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9 Best Free Video Editing App for Android

Oliva Eve
2024-04-19 10:40:40 • Filed to: Free & Online Tools

Millions and millions of users all across the world are users of the Android operating system as it becomes more and more dominant in the world that is getting a lot more tech-savvy by the day. This has also given rise to the concept of content creation as tutorials and other content related videos become popular. Android being a significant operating system in both the mobile and desktop divisions has been a critical part of a content creator's life. In this article, we recommend the best free video editor for android and we offer a lot of options. We also answer a few questions that have been asked by users about video editing on android.

A video editor is usually used by people who are not very skilled with video editing hence the basic feature that makes a good video editor is how intuitive it is. A free video editor that offers as many features as a good professional editor should be definitely going to be preferred particularly if the video editor offers good transitions and effects as well. Here we recommend the following video editors which may come in handy while video editing on android.

Part 1: Best Free Android Editing Apps

Funimate Video Editor

This is a top free video editing app for Android because it creates the best music videos particularly for those who want to post their videos on video-sharing apps like TikTok or a few other video sharing apps locally. This is an app that is being used by 40 million people for creating TikTok videos. This is an app that has been used quite a lot of times for the fan editing videos and the lip-syncing videos too.

funimate editor

The app offers some of the most modern and cool features which help create content that is very popular particularly among the youth. They offer text, emoji, and other filters that can create creative and flamboyant videos. The user does not have to be an expert for creating creative videos in this app. It is an app that is extremely friendly for beginners and also allows creating one's own effects.


  • Many effects
  • Can create your own effects
  • Music features
  • Emoji and stickers
  • Editing and cropping


    Videoshow is one of the most popular apps when it comes to vlog making. The edits of this video are most suited for the slideshow like videos where music, videos and pictures can be added easily creating a fun and easy film. There are many youth-based features too such as effects, and GIFs as well as the FX options.


    The users have an option to create funny and interesting videos as well through the various features which this app is offering. It is a perfect free all in one video editor which can provide all the requisite features which a beginner requires.


    • Easy to use and practical
    • No watermarks
    • Can be used by professionals too
    • All editing features available
    • Music available too


    Quik is a video editor that works wonderfully when the images, videos, and audios are to be attached together. This app creates beautiful filters and transitions for creating the videos and then the outcome is one which is very pleasing to the eye. The Quik app is known for creating perfectly from a go pro camera as it selects the best photos and videos together.


    The best part about this app is the fact that it saves time of the user and creates the videos fast. The ability to add text along with text filters makes it the perfect app to create travel videos.


    • Multiple photos can be added
    • Multiple themes available
    • Soundtrack options available
    • Different formats supported
    • Sharing options available


    This is one of the most-used apps on social media platforms such as Instagram and a full array of features enables its success. The app offers various blending video options, multiple layers, and many other features such as the voiceover feature and chroma key feature.


    The app can also help in creating videos that have special effects, speed controls, and other transitions. The users can also add subtitles to their videos and many more transitions and effects making their videos look professional. The user would though have to take the paid version if they need to remove the watermark of Kinemaster from their videos.

    • Controlling of speed
    • Effects and themes
    • Multiple layer editing
    • Adjustments
    • Music and audio filters.

    Adobe Premiere Club

    Adobe has been a leader when it comes to video editing software and this software provides most of its features in an easy manner. Adobe is known for providing the best quality edits and the work takes place really quickly in this app as the features are smooth and very easy to use.

    adobe premiere club

    The user can do a lot of complicated editing work very easily here by resizing, cropping, and other video and graphic tools. The users can also share their work to different platforms straight away. Colour options and other transition options are also very effectively available on this app.


    • Easy to use
    • Intuitive
    • Smooth functioning
    • Sharing on different platforms
    • Resizing and cropping options available

    Filmora Go

    Filmora Go is one of the best software for those who want to edit their videos for tutorial purposes. The editing effects can be matched with any other professional editor and the other value-added services and features make this one of the most sought-after free video editors for Android.

    filmorago android

    Its text and music effects and transitions and options for panning and zooming along with audio equalization offer a lot to the user who can also use the overlays and filters for making his work look professional and creative at the same time. There are other text and tiles which can create some of the best video editing output.


    • Green Screen edits
    • Text editing
    • Panning and zooming
    • Audio mixing
    • Split-screen options


    Magisto is a powerful tool and can edit high-quality videos and do so extremely fast. It has been highly rated by the critics and the users alike. It is one of the most favored video editors for businesses when they create videos for meetings instead of doing meetings where they have to be physically present.

    majisto video editor android

    The good part about this app is that it has many different themes which can help the user create his videos quickly as per the need of the user. Businesses these days use the editor to create videos and share for their customers and give them insight into their product


    • Easy to use
    • Powerful and fast
    • Theme based editor
    • Creative filters and transitions
    • Effective for businesses

    Movie Maker

    Movie maker app is among the favorite and one of the earliest editors which were being used by the users who do not know to edit too well. This app can edit videos and combine them with the images and music and then be shared with friends and on social media platforms.

    movie maker

    This is an easy app and is full of different features and is also very useful for the slideshow making a feature that it has. It can also be used by professionals since it has all the features of any qualified movie editing software. It is also lightweight software so easy to store


    • It is a free app
    • Timeline narration
    • Audio Track selection
    • Special effects can be added
    • Transition overlays

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    Part 2: Related FAQs

    Which free app is best for video editing?

    The best app would depend upon the need of the user because while some users want the app to have multiple features, there are others who need the app to be intuitive and basic. There are some users who want to create tutorial videos while there are some who want to edit their travel videos. For different needs, there are different apps that ca, there are different apps that can be used. Some options are Filmora Go, Quik, Magisto, and Movie Maker. These are some of the most complete apps which can edit the videos.

    Does Android have a video editor?

    The google play store on Android has many different apps that can be used for video editing and can help the countless users of Android in editing the videos for their various purposes. The users are using it for creating many different videos that they post on social media and other video sharing platforms. These editors are very basic and are free to use and can create videos by editing features in many different video editors. These video editors also have filters and transitions too.

    How can I edit a video like a pro on Android?

    The users of Android can edit videos by downloading the video editors from the Google Play Store. These video editors are mostly free but also provide different options for editing. Some versions of this app are available only with the paid versions which can be subscribed by the users. The users can download video editing apps like splice video editor for Android free. These video editors are also used by some professionals to create the best video editing project possible. These apps are full of features and filters.