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How to Extract Audio from Video on Windows 10?

David Wilson
2024-04-02 13:58:32 • Filed to: Audio Editing

How about we concede, as a whole have experienced by ourselves windows extracting audio from video techniques, where we needed to separate the sound of a video? In any case, removing sound from a video is certifiably not a simple assignment. To separate sound from a video, one requirement is to utilize proficient video or sound-altering apparatuses.

Notwithstanding, the issue with proficient video or sound-altering apparatuses is that they are costly. Regardless of whether you figure out how to snatch a free video-altering apparatus, you first need to dominate the whole device to separate the sound. However, imagine a scenario where I reveal to you that you can extricate sound out of any video without utilizing an expert tool.

1. Extract Audio from Video on Windows 10 with DemoCreator - Most Recommended

To know an easier way How to extract audio from video windows 10, we're here with the best suitable software, Wondershare DemoCreator, which is the one of its kind software available to have an audio extraction tool with a simple drag and drop technique. Making it a best-fit for the beginner to the pro-level editing experts as Audio Extractor software usually has these features split up into various formats, and the experts have to include the following a hectic editing routine. That's why DemoCreator also covers beginner-level editing features to a pro-level ones.

Additionally, if you want to perform an even better video editing experience, then DemoCreator is also up for it as it has an intuitive interface to sort the video editing techniques altogether. But if you're wondering how you can use this video editor with an audio extraction feature effectively, then here's the step-by-step guide for you to opt for. Follow the steps.

The Steps to Extract Audio from Video on Windows 10

1. Launch DemoCreator and Import Video

In the first step, you need to import your files to this software so you can use the extracted audio effect in your video clips. You can import your files, including video clips, images, audio files, and any format file, just by hitting the Import button as follow:

import your files to this software

2. Drag the Video to the Timeline

You must be brought to the video editor of this software, where you can perform the sound extraction without any prior experience. To do that, after the successful import of your sound recordings to this software, drag and drop them from the media library to the timeline at the bottom of this software. Now you shall preview your sound files within the timeline where you can also trim the audio of the concerned audio file within the timeline handily as follows:

brought towards the video editor

3. Audio Detach

To opt for Audio extraction with DemoCreator, right-click on your file inside the timeline and select Detach Audio from the list as shown below. Making you extract the audio part of your video as a separate entity.

opt for audio extraction

4. Export Audio/Video

Now, as soon as you're done with the audio extraction with the DemoCreator video editor, with all the fun. It's time now to step forward with the output files, and with DemoCreator, you have got a variety of techniques to implement on your output audios. To simply export your masterpiece, you can do that by hitting the Export button at the top of the DemoCreator editor as follow:

export your masterpiece

Meanwhile, if you're willing to share your files directly to YouTube and other cloud platforms on the go, then the DemoCreator Export window also provides you with the feasibility as shown below:

share your files directly

Related Tips:

To add more, here are some top-notch tips and tricks of the DemoCreator audio extractor tool with easy-to-follow steps as well.

● How To Add More Sound Effects to Audio?

If you want your audio files to be more eye-catching and appalling enough to catch the audience's attention, then you probably need some audio effects to empower your audio file. With that being said, Wondershare DemoCreator is here to deal with it so effectively that your audience will go to love it.

To begin adding some sound effects to your audio files, right after performing the Audio Extraction from the video, you can now refer to the Sound Effects menu bar at the left side of the software interface as shown here:

adding some sound effects

From there, you can preview your favorite one and then simply drag and drop over the sound file situated inside the timeline, and there you go with the audio effect implemented right on the sound file with ease.

● How To Make Audio Denoise?

Wondershare DemoCreator also enables you to denoise your audio with its built-in tool. To do that, hit the Audio inside the timeline, and it'll enable the Audio editing properties at the right side of the interface. Right after enabling the Audio Denoise, as shown below, you can make Audio Denoise intensity Low, Mid, or High. Select your suitable one and save it by checking the audio in the preview window.

select your suitable one

2. Extract Audio from Video on Windows 10 with VLC Media Player

Almost certainly, you, as of now, have a VLC media player introduced on your Windows 10 OS. In case that is the situation, you can utilize it to quiet your recordings. VLC is one of the famous media players with a huge number of clients. And keeping in mind that the application looks basic with a clear play screen and a couple of buttons, it's a lot more. As well as playing practically all sound and video files, VLC has a few stunts at its disposal, and one of them incorporates changing video over to sound record.

Furthermore, VLC has applications for practically all famous working frameworks, including Windows 10, macOS, and Linux. To recuperate the sound of a video utilizing a VLC media player, follow these steps below

Step 1: Launch the App

Launch the VLC media player on your computer. With the default screen open, tap Media located in the upper left corner. Now, click on the Convert / Save, and the "Open Media" dialog will appear.

launch the vlc media player

Step 2: Import the File and Extract Audio Directly

In the window just opened, you can click Add and select the video file whose audio you want to extract. You can select multiple video files in this window.

select multiple video files

Step 3: Export/Save the File

In the final step, to confirm, select Open and click Convert / Save. Now, select the type of audio file you want VLC to convert. For example, MP3, FLAC, OGG, etc. End the saving process by selecting the destination folder, the audio bitrate (the higher, the better), and click Start to export inside your system.

select open and click convert

3. How Extract Audio from Video Online

Audio Extractor App

Online Audio Converter is a site that allows you to change over sound into an alternate organization. It likewise upholds video records. That implies one can utilize it to get sound from any video. Follow a portion of the basic strides underneath to utilize the Online Audio Converter Tool on Windows 10.

Step 1: Visit the Site

Open the online converter website on your desktop and click Upload to select the source file.

Website: Audio Extractor

Step 2: Import the File and Extract Audio Directly

Next,select the videofrom your computer whose audio you want to extract. Optionally, you can select the audio bitrate by clicking the Options button.

clicking the options button

Step 3: Export/Save the File

Click Convert to start the conversion. The download should begin almost immediately, although it may depend on the upload speed of your internet connection.

click convert to start the conversion

4. More Professional Tool - Extract Audio from Video with Audacity

Audacity is an extraordinary sound editorial manager, and with the FFmpeg module, you can utilize it to effortlessly separate sound from video files. It is a free, open-source sound supervisor accessible on all significant PC stages. The application permits you to import and fare records, yet you can likewise make WAV or AIFF files that are upgraded for sound CD copying. There are likewise numerous different impacts accessible, and you can upgrade the application considerably further by utilizing outsider modules.

The application can deal with numerous recording and playback gadgets, and there are additional level meters, so you can undoubtedly screen volume levels. What's more, you can trade MP3 files utilizing the LAME encoder library. We additionally need to refer to that you can send out AC3, M4A/M4R (AAC), and WMA files utilizing the FFmpeg library module. Utilizing this module, you'll be likewise ready to open video records and fare sound from them. Concerning extra components, Audacity upholds 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit tests just as standard altering choices. The application likewise upholds limitless fix and re-try steps, so you can undoubtedly fix any error.

Step 1: Launch the App

The first thing you need is Audacity installed on your PC. Start the application once you have finished. To extract audio from a video file, select 'Open' from the Menu bar as shown below:

audacity installed

Step 2: Import the File and Extract Audio Directly

After the video is selected, you can export only audio from that part. You can select the format you want to export the audio file from the Export context menu. These include MP3, WAV, OCG, and others. Hit the Add button from the list as shown below:

select the format you want

Step 3: Export/Save the File

The next and final step is to select 'Export' from the file menu. Click on the "Export as Mp3" button after selecting the location where the audio file is to be stored; your video files can now be converted into Audacity audio files.

the next and final step


You may have an assortment of your top-notch audio extractor tool and if you need to remove the sound from it as an MP3 file have the option to play on your MP3 player. You need windows to extract audio from the video toolkit, as mentioned above. Along with these, this article was about the nitty-gritty depiction of a few diverse manners by which a client can extricate a sound record from a specific video file in a matter of seconds. To simplify your task to a better extent, DemoCreator is the only solution with a lot more features rather than just extracting audio from video windows 10. Hence you can download and install this masterpiece right away.