How to Make a Blog Video

Alma Elliott
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: Other Creative Tips

If you are wondering how to make a blog video that turns out to be successful, then this is just the place for you. Hoping to someday have a video blog as huge as those of Logan Paul, or JackSepticEye requires efforts. Understanding the basics of a vlog stands as an essential step in the process of starting a blog. Also known as video-log or vlog, a video blog uses the medium of video.

A much-renowned medium of blog, video blogging is a sensation all over the internet. To start one and not look amateur in the process is the tricky part. If you plan on making one but don’t exactly know how to start a video blog, then it's important to analyze the subject.

A vlog does not only mean a video uploaded on different platforms like YouTube. It requires a much complex combination of elements to make the vlog a success. Especially if you plan to generate a six-figure income through it.

Video blogs combine supporting text, images, and other metadata with embedded video or video links. In the era of technology, it is only convenient to use a technology-based feature to your advantage. A video-log requires a camera, internet, and a platform along with good communication skills. The basic elements of a vlog essentially include a purpose, a style, and a relevant platform.

Furthermore, the basic characteristics include purpose, target audience, niche, cinematography, and innovation. We have addressed all these points in detail in this article, thereby making it easier to understand the process of making your vlog a success.

Why You Need to Make a Video Blog

Vlogging has become a trend that is feasible enough to adopt. Planning on making a video blog demands to be analyzed with every perspective. Before even beginning to wonder about how to start a video blog ask yourself one question. Is it worth the precious time, effort, and energy? Well, there are multiple reasons why you need to make a video blog. Firstly, it helps you get your words out there with only a tap of a single button. This is one of the major advantages of blogging.

make a video blog

Secondly, a video blog serves many different purposes, according to a person's desire. A person can vlog to:

  • Document his life.
  • Tell a Story.
  • Building brand awareness.

You see, a vlog can do a lot. Additionally, it can also serve the purpose of affiliate marketing. Making a vlog has no restrictions, you are your boss. Besides, video is an emerging medium. In today’s world, people like to watch more and read written blogs less. Hence, the importance and increasing scope of video blogging and high-quality video blogs.

Most importantly, a vlog is a far more engaging and grasping way of communication than a written blog. It helps in building a relation and connection with the audience. Making a video is like having a one-way conversation, but it involves both sides. When the video airs on social media, the person talks to millions of people with the same video. Furthermore, you can generate money and earn through the video blog. Thus, making vlogs a source of income as well.

Tips for Starting a Video Blog

Deciding to make a vlog brings you one step closer to knowing how to make a good video blog. Below, we have listed a few tips that will help you in making a good vlog.

Decide What to Blog

Before starting with the blog, decide what you want to blog about. As mentioned earlier, a niche is one of the basic characteristics of a video blog. Is it an entertainment blog or an informative one? Are you marketing a brand or documenting your life? Like all other forms of arts, there are no limits to choosing what to blog about. The vlog can revolve around anything a person is passionate about.

However, to decide on what to blog about can turn out tricky. Firstly, figure out what you are passionate about. Then, narrow down or broaden the topic to fit into an optimized video. For example, a person is passionate about a certain book. In that case, the vlogging topic is capable of being as broad as books, in general. On the contrary, it can narrow down to the details of that book in particular, only. The point to ponder upon is, what will interest your audience the most? That leads to the second point.

Target Your Audience

Tailor the population out of 4.57 billion people on the internet to target only the interested audience. A tedious yet essential task, tailoring is the next step. Once you have decided what to blog about, the next step is to know who your audience is. What are their interests? How to make a blog video that aligns your blog’s core purpose to your audience’s interest? What will the ideal viewer look like? In the example of a book, will the ideal viewer be interested in knowing more about that book?

Targeting the audience helps in giving the audience relatable content. Relatable content, in turn, gives the audience a reason to watch. Hence, engaging the audience and making a success in the video blog. Targeting the audience is a crucial step, which, if missed, may lead to poor results. Once the audience is tailored and targeted, it is time to write the script.

Write a Script

Writing a script does not necessarily mean remembering it by heart. A video that looks too practiced and rehearsed leads to poor audience interest. It is important to maintain the natural essence of a conversation while also fulfilling the purpose of the vlog.

Writing a script refers to listing down the points to include in the video. It can vary from fully-formed paragraphs to roughly listed bullet points. As long as it assists as a reminder of things to include in the video, it’s good to go.

When writing a script, we advise practicing the script once before recording. You might want to rehearse the points to include, just so you do not forget it. Going with the flow and establishing a fluent conversation with the audience is essential. Plus, it is always better to plan the video, as it also helps save lots of editing hours!

Record Your Video Content

Once you are through with the script, it is time to record your video content. Give yourself a pep talk and hit the record button. It is important to choose a competent application to record video content. Listed as one of the best recorders, Wondershare DemoCreator stands as a highly recommended one. It has hundreds of powerful features and in-built tools. Demo Creator is ideal for videos, presentations, game recordings, and training courses as well.

democreator recording screen

The application has flexible recording options and allows you to choose the region of the screen to capture. It allows a person to capture screen or record themselves via the in-built webcam and mic feature. A person can also connect it to an external camera or microphone.

Additionally, This software provides the convenience of choosing the preferred resolutions and frame rate. Despite having a great microphone and system recorder, this app is also compatible with other webcams and microphones.

Edit Your Video Blog

Once through with filming, the stage of editing awaits you. Editing can be tedious and time-consuming, if not using the right applications. Wondershare DemoCreator helps in the editing as well with little efforts but great results. It does not require one to have expert editing skills and is easy-to-use for everyone. It has powerful annotation tools, vivid video effects, and other creative editing tools. It helps you edit like a pro; allowing you to add audio, animations, text, and other interactive tools.

Features of the Demo Creator include balloons and notes, 3-D effects, scale and zoom, and multi-track timeline. It also provides the player bar controls, auto functions, editing cursors, live zoom area, and audio editing features.

Share and Prompt Your Video

Lastly, share your vlog on relevant platforms like YouTube, Flickr etc. Prompt it out on social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Prompting and sharing will help channel the audience on those platforms to your video blog as well.


In a nutshell, starting a vlog is just one tap away. Be confident, use the right tools and you are good to go. Moreover, using Wondershare Democreator serves as a plus. We hope this thorough guide must have helped you understand how to make a good video blog. Happy vlogging to you!