There are many uses for a voice recorder for Windows 11. You want to record a podcast, interview, or lecture and share it with your online friends or save it for future use. Alternatively, you might want to record the perfect ringtone for your phone or alarm. Regardless of what uses you need a Windows 11 voice recorder for, this is the ideal guidepost. We'll dig deep to uncover the perfect sound recorders for Windows 11 and discuss the detailed steps to use Windows 11's inbuilt voice recorder and an excellent third-party program. Ready to learn?

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  1. What is Voice Recorder in Windows 11?
  2. How to Record Audio in Windows 11 with Voice Recorder?
  3. How to Record Audio in Windows 11 with DemoCreator [Recommended]

Part 1. What is Voice Recorder in Windows 11?

Windows 11 Voice Recorder is an inbuilt application for recording audio using your computer's microphone. This sound recorder app for Windows 11 is straightforward to use, with basic recording and playback functions. It can record lectures, voice calls, meetings, interviews, or any other sound you want to capture. After recording the audio, the application allows you to save the recording as a standard audio file, such as MP3, FLAC, WMA, or WAV. Users can also edit their recorded audio by trimming and splitting before sharing directly from the application.

It's a built-in app for your Windows 11 PCs. And if this program is not pre-installed on your computer, click this link to open Windows Sound Recorder on Microsoft Store and install it. Confirm that the app is from Microsoft Corporation.

Part 2. How to Record Audio in Windows 11 with Voice Recorder?

Now let's discuss the steps to record audio on Windows 11 using this inbuilt sound recorder. The steps are relatively straightforward, so you don't need any special knowledge to use this program.

Below are the steps to record voice on Windows 11:

Step 1. Open the Voice Recorder app on your Windows computer by finding it on the Start menu or searching for it in the search bar. Simply type "voice recorder" or "sound recorder" to open the app.

open voice recorder for windows 11

Step 2. After launching the program, don't start recording just yet. Instead, search for "sound settings" to select the inbuilt microphone or connect an external microphone. You can also choose to record audio on Windows 11 alongside system sounds.

adjust sound settings on voice recorder for windows 11

Step 3. After selecting a microphone, head over to the Voice Recorder for Windows 11 and click the Record button with a red circle to start recording. You can also use the CTRL + R shortcut to capture audio. Now speak or play the sound you want to record. This voice recorder app will show you the recording time and sound level.

record sound with voice recorder for windows 11

Step 4. tap the Stop button with a square icon to stop recording audio or sounds. The recorded sound will appear in the app with a title that starts with "Recording". Of course, you can click on the title to change it accordingly. Play the recorded sound by tapping the Play button and use the same control to pause and resume playback by clicking.

play and preview audio on voice recorder for windows 11

Step 5. Don't stop there. Windows 11 Voice Recorder also features an intuitive audio editor to trim and split the recorded sound. This will help you remove any scratches or unwanted background noises. To edit the audio, tap the Trim icon at the bottom-right corner and select the new start and end points using the slider.

edit recorded audio on voice recorder for windows 11

Step 6. Once you are satisfied with the recorded sound, save it by clicking the Share button to export it to email or OneNote. You can also tap the Delete button with a trash can icon to erase the recording and start afresh. That was quick and easy, right?

Part 3. How to Record Audio in Windows 11 with DemoCreator [Recommended]

Windows 11 is undoubtedly an excellent way to record sound on Windows 11 without paying a dime. However, this program is pretty basic, just as you would expect from a free voice recorder for Windows. In that case, we want to introduce you to Wondershare DemoCreator. This program is primarily an all-in-one video recorder for capturing professional-looking videos on Windows/Mac.

Free Download
Free Download

But as expected, DemoCreator also houses a sound recorder feature for capturing system audio, microphone audio, or both. It's perfect for creating narrated videos, video tutorials, or live presentations where audio commentary is required. The sound recorder can also capture system sounds like music, video soundtracks, or other application sounds in MP3 format.

Using various tools, DemoCreator users can edit and enhance their recorded audio. It houses functions for noise reduction and volume normalization. You can also use the trimming feature to cut out noisy or unwanted audio scenes from the recorded sound. All in all, this program will help you to produce a clear and crisp sound.

How to Capture Audio on Windows 11 Using DemoCreator:

Step 1. Launch Wondershare Screen Recorder.

open democreator voice recorder for windows 11

Install and run Wondershare DemoCreator on your Windows 11 computer, then tap the All-in-One Recorder button. The screen recorder feature will launch instantly.

Step 2. Select the input and output devices.

adjust sound settings on voice recorder for windows 11

Because we are only interested in recording audio, don't bother setting the capture area, webcam, aspect ratio, etc. Instead, proceed to choose your input microphone and output sound device. As expected, you can disable the sound output system and capture microphone narration only.

Step 3. Record sound and export it in audio format.

save audio on voice recorder for windows 11

Once everything is ready, tap the Record button to start making microphone narrations. After capturing enough sound, click Stop, and the recorded sound will automatically open on the inbuilt DemoCreator editor. Here, you can edit the sound by trimming, splitting, merging, adjusting volume, and more. Lastly, tap Export and choose MP3 as the target format. And that's how to extract audio from video on Windows 11 using DemoCreator.

Free Download
Free Download


See, it's easy and free to record audio on Windows 11 computers. With a sound recorder for Windows 11, you can capture calls, lectures, and more without breaking a sweat. But because this program has limited capabilities, try an all-in-one solution like DemoCreator. This tool can help you capture almost anything on your PC, including avatar recordings. Please give it a go!

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Alma Elliott Jan 08, 24
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