Best iOS Screen Recorder

Oliva Eve
2024-04-02 09:16:39 • Filed to: Creative Recording Tips

The process of screen recording can be extremely helpful on the iPhone screen. This recording can be in the form of a clip saved from a game that is being played or recording different parts of live videos that are going on in social media. The recorder can also be of help for creating how-to videos for friends and acquaintances. The video clips which are saved can be sent directly to friends and relatives, can be uploaded on social media on different platforms or can be shared on a video sharing platform too. The screen recorder iOS has to offer is built directly in the iPhone however for using it, the user needs to perform a few functions. These functions are detailed in the article here

How to Record Screen on iPhone/iPad?

The screen recording feature is usually built into iPhones and other devices. However, for using it, the user needs to check whether in the Control Center, there is a screen record button. The Control Center can be opened by swiping down from the top-right corner in the iPhone X or later versions. In the versions before iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 itself, the user will have to swipe up. After this, the user needs to check if the screen record button is there or not. The button looks like a dot that has a circle around it. In case the recorder is not there these are the steps by which it can be added.

  • The user needs to open the settings tab
  • Then the user will have to tap the "Control Center" application
  • After this, the option of “Customize Controls” needs to be tapped
  • This is the place where items can be added or removed from the control center. Scrolling down would reach a green button that has a+ besides the Screen Recording. This is going to move the option from the More Controls section to the Include section which is at the top.

Now the recording can begin and will take place in the following steps:

Step 1: The user must then open the app or the website which he/she wants to record and then swipe up for the Control Center menu for the iPhone8 version or earlier. For the iPhone X or later, the screen has to be pulled down from the top right corner to reach the menu.

Step 2: In the second step, the Do Not Disturb or the button with the crescent moon icon would have to be turned on. This is going to pause all the notifications and calls. This is important because while the screen recorder is recording if a notification or call comes up, the screen recorder is going to record that to. If the crescent moon is pressed and held, there are more options than become visible such as switching the notifications off for one hour or flexible options of when the user wants to pause them.

Step 3: While the Control Center is still on the screen, the user has to tap the screen record button for starting the recording and a countdown timer is going to start which will give the user three seconds before the recording is going to start. The screen must be tapped for hiding the menu of Control Center.

Step 4: The user can now record both the audio and the video of whatever is playing on the screen whether it is a video or a music file. The recorder is not going to record any audio which is not generated from anywhere other than the phone. If the user has to record themselves as well in addition to the screen which is being recorded or any other sound apart from the running video, the microphone would have to be turned on.

For turning the microphone on, follow the below steps:

  1. Before the recording is started, the screen record button has to be pressed and held. The microphone needs to be tapped on a pop-up screen which is going to turn the microphone on. Then follow the procedure given above and start the recording. The countdown is going to begin in the window. Tapping anywhere would exit this screen and tape again will exit the Control Center.
  2. It must be kept in mind that once the microphone is turned on, it is going to stay on when the recording is done the next time unless the user goes back and turns the microphone off
  3. For stopping the recording, swipe down or up as the case may be for accessing the Control Center once again and tapping the record button once again.

Step 5: Unless there is a media that is open on the phone, there will be a red bar which is going to be there at the top of the screen or in the more latest versions of the iPhone it will be there on the left and it will show whether the recording is going on or not. Tapping the bar will generate a pop-up that will ask whether the recording is to be stopped. For stopping the recording “Stop” needs to be tapped. The video is going to be saved in the Videos with other photos.

Best iOS Screen Recorder

For the iPhone 8 or iPhone X users, the screen recorder tool is already available but in other cases, unless the iOS has not been updated, the screen recorder iOS 10 or the versions below it is not available. It requires the user to upgrade to iOS 11. For the other versions and their users who are in need of a screen recorder and iOS screen recorder is required. Here are a few options for the iOS screen recorders.


This is an iOS 10 screen recorder no jailbreak which also works on iOS 9 and all the other versions above. This allows the addition of dubbing and subtitles and also has good filter effects which at times can be compared to that of movies

The other aspect which makes this a popular screen recorder is that it is completely free and can offer HD recording as well. The user can import videos and also download them.

Dr. Fone iOS Screen Recorder

This screen recorder provides multiple features such as a one-click start, better customization and ease of use. This is one of the most recommended screen recorders as it offers the HD mirroring capability as well. Another feature that makes it really special is the fact that it can record the audio from the system. It is best for making presentations and gaming videos. Gamers really enjoy it because of the HD mirroring feature.


This is called by a few people as a revolution in screen recording because of what it can do. It could provide the screen recording feature a lot earlier than apple could but also provided the screen recording in Full HD. The app though has been discontinued and a new app EveryCord has come through. This app is completely free and also offers all the features which were provided by iRec. As of now, this cannot be downloaded from the App Store. But is one of the best screen recording apps. 


Vidyo is among the most popular screen recorders which were among the most famous when it had been officially uploaded into App Store. The reason behind its success was the ability to record the background audios. It also had the ability to record the sound from the device. The app is not available on the App Store now however it can still be got through the Apple ID of any person who had downloaded it. Another reason for this app to be successful is the fact that it was free and extremely easy to use.


The built-in screen recorders and the iOS screen recorder app provide a great tool and perhaps even arguably the best tool for the content creators and gaming video recorders to showcase their work on different platforms. These are the most sophisticated and easy to use recorders and provide the best output that is possible. They also add to the charm of the Apple products where they add significant value.

Not just the content creators, but those who commonly use the screen recorder for the How-to videos for relatives and friends. The iOS recorders are now a day to day utility. Besides, it offers those who record tutorials with the option of recording through the microphones. The iOS screen recorders provide an option to create the best quality videos with the most simple interfaces and that are the big reason why this is one of the best screen recorders.