How to Record Audio on Mac Systems

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Audio Recording

Macintoshes have for quite some time been the PCs of decision for inventive experts and specialists the same, so there is nothing unexpected that it's all around served with regards to record system audio on mac for recording sound. With a Mac, you have a helpful instrument for recording sound anyplace, in any case. Would you like to record sound or a voice reminder on your Mac PC? It is simple and straightforward. Macintosh OS accompanies an inherent sound account apparatus that will permit you to make fundamental sound chronicles.

Is it an opportunity to get genuine about your music vocation, or YouTube channel, or how to record internal audio on mac? At that point, you may require a gadget to assist with the sound account. Regardless of whether you have a camera or cell phone, realizing how to record sound on your Mac is an extraordinary reinforcement procedure if one of the different alternatives misses the mark. Contingent upon what source you're catching, and what framework you're running, the arrangements can differ, yet we've done the exploration and gathered together the best arrangements in this MacBook voice recording article guide.

Way 1. Record Audio on Mac with Voice Memos

Utilize the Voice Memos on your Mac as a chronicle gadget. You will utilize your inherent mouthpiece to record voice updates on Mac, and upheld headset, or an outer mic. You would then be able to tune in to your voice notices on any gadget where you're endorsed in utilizing similar Apple ID and Voice Memos is turned on in iCloud inclinations. Conveniently, the MacBook record audio can be done by the Voice Memo app inside the Mac system. Hence to find out how you can do that, refer to the following steps to learn.

1. Launch Voice Memos: To initiate record internal audio Mac, you need to launch the application on your MacBook. To do that, go to the Applications folder in MacBook and select the Voice Memos application from the list.

voice memos mac

2. Start Recording: The moment Voice Memos launches in your MacBook, you can have the front interface of the application and to initiate your recording, you need to hit the red circled button which will eventually start the recording.

click done voice memos

3. Stop the Recording: Whenever your recording gets finished, hit the Done button situated at the lower end of the application interface as shown below:

voice memos recording track

4. Save or Share File: In the final step, you can either save your recorded file or either share the file directly to the online platforms right from your MacBook and do that, refer to the recorded files section of the voice memo app and select your desired voice memo from the list as follows:

voice memos recordings

Note: You can also edit your voice memo from the Edit button at the top right corner of the screen as shown above.

Way 2. Use QuickTime to Record Internal Audio on Mac

If you need to record some basic sound or sound on a Mac, you can do so effectively utilizing a packaged application that accompanies Mac OS X, without hosting to download any third-get-together utilities. That application is QuickTime, which may come as an amazement to certain clients as it's commonly considered like a film seeing application, yet in all honesty, it has video, screen, and sound accountabilities also, making it shockingly incredible on the off chance that you look past the at first clear functionalities. Follow the below steps to find out.

1. Launch QuickTime Application: To begin with how to record audio on Mac using QuickTime you need to launch the QuickTime app from the Application on MacBook. For that, you can easily search with QuickTime and opt for the application as follows:

2. Start Audio Recording: To initiate audio recordings with the QuickTime software, opt for the New Audio Recording option within the app. You can follow File > New Audio Recording within the app. Moreover, you can also select this option while outside the application. You can right-click on the app icon and select the option from the menu as shown below:

quicktime new screen recording

3. Hit Record Button: In the next step, when a new window opens with the Audio Recording tools, all you need to do is hit the Record button from the window and be with it, as shown below:

quicktime audio recording

4. Save the Audio Recording: In the final step, you need to save your recording with a simple step, you can do it inside the application by going to File > Save and there you go, your audio file will be saved to your desired location.

In this way, you can use the MacBook built-in application tools to perform the audio recording functionality.

Way 3. Record System Audio on Mac with DemoCreator

Although recording audio on MacBook requires special techniques but worry not as in this section, you can record audio from computer Mac hassle-free and that's possible only with Wondershare DemoCreator software. With this software by Wondershare, you can have it all inside a single software application. It includes audio recording, screen recording, screen drawing, audio enhancing, and you can also perform sound editing and transformation with this software toolkit.

DemoCreator is a user-friendly application that has an intuitive design with super cool techniques, you can opt for having your audio as well as video recording was done while being on Mac. The best part with this software is that it also allows you to edit your audio file after you've recorded it. This means you can also alter your audio tracks with its intuitive design. This software is a light-weight yet powerful application that can also include your system sound along with the audio recording. In the end, if you like to share your audio files, then this software also allows you to do that.

Now, to find out how you can record internal audio Mac, you need to follow the steps below:

1. Download and Install: Right before we dive into the audio recording with this application, you need to download it from the below links so that you can install it afterward:

After you’ve downloaded the application program, now you need to install it on your MacBook.

2. Launch DemoCreator: The program will run automatically after installation. Click "New Recording" from the main screen.

democreator start capture

3. Now you can choose to record system audio or microphone audio as want. Click on the red button to start.

record system audio mac

4. You cn press Shift+Cmd+2 to end the process and then export the recording to your computer.


QuickTime can undoubtedly catch sound contributions from a receiver and save it as a lightweight m4a document, making it ideal for recording brisk voice notes, catching discussions, recording audio cues, making straightforward ringtones, or whatever other conceivable explanation you'd prefer to record some sound. Since the Mac doesn't have a packaged Voice Memos application as the iPhone does, this truly is the easiest free approach to catch some sound rather rapidly.

Hence, the only effective approach to record internal audio from Macbook is the Wondershare DemoCreator. You can do the recording as well as the editing with its simple and compelling interface that allows you to perform the audio recording on MacBook systems hassle-free. That is why we recommend DemoCreator software for your easiness and we’ve enlisted all the steps you need to follow to record system audio from Mac.