Along with it, you can hover the pointer over the area where the control center was and it will reappear. You will also get the option to pause the recording. 

When you stop the recording, it will add it to the first slide of the blank presentation that you have created. There will be numerous tweaks that you will get to do using the PowerPoint tools. 

Now, when it comes to saving the footage, you use the Ctrl+S shortcut to simply save it as a PPT. However, there is an option that you can use to export the footage in the .mp4 format. 

Click on the File tab and navigate to the Export tab.

Once you click on the Export button, it will give you a number of options. To save it as a video, you are required to click on the Create a Video button.

Create a Video button


Select the preferred resolution from the drop-down menu and hit the Create Video button. It will give you a pop-up to select the destination folder. Once you hit the Save button, the PowerPoint application will take some time to export the file. You will get to see the progress at the bottom of the application.

Part 3 Use an Any Easy Screen Recorder

Though the native features that you will get for the Windows 11 video recorder are quite good, there is no doubt that they offer very limited functionality. The methods that we have discussed above will give you the capability to just record the screen in the most basic way possible. To get the most out of your recording, we would recommend going for a third-party application, i.e. Wondershare DemoCreator. For beginners, it’s a paid app that packs a wide variety of functions/features and you will get to record your desktop in the best resolution. 

The app will also give you the capability to record the mic, as well as webcam footage. It will make sure that you are able to establish better communication with the audience you are sharing it with. There will also be an integrated editor that will help you in tweaking the recorded video with precise details. The interface you get along with this app is also quite intuitive containing a plethora of features compacted in one dashboard. Here are the steps that you can follow to get started with the recording process.

How to record?

❶ Launch the app and based on your system specs, it will take a little time to load up. Users will be greeted by an intuitive dashboard with two options, Capture and Video Editor.

❷ To start a new recording, you will need to click on the Capture button and it will give you another dashboard with more features. Here, you will get to set up the recording area either by selecting the screen using the drag & drop tool or by entering a custom resolution. 

❸ Right next to it, you will also get the controls for the audio, webcam, and system sounds. You can select/add any external mic and camera to enhance the overall quality of the recording. You will get to use the hotkeys to control the recording. Hit the F10 button to pause/resume and F9 to start/stop the recording. 

Note: The application will automatically take you to the integrated editor as soon as you stop the video recording. Here, you will get to use a wide range of tools that will improve the video quality. Users will have the option of using a number of annotation tools and templates. 


The screen recording tools are in high demand and the primary reason behind this is that it offers a simple and easy way to share the progress of any project or assignment with your colleagues and friends. It’s also widely used to make a virtual presentation and the native tools such as Game Bar and PowerPoint. For more advanced users, the Windows 11 record screen task can only be satisfied by a premium application. The one that you can settle on is Wondershare DemoCreator. The integrated editor will enhance the functionality by manifolds.