Video background removers help you remove unwanted backgrounds and elements from videos and images using the power of artificial intelligence.

Though the internet offers thousands of AI-powered background removal applications, each tool is unique and different in terms of what it can do. However, they all share one common trait - they can remove background elements from your visuals in seconds without complex editing.

With that in mind, here's our selection of the best apps to remove background from video you should try.

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    1. Wondershare DemoCreator
    2. YouCam Video
    3. Capcut
    4. Cutout Pro
    5. Unscreen
    6. VEED

The 6 Best Video Background Removers With AI

Below are the 10 best AI video background remover tools you should try in 2024.

1. Wondershare DemoCreator - One-click Background Removal and Video Editing with AI

Wondershare DemoCreator is an all-encompassing AI-powered video editor and screen recorder for Windows and Mac users. The tool allows for seamless background removal with or without green screens.

Free Download
Free Download

You can use DemoCreator to remove or change a background from pre-recorded videos. In addition, you can also use the tool to remove backgrounds from FaceCam videos you created with DemoCreator or create videos with no background at all.

Thanks to its AI capabilities, such as AI Facial Recognition, you can remove the background while capturing the video or use the AI video editor to swiftly detect and change the background with a few simple clicks.

Key Features

  • Chroma key filtering for replacing the video backdrop with the desired background color;
  • AI facial recognition to remove video background without green screen;
  • An extensive library of video backgrounds, audio tracks, video layers, and watermarks;
  • Streamlined video editing, including resizing, cropping, and cutting;
  • Effective keyframe animation framework;
  • Over 50k Animated title templates, Audio/video transitions, and other effects;
  • AI teleprompter;
  • AI text-to-speech and voiceovers;
  • Auto captions;
  • AI recognition (blur background, portrait enhancement, swap backgrounds);
  • AI denoise (eliminate background noise and boost voice clarity);
  • AI speech enhancement.
Free Download
Free Download

Pricing plans

Wondershare DemoCreator offers four pricing plans:

  • Free - free trial with watermark;
  • Cross-Platform Yearly Plan - 59.99 per year for unlimited AI video creation and editing tools (includes AI background remover);
  • Cross-Platform Quarterly Plan - $29.99 per quarter for advanced AI video editing toolset (includes AI background remover);
  • Perpetual Plan - $75 for unlimited access to all DemoCreator features and tools.

Ratings/User Reviews

If you look at all the available user reviews on DemoCreator, there are more positive ratings than negative ones. While the tool has its downsides, the good outweighs the bad. For example, Capterra users hold DemoCreator in high regard.

Here's what Eduardo O. wrote about the tool's free trial:

This is the easiest high-end video editor out there. I just downloaded the software and learned without tutorials this is pretty straightforward. I even edited my first YouTube video with this software."

However, Slashdot users were not so positive about the tool. Here's what Martine H. had to say about DemoCreator:

My wife signed up for the free 8-day trial, only to find that she was instantly charged for a full yearly subscription. In other words, the free trial is a lie.

The best thing you can do is to test the tool via the free trial to ascertain whether it has the features you need to effortlessly remove the background from your videos.

Review platforms Ratings
Capterra star rating 4.54.6/5 based on 5 reviews
G2 star rating 4.44.4/5 based on 5 reviews
Top10PCSoftware star rating 4.54.5/5 based on 216 reviews
Free Download
Free Download

Pros & Cons

  • Top AI video editing features;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Affordable pricing plans;
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac devices;
  • Easy export options;
  • Supports screen and video recording.
  • Export video with watermark in the free trial

2. YouCam Video - Social media video background removal with AI

youcam video background remover app

YouCam Video is an AI-powered video and face editor application for iOS and Android users. It's one of the most popular video editing tools for personalizing selfie videos on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

With YouCam Video, you can harness the power of AI to change video backgrounds, edit face shapes, smooth skin, enhance video quality, add trendy makeup looks, and apply the AI cartoon filter to your everyday social media video clips.

Key Features

  • Video editor with AI-powered background editing, add music, makeup filters, face retouching, and more;
  • AI effects and filters to beautify and personalize selfie videos, including blurring video backgrounds for a more centralized effect;
  • Video smart skin smoother for getting blemish-free skin in video clips;
  • AI-powered video hair color filtering and styles;
  • Customizable beauty and makeup filters;
  • AI face retouch and reshape.

Pricing plans

YouCam Video is a free AI video editor and background remover app for iOS and Android users.

Rating/user reviews

Generally speaking, the YouCam Video video background remover app has received numerous positive user reviews across the leading customer review platforms.

Google Play had this to say:

The app "YouCam Video" is nothing but a selfie video editor. It's the world's first selfie video editor app, and it's super easy to use. But there are a few things that you should know before you use it. For one, the app has a lot of features for makeup and retouching. You can apply makeup and retouch selfies of any length, and you can add video effects and makeup. The app also has a lot of features for eyeshadow, lip color, eyelashes, and more.

However, JustUseApp didn't take kindly to the app:

I purchased an annual plan May 21', today i logged in to enhance a product video for my website and its asking me to purchase the premium to use certain features. I feel like I was ripped off, ive already paid you once, im not paying again when ive paid for the year. My apple subscription shows that YouCamVideo is set to expire May 22'. Everything should've been working just fine.

Since you can try the YouCam Video AI background remover app for free, we recommend testing its AI features via a free trial to see how it fits your needs.

Review platforms Ratings
Google Play star rating 4.04.2/5 based on 11,689 votes
MouthShut star rating 4.04.0/5 based on 196 votes
Apple App Store star rating 4.54.8/5 based on 10352 reviews

Pros & Cons

  • Free iPhone AI video editor app;
  • Perfect for enhancing social media video content;
  • User-friendly interface makes the app easy to use;
  • Responsive customer support;
  • Free trial includes AI background removal.
  • The official website needs an immediate interface upgrade;
  • Software prone to bugs and glitches;
  • Limited AI background removal feature (it can only blur the background).

3. Capcut - AI for editing the background for TikTok videos

capcut ai background remover

Capcut is a free all-in-one video editing app for mobile and desktop platforms. It caters to all sorts of users, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Thanks to its advanced automatic face recognition technology, CapCut effortlessly removes the background from your videos, reels, short clips, and more.

In addition, the app allows you to add different background videos, change the background image, experiment with different backdrop elements like color, etc.

Key Features

  • One-click portrait video background removal;
  • Video footage background removal;
  • YouTube video background restyling;
  • Change the background image and color;
  • Connect multiple clips into a whole by adding a background video;
  • Mute background videos;
  • Add sound effects to background videos;
  • Online video editor;
  • Transcribe videos.

Pricing plans

CapCut AI background remover app is free to use.

Rating/user reviews

CapCut is a mixed bag when it comes to reviews. However, there are more positive reviews than the bad ones. According to TechRadar, the CapCut video editing app is a highly rated, reliable app that works well across tablets and phones:

CapCut is a surprisingly powerful video editing app for Android and iOS, working across phones and tablets. It's easy to use, with a number of impressive tools available for free. It's little surprise it's taken the TikTok and short-form video world by storm.

On the other hand, Trustpilot reviewers weren't satisfied with the app's video background removal results:

Paid for Pro Capcut, I was not able to use it. I tried everything possible, the customer care was not helpful just copy-paste what it's written in their FAQ. Besides, every time you need them for the same issue, you won't be assigned to the same person so be ready to repeat the problem tons of times as they will keep asking you the same questions over and over. I requested refund and even in that case they were useless.

Perhaps tapping into the app's AI background removal functionality before considering the premium version might be the best way to ascertain whether CapCut has what you need to accomplish your background removal goals.

Review platforms Ratings
Trustpilot star rating 2.52.6/5 based on 19 reviews
Google Play star rating 4.54.4/5 based on 8,487,114 votes
Apple App Store star rating 4.54.8/5 based on 4238 reviews

Pros & Cons

  • Free user-friendly AI video editing app;
  • Works on mobile and desktop devices (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac);
  • Mobile-friendly and accessible interface;
  • Supports direct exports to YouTube and TikTok;
  • AI filters.
  • Only works in portrait orientation;
  • Some AI features require a subscription (the basic video editor is free);
  • 15-minute video cap;
  • Free users can edit only one video and audio track.

4. Cutout Pro - Make video background transparent with AI

cutout pro ai background remover

CutOut Pro is a free AI-powered image and video background remover for mobile and desktop devices. In addition to automatic video background removal, CutOut Pro can also remove objects and cut out faces from the uploaded images and videos.

The online video background remover supports GIF, MOBV, WEBM, and MP4 video formats, including videos in 4K video resolution. The free online background remover allows you to upload a maximum file size of 2GB.

Key Features

  • Automatic online video and photo background removal;
  • Blur background;
  • AI video enhancer;
  • Background diffusion;
  • Remove unwanted objects and other imperfections;
  • Face cutout;
  • Drag and drop functionality.

Pricing plans

CutOut Pro offers three pricing plans:

  • Free - free forever for five free credits;
  • Subscription Plan - $0.099 per credit;
  • Pay as you go - $0.499 per credit.

Rating/user reviews

If you take a look at the CutOut Pro's ratings and reviews, you'll see mixed impressions. However, most users have positive things to say about the tool.

Here's a review from MobileAppDaily:

I work for an agency in digitization. I have to process dozens of videos everyday. Removing video background manually is a nightmare. I was so excited to discover the automatic video background removal tool by and amazed by the cutout quality for even HD videos. What really made me happy is that we no longer have to use green screens for our campaign videos. It truly improves my work efficiency and productivity. Great work,!

Trustpilot reviewers, on the other hand, rated the software 2.7 out of 5, stating the tool produces poor results. Here's a review sample:

Photo cutouts with vertical and horizontal lines. Some of the backgrounds still exist, tried the same photo on another similar website without problem. Request cancellation of our account on the same day as we paid for credit but struggling to get our money back, we have to email them lots of times and finally opened Paypal claim. Better avoid this company, there are better ones out there!

We recommend using the free version to test CutOut Pro and see how it fits your AI background removal needs.

Review platforms Ratings
Product Hunt star rating 4.04.2/5 based on 20 reviews
Trustpilot star rating 4.04.1/5 based on 6 reviews

Pros & Cons

  • One-click background removal;
  • Free version includes five free credits;
  • Responsive mobile app;
  • Automated video editing;
  • Top AI features.
  • Steep learning curve;
  • Limited customization options;
  • Free version limits the maximum file size to 2GB.

5. Unscreen - Online video background remover

unscreen remove background from video with ai

Unscreen is a revolutionary AI video editing that simplifies video background removal using the power of AI. It allows users to seamlessly remove, change, or edit backgrounds from videos using advanced AI algorithms.

In addition, Unscreen comes with a wide range of video enhancement tools that empower you to enhance your visual content beyond your expectations. It's simple and easy to use, and you can effortlessly use Unscreen to remove video background.

Key Features

  • Automatic video background removal with AI;
  • GIF creation;
  • Video enhancement and editing;
  • Cloud-based accessibility;
  • Customize background removal options;
  • Preview edited videos in real-time;
  • Offline mode available on multiple mobile and desktop devices.

Pricing plans

Unscreen offers three pricing plans:

  • Free - free forever;
  • Subscription plan - $1.98 per video minute;
  • Pay as you go - $4.99 per video minute.

Rating/user reviews

Out of over a hundred positive reviews of Unscreen on Product Hunt, one really praised the tool for its amazing video editing functionalities:

Uploaded my 2nd video file to Unscreen and I said outloud YES.... Beyond excited to see what the other options are and get creative with using this to promote speakers, virtual events and social media graphics! I've already uploaded 10 new stickers to Giphy for Instagram stories and i've only known about this tool for 40 minutes!

However, Trustpilot reviewers rated the Unscreen background remover 3 out of 5 due to poor background removal results:

The site doesn't work that well. It doesn't remove all of the background and they don't give refunds for videos that didn't turn out well. After contacting support I just got a"sorry to hear that". There are probably better services for background removal out there.

Since every software has its ups and downs, tap into the Unscreen's free version to see whether the tool can address your specific video background removal needs.

Review platforms Ratings
Product Hunt star rating 4.54.5/5 based on 117 reviews
Capterra star rating 4.04.2/5 based on 63 reviews
Trustpilot star rating 3.03.0/5 based on 2 reviews

Pros & Cons

  • Online stock of background options;
  • Swift background removal process;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Various customization options;
  • Online and offline mode;
  • Mobile app.
  • Advanced editing features are quite limited compared to the leading solutions like DemoCreator;
  • Unresponsive customer support.

Further reading: how to remove vide background using Unscreen

6. VEED - Online video editing and background removal with AI

veed online ai video background remover is a user-friendly, comprehensive online video editing platform and an AI-powered background removal service. Aside from background removal, Veed is also a powerful video editor packed with top-grade features, including audio enhancements, editing filters, text overlays, and more.

Veed also has one thing that many similar solutions lack - it lets you separate foreground from background. It also allows you to refine the available foreground and background templates.

Key Features

  • AI video background remover and online video editor;
  • Video creator;
  • Foreground/background customization options;
  • Screen recorder;
  • Auto-generate video subtitles;
  • Remove background noise from audio/video;
  • AI image generator;
  • Virtual backgrounds;
  • Green screen editing.

Pricing plans

Veed offers five pricing plans:

  • Free - $0 for essential editing;
  • Basic - $12 per user per month;
  • Pro - $24 per user per month;
  • Business - $59 per user per month;
  • Enterprise - contact sales.

Rating/user reviews

Veed has received numerous positive reviews for its diverse range of features, affordable pricing plans, and user-friendly interface.

According to Trustradius, Veed is a highly rated, reliable, and trusted AI-powered platform for everything related to video editing:

Simple and user-friendly editing interface: Multiple users have praised the product for its simple and user-friendly video and audio editing interface. This has allowed them to easily produce video clips from audio samples, efficiently performing their editing tasks.

However, Trustpilot reviews weren't so kind toward Veed. According to Trustpilot reviewers, Veed is prone to software bugs and half of its features don't work or work very poorly:

Lots of bugs, unable to record a voiceover legitimately, unable to upload files, they simply do not upload. The voice clone generator sounds terrible, not recommended!

Since there are always two sides to a story, use the free version to test Veed before you opt for one of their pricing plans.

Review platforms Ratings
G2 star rating 4.54.6/5 based on 429 reviews
GetApp star rating 3.53.4/5 based on 48 reviews
Techradar star rating 3.53.5/5 reviewed by Steve Paris

Pros & Cons

  • User-friendly interface simplifies video editing;
  • Multiple collaboration capabilities;
  • An extensive library of background templates;
  • Top video repurposing options;
  • Affordable pricing plans;
  • Free version available.
  • Software bugs and glitches;
  • Problems with uploading and downloading videos;
  • Unhelpful customer support;
  • The video editor keeps crashing.

How We Picked the Best Video Background Removers

criteria for best video background remover

The best app to remove background from video should be easy to use, packed with features, and come with an extensive media library of background templates to choose from.

We looked into each tool on our list by considering the critical factors, such as:

  • Ease of use;
  • Features;
  • Pricing plans;
  • Ratings and user reviews;
  • Pros and cons.

Our list features the top 6 best AI video background removers in 2024, including mobile apps, desktop software, and online tools. We explored their capabilities to highlight their top features and the best ways you can use them to streamline your video editing workflows.

Whether you're new to AI video editing and background removal or a professional editor, these tools will provide an efficient and convenient solution for removing backgrounds and backdrop elements from your videos.


This article has shown you the top 6 video background removers powered by AI to efficiently and easily remove backgrounds from videos without the tedious manual work of complex video editing.

AI background removers use machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate video editing tasks and help users create professional-looking video content for mobile, desktop, and web-based platforms.

The tools mentioned on our list can help you learn many new things about video editing, so you can enhance the quality of your visuals by experimenting with different background removal capabilities.

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