The Best Voice Changer
For Discord

  • 1. Change your voice to various voice-changing effects.
  • 2. Choose from dozens of fun voices and sound effects.
  • 3. Male voice, female voice, child voice, robot voice, and Transformers voice are supplied.

5 Best Voice Changer for Discord, Games, PC

Oliva Eve
2024-02-22 17:39:38 • Filed to: Audio Editing

When you play high-end and strategy-based games, you have no time to look on your phone for texting and calling. Therefore, Discord is the one that you can use while conquering the fields of war. It has a well-suited interface for the gaming community, as you can send images, videos, files, and gifs in the chat boxes.

Discord provides an excellent gaming experience by ensuring that you play with highly functional FPS rates. It also has great voice quality with noise cancellation and echoes suppression options. Moreover, Discord enables people to block potential dangers, hackers, and spammers so that they can play safely and securely. With the help of a voice changer for Discord, you can add some more fun to games.

The article will discuss the following aspects to guide properly on this topic:

Part 1: Why Do You Want to Change Voice in Discord or Games?

Selecting a voice changer to alter your voice with different sound effects is a subsequent matter. First, you should know why you want to change your voice in Games and Discord. Here, we will discuss the possible reasons:

reasons for using voice changer

  • Add Voice Effects

The reason behind changing your original voice with the help of voice changer software in any game or Discord is to add specific voice effects. If you want to add any character's voice because you like it more, you will have the freedom to make it happen with a voice changer.

  • To Stay Anonymous

Some people also prefer using a voice changer to hide their gender and stay anonymous on Discord and online games. By altering their voice with the help of a voice changer, they will easily use gaming platforms while staying unidentified.

  • For Fun Factor

Another interesting benefit of utilizing a voice changer is that it can help you prank people and have fun while playing games. If you use the service on Discord, your friends will be stunned to hear an alien talking to them, and it will be a funny scenario.

Part 2: How to Change Voice on Discord?

We have mentioned the reasons why someone would use a voice changer for games and Discord. Now, we will learn how to change voice via a voice changer for Discord:

Step 1: Launch the Voice Changer Application

Once your Voice Changer for Discord is properly installed on your device, launch it. You need to double-click on the icon to open the home interface.

launch voice changer tool

Step 2: Open Discord

Now, open the Discord on your computer, but don't close the Voice Changing tool as Discord cannot detect the app if it's not running in the background.

open discord app

Step 3: Select Voice and Video from User Settings

Besides your username at the bottom left side, click the "User settings" option, and select the "Voice and Video." Discord’s voice settings will be opened where you can modify the discord voice through the available sound options.

access user settings

Step 4: Set the Voice Changer Software

The input device section will show the default laptop voice and sound used by Discord. Switch it to your Voice Changer app by tapping the tiny arrow from the “Input Device” section. Now, select your Voice Changer.

change the input device

Part 3: Top 5 Desktop Voice Changer for Discord or Games

We discussed why someone would need to change their voice in Discord and Games along with the procedure of changing voice in Discord. Now, let’s explain the top 5 desktop Voice Changers available for Discord.

1. Voicemod

The powerful real-time voice changer for Discord, Voicemod is considered the best software for gamers and content creators. You can add a voice modifier to establish a sound like a demon, chipmunk, robot, or any other creature to add the fun element to your games. This software works with all the games and perfectly integrates with Omegle, Gamecaster, Elgato Stream Deck, Twitch, etc.

If you are playing games and want to sing songs for the sake of entertainment, Voicemod will allow you to use real-time vocal tuners. This will tune your voice and turn your normal voice into a pop-star voice. With Voicemod, you can also create your voice filters as there is a variety of professional-grade voice-changing effects in Voicemod.

With these filters, your voice would be turned into a completely different vocal identity. Setting up Voicemod is easy as you need to turn on the “Voice Changer” toggle from the menu option. After that, choose your voice effects, demo your voice with the background effects, and your changed voice will be coming through the microphone signal.

voicemod discord voice changer

2. Wondershare DemoCreator

Talking about the best of the best, users can consider working across Wondershare DemoCreator for changing voices to appropriate versions for the meeting. This voice changer for Discord provides users with the opportunity to work through different options without breaking a sweat. Following this, they can enhance and maintain the quality of the audio while working across the timeline.

What makes DemoCreator the best choice for changing your voice easily for games? The ease, exquisiteness, and consistency of the platform with its tool are commendable. Wondershare DemoCreator can surely place itself among the best voice changer for Discord and other games, while offering multiple other features across its platform. Users can not only record their screens across the platform, but they can also potentially edit them with the best editing tools.

Learn the video about how to change the voice with Wondershare DemoCreator. And you can learn more audio editing tips with DemoCreator.

3. MorphVOX Pro

Providing a new level for voice changing facet, MorphVOX Pro is software that is compatible with Windows and Mac. If you are using Discord to communicate through video calls while playing games, MorphVOX Pro will allow changing your voice. This way, you can have fun as well as hide your identical voice from people easily.

MorphVOX Pro is an advanced voice-changing tool that takes this feature to a new level with its superior technology. You can easily alter the background from its built-in library and utilize the ultra-good quality voice feature while playing games. There are plenty of voices available that you can adjust together and produce interesting voice combinations.

MorphVOX Pro provides free sound packs, i.e., drum-rolls and screams, which you can include while speaking in the game. With the assistance of this software, people can sound like any game character they are playing, whether it's of a dwarf or a mighty giant.

morphvox pro game voice changer

4. AV Voice Changer 

You can do almost anything with your voice or any other person's voice with this software. It allows you to morph and record a voice, cut it from different parts and mix it to form a new style. With AV voice changer for Discord, the user can also modify his real-time voice as well as any other audio file.

Whether you want to sound deeper, higher, older, younger, masculine, or feminine, AV voice changer makes it all possible. The best thing about this software is that you can create a variety of sounds by adjusting the settings. The “Voice Preferences” and “Voice Effects” allow you to create combinations that you can save, use, and modify at any time.

There are a plethora of options in AV Voice Changer for Game, as it provides a voice changer, equalizer, comparator, and a recorder. Moreover, it is a fast and consistent service, and users have never experienced lags or crashes while using this software.

av voice changer

5. Clownfish Voice Changer 

Another application that helps in changing voices, Clownfish, is the best voice changer for Discord and an ultimate wide system for Windows and Chrome users. The software is installed on a system level; therefore, applications that use audio capture devices or microphones will be affected. The software modifies the voice in Discord and other instant messaging platforms.

The voice effects available on Clownfish include Helium pitch, Baby pitch, Mutation, Alien, Silence, etc. The software has an easy-to-use interface that provides simple access to the application's main tools. With this application, users can take advantage of multiple preinstalled voice presets.

Moreover, you can customize your voice pitch, modify your voice before recording, and share it. The app also offers a music player with a built-in playlist along with audio controls.

clownfish voice changer

6. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer is always taking leads when it comes to promising voice-changing software. You can either choose the pre-recorded video or add various sound effects in a real-time video. You can also create customized voice effects without any limitations. Vocal Voice Changer is also compatible with all the famous gaming platforms.

This sound changer is compatible with both Windows and Mac users. Another interesting feature about Voxal Voice Changer is its text-to-speech tool, i.e., you have to type the text, and it will be converted into voice. You might have noticed people using different voices in Discord like robots, babies, and animals. This is possible due to the Voxal Voice Changer tool.

 If you are bored and want to be creative, Voxal Voice Changer will help you change your voice with different voice effects. The application requires a proper installation and a better internet connection to utilize the sound changer feature.

voxal voice changer for discord


Gaming is a new emerging interest in the young generation, and Discord is a communication platform for gamers. With the help of different voice changers for games, one can add fun to the gaming activities. Therefore, the article discusses how to change voice for game recording and the 5 best voice changers for Discord.

Users who are clear about using such tools can also consider working across Wondershare DemoCreator, an effective voice changer that provides users with an effective system of changing their voices for recording and viewing games across Discord.