Being one of its kind apps, Alight Motion cashes its name by compelling you to buy a subscription plan, and this is where an efficient Alight Motion watermark remover comes into play. Although smart users have discovered various workarounds to get the job done, not every output they get meets their expectations. As a result, they eventually give up using the app or spend several days hunting watermark remover for Alight Motion.

But not anymore. This guide explains effective ways to get rid of watermarks Alight Motion adds to videos.

4 Ways to Remove Alight Motion Watermarks

In this section, you will learn four solutions to remove watermarks Alight Motion bakes in your outputs. The methods are as follows:

In this part
  1. Purchasing a Subscription Plan
  2. Using an Alight Motion Watermark Remover
  3. Cropping or Blurring the Watermark
  4. Downloading Alight Motion Mod APK

Solution 1: Purchasing a Subscription Plan

It's obvious. Instead of looking around and investing your valuable time and searching for an Alight Motion watermark remover, you must respect the developers' efforts they put into creating such a robust app and show your gratitude by buying a subscription plan. The brighter side is that this allows you to access all Alight Motion features and produce outputs without watermarks.

Although you will shed a few bucks from your pocket, every cent you spend will be worth it.

Solution 2: Using an Alight Motion Watermark Remover

If you have a tight budget and don't wish to invest in any app, at least not yet, using an efficient watermark remover for Alight Motion would be your go-to thing. Even though such an app may also come with a price tag, you must check other features the program has before making a purchase.

In this context, one of the best solutions you can try your hands on is Wondershare DemoCreator, an all-in-one toolkit to create and edit videos for personal viewing, sharing, and commercial gains.

To elaborate, Wondershare DemoCreator comprises an integrated screen recorder, a Timeline-based video editor, and a plethora of filters, stickers, and AI-powered video effects.

Free Download
Free Download

Key Features

  • Timeline-based video editor with AI features, making watermark remover easy.
  • SFX Store: Contains abundant creative video effects, transitions, text animations, and dynamic stickers.
  • Auto-captions: Support for 90+ Languages, and automatically generate subtitles and captions within seconds with high accuracy.
  • AI denoise: Remove background noise from your video and audio and make your audio clear with a simple click.
  • Multi-Track Recording and Editing: Capture audio and video in layers, then refine and polish each element to perfection.
  • Further advanced video and audio editing features to make your content more interesting, such as text-to-speech, voice changer, etc.

You can learn how to use Wondershare DemoCreator as a watermark remover for Alight Motion by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Add the Source Video to DemoCreator's Timeline

  1. After downloading and installing Wondershare DemoCreator on your Windows computer, launch the program and click Video Editor on the first screen.
  2. choose video editor on alight motion watermark remover
  3. When the DemoCreator's video editor interface opens, click the + (Add) icon from the My Library box in the Library tool, click Import Media files, and import the source video.
  4. import a video for watermark remover alight motion
  5. Next, drag the clip from the My Library to DemoCreator's Timeline at the bottom and choose your preferred resolution option on the Project Settings box.
specify project settings for alight motion watermark remove

Step 2: Apply and customize the AI video object remover effect

  1. Click Video Effects from the standard toolbar on the left side, drag the AI object remover effect from the Effects Box, and place it on the media track in the Timeline.
  2. Drag the side handles of the AI object remover effect in the Timeline to expand its visibility duration throughout the video.
  3. Also, drag the effect over the watermark in the Preview window and use the sliders and options on the Cursor tab in the right pane to adjust its intensity and opacity.
add Mosaic effect on alight motion watermark remover

Step 3: Export the Alight Motion Video without Watermark

  1. Once satisfied with the settings and customizations, click Export from the top-right area of the DemoCreator's video editor window.
  2. export on watermark remover alight motion
  3. On the Export box, pick your preferred output type or platform from the left pane and customize preferences from its corresponding options on the right.
  4. Click Export from the bottom-right area of the box to export the final video without any watermark.
define output preferences for alight motion watermark remove

Solution 3: Cropping or Blurring the Watermark

For this solution, you can use any video editing tool with crop or blur features. Since Wondershare DemoCreator has both, using the program would be a wise thing to do.

  1. To get this done, follow the steps explained in the previous section to add the video to the Timeline.
  2. You can click the Crop button in the Toolbox above the Timeline, drag the cropping handles in the Crop box to resize the frame to keep the watermark out and click OK from the bottom right.
crop the video with alight motion watermark remover

Solution 4: Downloading Alight Motion Mod APK

For those who don't know, APK is an extension of Android app files. As for Mod APKs, these are illegally manipulated Android programs with all features unlocked, which are otherwise accessible only after purchasing a subscription plan. The same goes with Alight Motion.

Because pirated programs are illegal, using Alight Motion's Mod APK to lift the forced watermark restriction may make you a culprit, and you may end up facing legal charges.

Therefore, Wondershare, any of its direct or indirect associates, and the author of this guide don't encourage you to use a Mod APK as a watermark remover for Alight Motion, and none of these entities must be held responsible if the company sues you for using their product unethically and illegally.

With that said, if you are using a Mod APK, do it only for testing purposes and at your own risk.


All the methods explained above are doable, and you can use them for the Alight Motion watermark removal process. While the fourth solution is illegal, trying it once or twice to see how the outputs would look without a watermark and uninstalling the program immediately after testing would be something you can momentarily go with. As for the permanent solution, you can use Wondershare DemoCreator as an Alight Motion watermark remover for the next few years.

Wondershare DemoCreator
  • Remove watermarks from Alight motion in various ways.
  • Make further editing of your videos.
  • Full of special effects, transitions, and stickers.
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David Wilson Jun 12, 24
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