Voice Changers have gained popularity since social media has increased in the past decade. The idea of distorting the voice to become unrecognizable is inherently fascinating. In this world of content creators, videos can be made fascinating, attractive, uncanny, or funny simply by changing the voice.

Discord, as the rapidly developed online gaming and chat application, many users use voice changer tools to prank friends or chat. Although it can help conceal one's identity, it can be intriguing and concerning due to its potential for misuse through impersonation.

Every coin has two sides, which depend on the person using it. We advocate using such tools legally because they contribute to the community and show human progress in technology and creativity. This passage will discuss voice changers for Discord on different devices for your needs.

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Best 6 Voice Changers for Discord on PC

Considering the features, usability, and compatibility, some voice changers for Discord on PC stand out during our research. Let's dive into these top choices here.

1) Wondershare DemoCreator (Recommended)

The Wondershare DemoCreator is an all-in-one video recorder and video editor software with a wide range of AI features, making it a favorite of educators, influencers, business owners, gamers, and many more. The best part of this software is that it keeps upgrading itself with new features to stay up with the times and give its users an edge over others.

The latest feature added to the Audio editing section of this software is the AI voice changer. With this feature, you can change your voice in fun ways to make it attractive to the audience. The following are the key features, pros, and cons of DemoCreator.

Free Download
Free Download

Key Features:

  • 20+ voice effects: Male, female, child, robot, transformer voice, etc.
  • Extensive audio and video editing features: You can remove background noise from audio or extract vocals from songs.
  • High-quality game recording: No matter the monitor resolution, you can record the best high-quality game videos, depending on the game interface.
  • Audio fade-in and fade-out: You can fade in and fade out the audio to make it look natural and end properly. This feature is especially beneficial for segments with no apparent ending.
  • Audio denoise: You can remove the background noise using the audio denoise feature.
  • 50,000+ visual assets: Dozens of audio effects, transitions, and texts to choose from.
  • Text-to-speech: You can convert texts into audio and read them out using your favorite voice.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It supports Windows and Mac with normal computer specs. Compared to other voice changers for Discord, there is no restriction on the computer or hard drive requirement.
  • High-quality game recording with Avatars.
  • It doesn't support a real-time voice changer.

How Do You Use DemoCreator's Voice Changer Feature?

Step 1: Import the media files—First, import the files you need to change the voice. Drag the file to the timeline and then select Clip.

import files to discord voice changer software

Step 2: Select Voice Changer—From the left-side menu bar, go to Audio Effects > Voice Changer and drag it to the timeline.

choose wondershare democreator voice changer for discord

Step 3: Pre-listen the voice from the lists and choose your favorite voice effect.

prelisten voice changer effects for discord

Step 4: Listen to the results and click apply if satisfied.

apply voice changer on video
Free Download
Free Download

2) Voicemod

voicemod change voice for discord

Voicemod is another impressive software with a built-in feature for words, such as a voice changer for Discord PC. Every month, it brings themed sounds that perfectly match the latest games. It is one of the best voice changer applications for Windows. Install the software, and it will automatically add the Microphone Input Device Setting for Discord.

  • The software is compatible with all modern games and chat applications
  • Free use of more than 100 voices.
  • Unlimited soundboard sound slots.
  • Access to the VoiceLab to customize voice creation by adding multiple effects.
  • AI voice generator to unlock unlimited possibilities of voice creation.
  • Free access to Voicemod Live.
  • Not all features are available on the free version.
  • There is a daily cap on the number of times each feature can be used in the free version.

3) VoiceWave

voicewave for voice changer

VoiceWave is free discord voice changer software for online streamers and content creators. It offers more than 100 sound effects and 18 sounds to enhance audio creativity and engagement. You can preview the AI vocals. VoiceWave provides you with custom Discord voices and advanced features such as a voice mixer and soundboard.

  • Has an extensive collection of AI voices.
  • More than 100 real-time voice effects are available.
  • Free to download and use.
  • Changing voice in real-time.
  • Only works for Windows PC.
  • The free version only supports 4 standard voice effects and doesn't support changing voice for video and audio

4) Clownfish Voice Changer

clownfish voice changer on discord

The Clownfish Voice Changer is one of the best voice changers with basic features. It is a straightforward and easy-to-use tool that works well with Discord and other chat applications like Skype and Steam. It offers various features, such as a sound player, converting text to speech using a voice assistant, controlling background music, and a wide range of voice effects.

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Compatible with all the versions of Windows.
  • Free to use and best recommended for novice users.
  • Doesn't have very sophisticated and latest features.
  • A fewer voice effects than other voice changers.

5) MorphVOX Pro

morphvox voice changer

MorphvoxPro leads the list of voice changers for Discord software described above simply because it can provide quality output audio without burdening your PC's CPU. You can mimic your voice, and add background music to enhance your gaming experience. It also provides advanced features such as noise cancellation, shortcut keys for sound effects, and high-quality effects.

  • Enhanced experience for gamers.
  • Powerful voice changer software constantly evolves with better features to improve the quality of your audio.
  • You need Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 or above to run the Morphvox.
  • You cannot launch the device after the trial version ends.

6) HitPaw Voice Changer

hitpaw voice changer

HitPaw Voice Changer is real-time voice changer software with magical sound effects. It is best for an enhanced gaming experience. You can change voices with every game. It also seamlessly integrates with Discord and other live streaming applications such as Zoom, Google Meet, YouTube, Minecraft, and Valorant PUBG. With endless possibilities to change your voice, HitPaw is a perfect voice modifier for Discord.

  • It removes noise and echo while switching between voices.
  • It is straightforward to change voices without compromising the quality.
  • Uses a robust AI algorithm that gives it a cutting edge over its competitors.
  • Real-time AI voice effects are supported only on Windows devices with Nvidia 4G and AMD 6G or above.
  • Very limited voice effects for the free trial version.

Best 3 Online Voice Changers for Discord


voice.ai voice changer

Voice.ai is a voice changer app that enables you to change your voice in real-time and mimic any celebrity voice. Unlike traditional voice changers, this application allows you to create your voice whoever you want, irrespective of gender. It also allows you to use your recordings as soundboards.

  • Huge UGC voice library with more than 1000 voices in Voice Universe.
  • Speech-to-speech voice conversation.
  • Allows you to retain your emotion, empathy, and speech pattern while changing the voice, making it sound natural.
  • Free of cost.
  • Voice.ai is still in the Beta version and doesn't work with singing.
  • The mobile version currently doesn't allow real-time voice changing.

2) TopMediAI

topmediai voice changer

TopMediAI is one of the best text-to-speech tools powered by AI. It supports 3200+ different voices covering YouTubers, TikTok, Movies and TV, commercials, games, celebrities, animations and so on. You can also upload a voice to clone. The AI voices are ultra-realistic to deliver quality voiceovers and thereby improve the quality of your content.

  • The tool offers an extensive library of rapper voices and celebrity voices.
  • Customizable voices to cater to specific requirements.
  • Multilingual support.
  • It supports cloning voices if you cannot find the destined voice in the library.
  • Doesn't support real-time conversion.
  • You can only convert the first 5000 characters by the free version.
  • Most common voices are not free to use.
  • You can only download your audio files in the WAV format.

3) Voicechanger.io

voicechanger.io voice changer

Voicechanger.io is an online voice-changer application that allows users to change the voice of an uploaded video or generate a speech from text. The website is simple and easy to understand and use. You need to upload the audio, add the effect and set the pitch as required, once you are done, check the output audio, copy the URL, and share wherever needed.

  • The website is straightforward to understand and simple to use.
  • Can also use the generated audio for commercial purposes. There is no need to add credits to the app.
  • It supports creating a custom voice.
  • Need to talk relatively slowly to avoid echoes.
  • Voicechanger.io is a hobby project, so the requested features may not be implemented promptly.
  • It depends on the internet's stability.

Click to find more online free voice changers.

Voice Changer for Discord on Mobile Devices

If you also want to change your voice for Discord on mobile devices, here are two solutions.

1) Android: Voice Changer With Effects

android voice changer with effects voice changer

The Voice Changer with Effects by Baviux is a free voice changer application available at the Google Play store. The app provides more than 50 effects to choose from. You can easily import your pre-recorded audio files and edit them. You can also use them as ringtones or caller tunes.

  • Many effects are available for free use.
  • The app is constantly updated, adding more and more features to explore.
  • Privacy protection is available; no data is shared with a third party.
  • The application is just for fun and unprofessional, as it lacks audio quality and clarity.

2) iPhone: Voice Changer - Audio Effects

voice changer audio effects voice changer

Voice Changer – Audio Effects is an application that records your voice and applies realistic effects using your Apple device. It features more than 25 effects, including zombie and alien. Drunk, chipmunk, etc. It has a simple, intuitive interface with a futuristic design. The voice recorder is of high quality, and you can save and share recordings using different applications.

  • High audio quality.
  • Many effects are available for free use.
  • Many voices in the interface sound the same.
  • Too many ads on the app.

Bonus Tip: How to Change Voice on Discord?

The following are the simple steps to change the voice on Discord.

Step 1: First, download Discord and sign in. Next, click on the settings icon next to your Avatar.

discord homepage

Step 2: Click on the Voice & Video menu under the App Settings.

discord voice & video

Step 3: Input Device—Change the default to whatever software you use under the Voice Settings. That's it. You will now be able to change the voice on Discord.

discord voice settings input device


The voice changer software offers countless options tailored to individual needs, whether entertainment, professional use, chatting, gaming, or just for fun. We have introduced the 10 best Voice Changers for Discord with their unique features, pros, and cons, aiding you in choosing the one that best suits your needs. Download Wondershare DemoCreator now and change your voice in a single click.

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Free Download
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