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How to Change Background Color to White with DemoCreator

Oliva Eve
Oliva Eve Originally published Jun 27, 22, updated Apr 18, 24

In today's digital world, photos have become an essential component. For their businesses to expand and prosper, many sectors depend on high-quality images. Photos may define the firm, from promoting items to demonstrating marketing prowess. Any undesired item or the whole background of a picture may be removed or clipped off with a free background remover. The main professions that need a free online background remover are photographers, online retailers, and e-commerce websites. They often become the main tool used by customers to decide which companies or goods to buy. This is why giving images a distinctive touch is crucial. And a quick and efficient method to accomplish exactly that is by using a free online background remover.

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Why you will need to change the background color to white?

The removal of backgrounds from photographs is a common free service offered by several photo editing service providers. Only a select fraction of these companies can provide outcomes of a professional caliber. You'll eventually need to eliminate the background from images, whether you're changing a drab sky, cutting out a product, or making a collage. For this activity, both experts and novices need an effective instrument. It takes a lot of time and effort to remove the background. However, it is one of the most important adjustments. As a result, developers have developed a variety of solutions. For all levels of skill, there are fortunately numerous free options available on the market. We'll show you a few of them right now.

How to change background color to white


A popular online picture editor called specializes in getting rid of backgrounds. You may save time and work by having it automatically remove the background from photos. Additionally, this application increases digital efficiency in background editing, allowing you to quickly and simply alter the background color online. Simply choose the greatest basic colors the online tool has to offer.

white background online editor

The top program on our list for changing the color of an image's background is You may easily alter the background color of a picture by using it. It does it for you automatically. The software's ability to batch-modify background color changes for images is its strongest feature. It accepts multiple picture inputs and changes the background color of each image at once. The background color of a picture may be changed for you by simply selecting the appropriate color. Using it, you may also change an image's background into a translucent one.


  • Automated background removal;
  • A well-designed user interface;
  • A large selection of predefined solid background colors


  • Users must register for an account.

2. Clipping Magic

Use Clipping Magic to chop off a picture precisely and without cost. It is rare to find a decent free background removal program that eliminates the background from a picture flawlessly and for free. Because you can now use human editing tools to modify the picture and the deleted background after the AI algorithm has finished its work, Clipping Magic allays your concerns when the background doesn't seem how you want it to.

white background online editor free


  • Several Choices for Editing
  • It is practical to start both AI and manual background trimming.
  • It takes less than 10 seconds to prepare your photograph.


  • It costs a fee as the free trial has certain restrictions.
  • Your picture can only be exported in one format.

3. Retoucher

You don't need to do anything particularly demanding. Simply submit your picture to and let it perform the task on its own. Additionally, it includes various stock backgrounds that you could find useful for creating a brand-new background for your photograph. Additionally, it contains a few auxiliary plug-ins and a complete manual customer-supported editing option where you may leave your email address and submit the specifics of the modification you desire.

white background online editor free


  • Free online background removal for images
  • Utilization is quite simple.
  • There is no restriction on the maximum size of the picture you may submit


  • If the picture doesn't cut nicely, there is no way to change it.
  • Limited capabilities for an online background-removing picture editor

4. PhotoScissors

The background of a picture may be rapidly removed with PhotoScissors' automated background removal feature. In addition, you may use another background picture, a translucent solid color, or both to swap out the background. For media photographs, product shots, and e-commerce, this free online background remover is designed. You may download low-resolution pictures for free.

white background online editor free

One of the most well-liked and well-known options for erasing backgrounds from photographs is PhotoScissors. One of the most comprehensive tools is it. Transparency, solid color, or background picture should be used instead of a background wherever possible. However, if you want to buy a high-resolution photograph, you must pay with credits. With the help of the PhotoScissors background removal tool, objects and backgrounds may be simply extracted from photographs. The program will take care of the details if you just draw some foreground and background. Remove a photo's complicated background immediately. Distinguishable foreground and background.


  • You may quickly change the background with a different picture or color, add a shadow, and adjust blur and opacity.
  • It contains several selection tools that you may use
  • To work separately and without causing damage, you may retain your background, shadow, and foreground in separate layers.


  • You can only download a low-resolution version of it, but it's free to use even if you don't register.

5. Adobe Express

Adobe's user-friendly, mass-market program suite for basic graphic design and content development is called Adobe Creative Cloud Express (Adobe Spark). When it comes to picture editing with CC Express, Adobe excels. The background removal tool is quick and comes with two brushes to further polish it: an eraser to remove any remaining background, and a restorer to add some of the backgrounds back in. All effects are only applied to the topic if the background of the photograph has been eliminated. However, the Color tab will allow the user to add a specific color to replace the background that has been deleted.

white background online editor

For solitary photographs, such as those uploaded straight from your desktop or those altered within a template, the background may be deleted. Users may also apply Filters, Enhancements, Blur, and Color with any selection. Additionally, there are three blending modes available in the standalone picture editor: Normal, Multiply, and Screen. Increasing the contrast or brightness of one of the design's pictures might help it blend in with the others, depending on the design. It is quicker and simpler for individuals who don't want to edit photographs separately to be able to do it all in one app.


  • It is both web-based and mobile. It helps with single-page website creation.
  • It is very user-friendly—no design experience is necessary.
  • combines free photographs from Adobe Stock images
  • Ideal for straightforward designs that appear professional
  • Both paid, premium stock photographs from Adobe Stock and high-resolution, free images from Adobe are included.


  • Only the graphics maker tool is accessible on Android.
  • All pages and videos contain Adobe Creative Cloud Express in the free edition.

6. Fotor

Another one of these web resources is Fotor, an automated background-removal application. Use the tool as described below to remove the white background. While using the Fotor picture editor online is free, to use the premium features, you must subscribe.

white background online editor free

The Magic Clipper from Fotor can always complete the task. It's a program that enables you to remove background mixtures and replace them with fresh backgrounds. Since they remove backgrounds and even provide you with free graphic design templates, it is a simple answer to your background removal concerns. The Fotor background remover is easy to use and understand. Instead of a white background, one that is translucent might be used. Using the picture editor, you may experiment more with how you want the images to appear. Your photographs may include text layers, collages, effects, stickers, and more.


  • It is quite easy to use.
  • does not at all lower the image's quality
  • It is quite easy to use.
  • It is simple to get there.


  • The watermark on the altered picture makes it almost worthless if you're using the free trial.
  • It does not enable additional picture alterations.

7. Slazzer.Com

Slazzer is another excellent online application for editing photos and eliminating the white background. The AI algorithm used by Slazzer is more intelligent and can remove background from photographs without leaving any blank space, however, it may do so by taking away more space than is required. As it just takes a few seconds to process the picture, remove the background, and preview it, you may quickly and for free remove the background. All you have to do to utilize Slazzer is go online and start setting your background to white.

Slazzer is another wonderfully designed program that uses AI to eliminate backgrounds. Whether using a PC or a smartphone, the web-based program enables users to remove undesirable backgrounds with the assurance that the erased backgrounds will be replaced. To assist you to decide whether you could utilize the online product, a few characteristics are described below.


  • Its user interface is basic.
  • There are no watermarks on it.
  • Once you register for a free account on the website, you may download the photographs.


  • Credits, which may be bought on the website, are required for downloading full photographs up to 25 megapixels.

8. InPixio

If you have images that can be used in product catalogs, InPixio is a useful tool. It is a useful technique for eliminating backgrounds from pictures that will be used again. Even though it seems simple to use, it may be a bit difficult to utilize the tool since you need to focus on identifying the parts that need to be deleted. The cost of its services is not listed on the website, so anybody interested must first get in touch with the business.

white background online editor free

Even though they have different functions, InPixio is merely another auto background remover like the ones above. This free tool gives users the option to quickly remove background from a picture using its sophisticated auto-ai algorithm. Since people often check pricing first to compare with other suppliers, this might be somewhat annoying.


  • Trimming has several advantages.
  • It provides a no-cost trial version.
  • The desired background may be chosen by users.


  • It provides a premium edition.
  • certain editing tools

9. LunaPic

Without a doubt, everyone appreciates quality. Due to the drawbacks of the aforementioned web program, LunaPic is suggested if you want a more effective software choice. The program is an online video editor that enables users to do a variety of things with videos, including clip, trim, apply effects, and more.


  • With LunaPic, editing is simple. Users may choose their own background.
  • It works with all gadgets.


  • If you don't sign in, the altered video has a watermark.
  • If you're using the free edition, you can't edit videos longer than 7 minutes.

10. PhotoRoom

Compared to other free online background-erasing applications, PhotoRoom seems more like a typical picture editor. There is no narrative about you not being able to locate the function you want to utilize since the interface is well-designed and there is just one function. Additionally, it uses AI to quickly remove the background from web photographs.

white background online editor free

Compared to most of its competitors, PhotoRoom can erase backgrounds online more effectively. You don't need to perform any manual editing later since it removes the edge flawlessly. However, it also has a built-in picture editor that lets you change the image's background, add a description, and maybe scale it.


  • It contains a built-in photo editor that enables mass online image background removal.


  • In certain photographs, the AI may not be able to remove the white background.
  • Only one export format is available.

How to Edit Video Background with DemoCreator – The Easiest Solution

Wondershare DemoCreator is a desktop application that has embedded with built-in tools to change the background to White. The toolkit is intuitive as well as a perfect match for beginners. So, if you want to know how to edit video background to white with this powerful editor, here’s how you can successfully do it.

Step1 Import Your Video Files

Launch the program from the start menu and choose the Video Editor option as shown below to begin using background removal together on your video production. To import your movie directly into the editor as described in the following steps, navigate to the Import Media button within the user-friendly interface and choose your preferred files from the file explorer.

white background online editor
Step2 Drag Files to the Timeline

Drag the newly imported files to the timeline below to continue applying the functionality and quickly apply the effects.

white background online editor
Step3 Use Chroma Key to Remove Background

In the next step, head towards the Advanced effects and drag the Chroma key to your video inside the timeline. Then in the settings, select the background to make it White from the settings as shown here:

white background online editor
Step4 Export the Finished Video

By selecting the Export button, as shown above, you may export your video and audio files in the last stage in the formats you've chosen.

white background online editor free


Technology has made it simpler and more accessible to remove backgrounds from images, but there are no magic secrets. You do need perseverance, talent, and high-quality—often expensive—software. Try several algorithms to find which one analyzes your picture best and saves you the most time if you're willing to let the algorithm do the bulk of the job. Choose DemoCreator if you're prepared to get in and take command. Your time invested in studying it will pay off in the future by saving you time on projects.

Wondershare DemoCreator
An essential demo-making tool that helps learners, educators, freelancers, and gamers to take idea-sharing to the next level.
Oliva Eve
Oliva Eve Apr 18, 24
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