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Need some help on how to change voices in videos? Changing the voice in a video can be done in two different ways. Sometimes, you are looking to change the voice in an old recorded video. Or you might need a video voice changer while making new videos. Either way, having the ability to change the voice in a video has many benefits. For instance, video voice changer can protect your anonymity and secrecy.

Having said that, today we will discuss best applications for voice changing and how to change the voice. So, let us get started.

Part1 Why You Will Need to Change the Voice in Videos?

Before starting our main topic, in this section, we will look at why and when you should change the voice of a video. Here are some situations changing the voice in a video might come in handy.

For Special Effects

You can change the voice of the video to make it creepier, funny, or fantastical. It can be a handy feature and will make your video more attractive.

To Protect Your Anonymity and Secrecy

Also, you can use a video voice changer to protect your identity. For instance, imagine a situation where you are in a casual or informal meeting. If you need to change your voice during this meeting, it could be done easily with a voice changer application.

Part2 Step by Step Guide to Change the Voices in Videos in DemoCreator

This section will talk about how to change the voices in the video using Wondershare DemoCreator. But, first, here are some details about Wondershare DemoCreator.

About Wondershare DemoCreator

In the modern world, video and screen recording hold a significant place in multiple fields. For instance, you will need good video and screen recording software for courses, YouTube tutorials, gameplay recording, online conversations, and office meetings. Besides, you might want to edit those recorded videos or screens. Adding subtitles, removing background noises, and adjusting audio are some of the editing features you require from a video recording application.

Wondershare DemoCreator is one of the best video and screen recording tools in the market, and it has all the above-mentioned editing capabilities and more. However, today, we are talking about the video voice changer, not about the video recording tool. So, how good is the Wondershare DemoCreator for changing voices in a video?

To tell you the truth, Wondershare DemoCreator is an excellent tool for changing voices in a video. You will get a better idea about its performance from the next section. However, here are some details about the Wondershare DemoCreator Voice Changer feature.

Voice Changer Feature

If you want to listen to a modified version of your voice, the Voice Changer feature is the best method to do that. There are five types of voices available in the Wondershare DemoCreator. These voices include female, male, child, transformer, and robot voices. Besides, there are dozens of sound effects available too. You can easily change the voice from the timeline, and we will talk about that in the next section.

change voice in video

How to Change the Voices in Videos Using DemoCreator

As we said earlier, there are several situations for using a voice changer. We talked about that earlier in the article. So, we are not going to talk about them anymore. However, in this section, we are going to show you how to use DemoCreator as a voice changer for any type of video. Besides, Wondershare DemoCreator is the best voice changer for Google Meet. So, follow these steps carefully.

Step1 Install the Wondershare DemoCreator

First, go to the official Wondershare DemoCreator website. Then install the latest version of Democreator.

Official website

Step2 Prepare a Video for Your Task

After successfully installing DemoCreator on your PC, launch the application. Then, set up the configuration of the application. This is the crucial part. So, please do not ignore it. After that, you can select record a new video or edit an exciting video. Therefore, choose the option you prefer.

Step3 Import the Media File

After selecting the option you prefer, DemoCreator will load up a window with new project settings. In there, click the + icon to import the file that you are planning to change the voice. So, add the file to the DemoCreator. Now, drag the added file to the timeline to edit.

Step4 Changing the Voice

After adding the video to the timeline, you can find two options on the right side of the screen; Video and Audio. Click on the Audio option. Then scroll down and find the Voice Changer option. At the Voice Changer drop-down list, you can find five different voices. Female, Male, Child, Transformer, and Robot. Select the voice that you want to insert into your imported video.

Step5 Export the Video

After selecting the desired voice, you can now click on the Export button. This will open up a new window. In that window, you will be able to choose a file location, format, and many other audio and video settings. So, make the changes accordingly. Finally, click on the Export with watermark button to export your video. After a few minutes, you will get a new video file with a changed voice before the previous voice.

●  If you follow the above five steps, you will be able to use the Democreator as a video voice changer for your videos.

Other Sound Effect in DemoCreator

Now you have a good understanding of the DemoCreator's Voice Changer feature. Apart from the Voice Changer feature, what are the other sound effects that DemoCreator has?

A good sound effect can improve your audience's mood and overall satisfaction to a great deal. So, adding proper sound effects is vital. For instance, if you can add a Game Over sound (a sound effect that plays when your gaming character is killed), it will greatly increase the audience's feelings towards your video. Wondershare DemoCreator allows its user to do this easily. So, let us find out how to do that.

How to Add or Remove Sound Effects in Wondershare DemoCreator?

Step 01: After adding the video to the timeline, the left side Tools Panel will be active. So, select the Sound tab in the Tools Panel.

Step 02: Then double-click on the Sounds option to open the sound effects.

Step 03: Now, you can see a lot of sound effects such as Game Over, Guns, Wind, Beep, and many more. Select the desired sound effect and drag and drop it to the timeline.

● You should drop it at the exact location where you want to play the sound effect. In this case, choose the moment that your game character gets killed. Also, there is a heart icon located in each sound effect, and you can use it to mark your favorite sound effects.

How to Customize the Sound Effects?

To adjust the sound effects, go to the Properties Panel. There you can find three different options.

Audio: You can change the volume or mix the sound with mono.

Denoise: You can adjust the noise level of your audio or video file.

Speed: You can adjust the speed of the sound effect.

change voice in video

Audio Fade in and out Ability

Wondershare DemoCreator can fade in and out audio. Here is a simple explanation for those who are not familiar with the audio fade. 

Suppose you can alter any sound in a way that that sound slowly reaches decline or increment. It is called the audio fade. In other words, you can use fade-in for sound increment. Also, you can use fade out for sound decline. 

Wondershare DemoCreator comes with much-improved fade-in and fade-out capabilities. Besides, you can apply crossfades between cuts. These features can be beneficial while editing music clips, and you can access these features from the Edit Audio option.

Part3 Movavi Video Voice Changer

Movavi Video Editor Plus is an excellent tool for video editing. Besides, it has a voice modifier feature. So, you can use this voice modifier feature to change the voice of a video. On the other hand, Movavi is compatible with Windows and macOS.

change voice in video

Step1 Get the Movavi Video Editor Plus

First, download the Movavi Video Editor from its official website.

Official website – Movavi

Step2 Add the Video

After downloading the software:

● Run it on your PC or Macintosh.

● Click on the Add files button to select the video that you want to make the voice change.

● Drag and drop the audio or video clip to the timeline.

Step3 Change the Voice

Now double click on the video file located on the timeline. Adjust the speed of the audio via the Speed slider. If you want the fade-in or out effects adjust that one too. If you want to distort the voice, open the More Tools option. Go to Audio Editing and then click on Audio Effects. Now select the desired effect from the given list. Besides, here, you can adjust the echo too.

Step4 Save the Video

After all the settings are completed, click on the Export button. In the next window, you can select the file format, file name, and location of the file. So, do that too. Finally, click on the Start button to complete the operation. Your video file will be saved to the computer.


Supports Windows and macOS

Easy to use interface

Motion tracking ability


Not supported with Apple Silicon M1

Part4 Voicemod Voice Changer

Voicemod Voice Changer is specially designed to change the voice of videos, and it is the perfect tool for content creators, gamers, and YouTubers. With Voicemod, you can add voices such as a demon, robot, chipmunk, man, woman, and more.

change voice in video

Step1 Download Voicemod

First, go to Voicemod. Then click on the Get Voicemod Free button. Now log in to your Twitch, Discord, or Google account on the next screen. After successful login, the setup file for Voicemod will be downloaded. Wait until the download is completed and install the application on your computer.

Step2 Set up the Voicemod

After installing the Voicemod:

● Launch the application.

● Select the output and input settings.

● For input, select the microphone. You can also test your voice too.

If any distortion is detected, the program will identify that.

Step3 Select the Filters

After choosing the output and input settings, you can now select a filter. There are plenty of filters available. So, choose from the list. However, it would be best if you upgraded to the pro version to enjoy all the filters. Also, turn on the Voice Changer, and it should be located at the bottom left corner of the window.

Step4 Using Discord

If you need to change the voice of discord, open the Discord and then go to the Settings. After that, go to the Voice and Video and change the input device to "Voice mode Virtual Audio Device." Now your voice in Discord should play according to the filter you choose.


Multiple free voices

Fewer resources while running on a PC or laptop

Easy integration with Streaming applications


Limited feature for free users

Part5 is a real-time online voice changer app. It has plenty of free voice samples for you. Also, is a free-to-use voice changer app.

voice change

Step1 Go to the Official Website

First, go to the Voice Changer.

Step2 Customize Your File

On the home page, you can find two different options; upload audio or use a microphone. Also, below that, you can find several different sample voices. Select the preferred voice and click on the upload audio button.

Step3 Listen to Your Audio File

After uploading the audio file, you can listen to your audio file online.

● Currently, is in the development stage. However, they offer free sign up for beta testing.


Free to use

No installation required

Live mic recording capabilities


Still in the development stage

Part6 Online Tone Generator

Online Tone Generator comes with several different features that can help you to manipulate audio files. Also, it has Pitch Shifter that allows its users to change the pitch. When you visit the official website, you can see the tone generator on the homepage. You can select the frequency, waveform, and volume at the homepage. Therefore, you can easily change your voice with this online Tone Generator.

However, by default, the frequency will be selected as 44.1 kHz, and the waveform will be Sine. There are four types of waveforms available in the tone generator; Sine, Sawtooth, Square, and Triangle. Also, the volume bar allows you to control the low and high levels of the volume. Besides, the Play and Stop buttons allow you to start or pause the audio clip. You can hit the Save button to download the audio file.

change voice in video

Multiple tools and features are available

No installation required

you can adjust the frequency accordingly


It can be complicated for beginners

Part7 DubYou Voice Changer

DubYou Voice Changer is one of the best voice changer apps available for Android devices. You can change your voice to Echo or Mouse voice pretty easily. To download DubYou Voice Changer for your Android device, follow these steps.

change voice in video

Step 01: First, type DubYou Voice Changer apk on your web browser. Then go to a safe apk download site and click download.

Step 02: Now run the apk file on your Android device. If the Third-Party app warning comes up, go to Menu on your Android device. Then Settings and Security. Now select the Unknown Sources to permit installation.

Step 03: Wait until the installation is over. Finally, launch the app.

DubYou Voice Changer is a free-to-use app. However, if you want to access the best sound effects, you might have to upgrade to VIP. Besides, with DubYou Voice Changer, you can share your edited video on Facebook, Vimeo, iMessage, Airdrop, and Mail. Also, no signup process is needed to use the DubYou Voice Changer.


Excellent tool for Discord

Compatible with Android and iPhone


apk file download can be a little risky


We hope that today, you were able to get a good idea about video voice changer applications from this article. Without a doubt, Wondershare DemoCreator is the best option for changing voices in videos. On the other hand, Movavi Video Editor Plus can be pretty handy too. However, if you are looking for an app to change the voice on an Android, DubYou Voice Changer is the best option. Whatever you choose, you will get an excellent final product from these applications.

Related FAQs

1. What is closed captioning?

As explained earlier, closed captions in a video can be enabled or disabled as required, and can even be formatted for improved visibility or to match the theme of the video. Closed captions for a video are saved in an independent file, typically with the *.srt extension.

2. How to deal with the auto-caption process failure?

While making auto-captioning, you can try to stop the transaction process if the program fails to recognize it. Then launch and sign in to the software again and check your transaction time.

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