Blessed with a fantastic voice, Morgan Freeman is one of those Hollywood celebrities whose voice is their most recognizable trait. It's the reason behind his role as God in the 2003 movie "Bruce Almighty" and later in National Geographic's documentary series "The Story of God With Morgan Freeman."

Fortunately, today's technology allows for replicating this iconic voice and creating other text-to-speech celebrity AI voices. If you're up for it, we'll show you how.

Whether you're a content creator, a filmmaker, or someone who wants to listen to this actor's beautiful voice, you should stay with us to learn about the best text-to-speech Morgan Freeman AI voice generators of 2024.

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How We Reviewed the Best Morgan Freeman Voice Generators

As a result of the actor's powerful but calming voice, many AI voice generators introduced the ability to create text-to-speech Morgan Freeman AI voices. We've tried and tested many of these tools to bring you the best Morgan Freeman AI voice generators and looked into the following aspects:

  • The realism of the text-to-speech Morgan Freeman AI voice the platform generates;
  • The tool's ease of use;
  • An app's library of available voices, including other AI voices;
  • The tool's ability to make additional custom voices;
  • Pricing of the app's paid plans and the availability of a free version.

After rigorous testing, a list of the seven best text-to-speech Morgan Freeman AI voice generators emerged.

7 Best Morgan Freeman AI Voice Generators

Now that you know more about our rating criteria for the top Morgan Freeman AI voice generators of 2024, below is a list of the top seven tools for creating God's – Morgan Freeman's AI voice.

1. Jammable

jammable morgan freeman voice generator

Formerly known as Voicify AI, Jammable is a web-based app with thousands of AI voices and various vocal tools. This powerful website supports custom voice training and duets with multiple voices, while its online Morgan Freeman voice generator is among the most well-known AI voice changers and can effortlessly handle text-to-speech Morgan Freeman AI voices.

Key Features:

  • Library of over 3,000 text-to-speech celebrity AI voices;
  • Ability to create custom voices;
  • Users can make Duets with multiple voices at once.
  • There's a library of over 3,000 AI voices;
  • It supports uploading files by pasting YouTube Image names, dropping audio files, and making duets.
  • It has language, expression, and speed customization options;
  • You can't try Jammable for free;
  • There is no preview option, so you cannot confirm the results.


Plan Price
Starter $7.99/month (first month for only $1.99)
Creator $24.99/month (first month at $9.99)
Power User $89.99/month

2. Vidnoz

vidnoz morgan freeman ai voice generator

With the ability to add text of up to 600 characters, create an audio recording, or upload an existing audio file, Vidnoz's Morgan Freeman voice generator provides everything a content creator might need. You can even change the language and speed and still feel the power of AI Morgan Freeman's voice with Vidnoz's fantastic tool.

Key Features:

  • 85+ text-to-speech celebrity AI voices;
  • Custom AI voice creation;
  • AI video editor with 600+ templates and custom and AI avatars;
  • Most of Vidnoz's AI tools can be used without a subscription;
  • It has AI tools for explaining, training, e-learning, marketing, sales, news, etc.;
  • The app can create a custom voice based on a 10–20-second recording.
  • Only 3 minutes free to use every day
  • Recording duration is limited to 1 minute
  • The file size is limited to 200 MB when uploading an audio file and only supports WAV, MP3, AAC, OGG, and MP4


Plan Price
Free $0 (170+ AI voices)
Starter $29.99/month ($22.49/month with a yearly subscription) – 470+ voices
Business $74.99/month ($56.99/month with an annual subscription) – 470+ voices
Enterprise Custom pricing

3. Vozard

vozard's morgan freeman ai voice

Unlike Jammable or Vidnoz, Vozard's Morgan Freeman voice generator comes in an installable app for Windows and macOS. While you can try its minimal free features as soon as you install the app, all the good stuff, including the AI Morgan Freeman voice, sits behind a paywall. Yet, Vozard's pricing is incredibly competitive, making it a viable option for creating an AI Morgan Freeman voice.

Key Features:

  • The app has a real-time voice changer;
  • It includes over 60 advanced voice effects;
  • Vozard provides access to 75+ realistic text-to-speech celebrity AI voice effects.
  • It can make use of Nvidia GPUs for effortless AI voice effects;
  • The app features a simple four-step voice-changer;
  • You can try its 15 standard voice effects and three customizable ones for free.
  • It requires graphic cards to use the AI Morgan Freeman voice generator; it doesn't support Intel.
  • Only available as a Windows and macOS app;
  • A subscription is needed to use Morgan Freeman's voice.


Plan Price
One-month Subscription $12.99
Three-month Subscription $19.99
One-year Subscription $29.99
One-time Purchase $49.99

4. Speechify

speechify's countless celebrity voices

If there's one voice that's fantastic for narration, it's Morgan Freeman, and Speechify knows this, too. However, the online Morgan Freeman voice generator doesn't directly support the actor's voice. To try it, users must first use a voice cloning tool. From there, creators, podcasters, narrators, developers, and fans of the actor's voice can create a deep and beautiful Morgan Freeman AI voice.

Key Features:

  • A library of hyper-realistic text-to-speech AI voices;
  • Tempo, tone, and natural pause audio editing tools;
  • Support for over 40 languages and 100+ high-quality AI voices.
  • It's available as a Chrome extension, Edge add-on, iOS and Android app, web-app, and Speechify AI Studio;
  • There's a highlighting tool for better simultaneous listening and reading;
  • All files come with commercial usage rights.
  • It also supports importing script files using YouTube URLs.
  • You cannot download the files with the free version.
  • Speechify is more expensive than its competitors.
  • You cannot directly choose Morgan Freeman's voice in the collection.


TTS Plans Price
Speechify Limited Free
Speechify Premium $139/year
Speechify Studio Plans Price
Free $0
Basic $69/user/month ($24/user/month with an annual plan)
Professional $99/user/month ($32.08/user/month with a yearly subscription)
Enterprise Custom pricing

5. Uberduck

uberduck online morgan freeman voice generator

Simplicity is the primary thing that pops to mind when someone mentions Uberduck. Yet, this powerful AI-fueled online voice changer can create hyper-realistic celebrity voices, including a human-sounding AI Morgan Freeman voice.

Musicians of all genres will also love Uberduck's AI-powered audio production tools, and those who like a challenge can also win a grand prize for competing.

Key Features:

  • The web app can generate speech, singing, and rapping from a text;
  • Uberduck has an API for coders to write code for text-to-speech celebrity AI voices, as well as text-to-singing, text-to-rapping, and voice conversions;
  • It includes text-to-voice, voice-to-voice, and voice cloning tools.
  • There's a massive library of sample songs;
  • You can win $10,000 for competing in Uberduck's music production challenge;
  • Uberduck is one of the least expensive AI voice generators.
  • Mainly geared toward musicians, coders, and creative agencies;
  • Cannot directly choose Morgan Freeman's voice from the collections
  • It may be overwhelming for inexperienced users to generate Morgan Freeman's voice.


Plan Price
Free $0 forever
Creator $96/year ($9.99/month)
Enterprise Custom pricing

6. Fineshare

fineshare's ai morgan freeman voice

Video producers and content creators will love Fineshare's Morgan Freeman voice generator, which lets them make narrations or voiceovers with this iconic voice. The app's cutting-edge tech is available for all platforms, and its library of voices includes anything you'll ever need, including the voices of celebrities, YouTubers, singers, etc.

Key Features:

  • Fineshare supports AI song covers, voice generation with TTS, and voice changes;
  • The app's VoiceTrans tool has a real-time voice changer;
  • You can create custom AI Morgan Freeman voice packs on PC and iOS with Fineshare.
  • It's available as an app for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and web;
  • Fineshare has a library of over 100+ realistic-sounding AI voices;
  • The AI Song Cover Generator supports conversion through YouTube Image names;
  • You can only record up to 15 seconds of audio;
  • Fineshare's TTS is limited to 250 characters.
  • Need a longer time to convert.


Fineshare's model includes multiple components with the following prices:

Component Price
FineVoice (voiceovers) – Windows, iOS, and Chrome $8.99/month
Singify (AI covers of songs) – Chrome $9.99/month
VoiceTrans (voice changer) – Windows, iOS, and Chrome $6.99/month

7. FakeYou

fakeyou online morgan freeman voice generator

Fueled by an excellent text-to-speech celebrity AI voice engine and powered by robust voice conversion tools, FakeYou is a terrific platform for generating AI voices. This online Morgan Freeman voice generator is fantastic for content creators, audio engineers, and anyone wanting to surprise their loved ones with personalized voice messages.

Key Features:

  • Built-in social media platform sharing capabilities;
  • It includes Voice Designer, a custom AI voice creation studio;
  • FakeYou supports text-to-speech celebrity AI voices and voice-to-voice conversions in eight languages.
  • There's a library of almost 4,000 voices;
  • You can browse voices by category;
  • There's no limit to the text-to-speech celebrity AI voice feature regarding characters or texts.
  • FakeYou's AI voices are created and uploaded by users;
  • All three paid plans limit the length of the audio files.
  • Need to queue when using TTS.


Plan Price
Plus $7/month
Pro $15/month
Elite $25/month

[Bonus] Want to Edit AI-Generated Morgan Freeman Voice?

After testing, we found that the voice quality generated by voice generators is more or less defective. Some of them have hiss and hums.

Want to make your voice sound even better? Want to captivate the audience or further edit the AI Morgan Freeman voice you've just generated? Look no further than Wondershare DemoCreator.

Free Download
Free Download

This powerful recording and editing application will mesmerize you with its features. Regarding voices and audio edits, the app supports muting, fade-ins and outs, audio detaching, denoising, and a robust AI voice changer that'll soon expand its features.

DemoCreator's ease of use is second to none. Here's what you'll need to do to edit an AI Morgan Freeman voice:

  1. Open the Wondershare DemoCreator app on your device and select Video Editor.
    open the app's video editor
  2. Import your video or audio clip into the Tool Bar and drag it into the Timeline.
    import your morgan freeman ai voice file
  3. Select the clip in the Timeline and right-click it to get to DemoCreator's mute, detach, and fade-in/out features.
    edit your ai voice
  4. Alternatively, head to the Properties Panel, click the Audio tab, and try DemoCreator's Denoise and AI Voice Changer features.
    denoise ai voice morgan freeman
icon note
Note: Wondershare DemoCreator's AI Voice Changer currently supports five voices, including man, woman, child, robot, and transformer. However, more AI voices are coming soon, and an AI Morgan Freeman voice is one of these.


As one of the Hollywood celebrities most recognizable by his deep, godlike-sounding voice, Morgan Freeman has been a constant name on countless AI voice-changing platforms. We've tried and tested many of these tools to create a list of the seven best Morgan Freeman AI voice generators.

Today, that list includes Jammable, Vidnoz, Vozard, Speechify, Uberduck, Fineshare, and FakeYou, all of which can make hyper-realistic text-to-speech Morgan Freeman AI voices or handle speech-to-speech, recordings, and song conversions.

If you are pursuing a higher audio quality, Wondershare DemoCreator emerges as a fantastic tool for further editing the AI-generated Morgan Freeman voice or adding your twist. The app supports countless audio editing features, among which AI Denoiser and AI Voice Changer are most worthy of mentioning, as they can take your audio to the next level.

Free Download
Free Download


  • Is it legal to use Morgan Freeman's AI voice?
    As long as you're creating content for personal use and fun and not profiting from Morgan Freeman's AI voice, you're not doing anything wrong. Therefore, using any of these Morgan Freeman voice generators is legal.
  • Is there a free Morgan Freeman voice generator?
    While many online Morgan Freeman voice generators use a freemium model and allow users to try the tool for free or pay to remove certain limitations, there are a few free Morgan Freeman AI voice generators. Examples include FakeYou, Uberduck, and TopMediAI. However, users should be aware that the quality of free online Morgan Freeman voice generators will always be a step behind paid tools.
  • Are Morgan Freeman voice generators better than voice actors?
    While getting a replica of Morgan Freeman's voice is still impossible, AI voice generators have an advantage over voice actors you can hire. Morgan Freeman voice generators have been trained on the actor's actual voice, making them a good option if the voice quality is not strict.
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David Wilson May 23, 24
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