Voice Changer
For a Phone Call

  • 1. Change your voice to various voice-changing effects.
  • 2. Choose from dozens of fun voices and sound effects.
  • 3. Male voice, female voice, child voice, robot voice, and Transformers voice are supplied.

Top Voice Changer for a Phone Call [iPhone & Android]

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:34:22 • Filed to: Audio Editing

A decade ago, there was no concept of having the privilege to make fake calls and hide your identity completely. But now, you can spoof a phone number and accomplish your target. Whether you want to prank your friends for light entertainment or get information from someone without revealing your identity, call voice changer will assist you.

Moreover, another significant use of a voice changer for phone call is that you can deal with unwanted people without exposing yourself to them. This article will teach how to change voice during the call with the help of Android and IOS applications. To get widely informed on this topic, we will cover the following aspects:

Part 1: Top 5 Voice Changers for iPhone Phone Calls

We have acknowledged the significance of a voice changer for phone calls. In this part, we will discuss 10 voice changers for phone calls available for IOS devices.

1.1. Call Voice Changer - IntCall

A best voice changer app during the call for your iOS device, IntCall comes with numerous features that can transit your voice with funny sound effects. With this feature, you will be able to do fun activities, i.e., pranking your friends. The application helps in changing the pitch of your voice that creates a funny sound.

Moreover, you can spice up your prank calls by adding sound effects, including songs, greetings, and cartoon characters' dialogues in various languages. This application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod running iOS 9.0 or the later versions. IntCall has always enhanced its offerings to the users.

Version 4.0 of IntCall added new effects and enabled the user to change the other person's voice pith. With the passing time, IntCall enabled a demo call option, which allows users to check the voice changing feature and sound effects before buying the subscription.

1.2. Prank Call App: Ownage Prank

Awesome and funny prank calls are no longer a tough deal if you have an Ownage Pranks voice changer for phone calls on your iPhone. This application lets you record funny calls in your favorite character’s voice. There are many practical jokes and call scripts that you can choose and experiment with them with your friends. Ownage Pranks is built with the help of professional voiced actors that make the best prank scripts.

This application has improved its stability with time and provides the best international support. The calls don't freeze, and you will get 2 free credits if you invite your friends to use this application. Users of Ownage Pranks had faced the payment errors as well, that the application improved, and also provided the multi-language support in prank calls.

ownage pranks iphone

1.3. Prank Call App - Spoof Dial

If you want to fake a call to talk to someone, Spoof Dial voice changer during call helps you have fun on your iPhone. Recordings based on different scenarios help to make it look real, and uploading the creative DIYS confuse people. All you have to do is, set your name and select the ringtone and phone type. Now, add the recording and start the call.

The latest version of Spoof Dial now displays the Apple watch icon, and a lot of disturbing bugs are fixed by this iOS application. Spoof Dial is compatible with iOS 8.0 and the later versions. The application supports the user to share this feature with up to six family members that can prank calls and have fun.

spoof dial ios app

1.4. Prank Call Fake Call

When you call your friends or any other person with Prank Call Fake Call, the name and picture set by you will be shown on his screen. This is the move that creates fun for people when they fake a call. With the help of this free call voice changer, you can remove yourself from any bad situation, such as a fight, wrong friend, or date.

You can use interesting pictures from the internet and prank your enemies. It is more like a real call. You can also set the delay time and ringtone for the call. The device will start ringing at the selected time. Moreover, when the fake call ends, you can set the application to exit, so it feels like a real call to everyone.

Prank Call Fake Call has changed its design and introduced a dark theme in its version 2.0. Moreover, the application now allows people to record their voices. Many stability improvements are made with the passing time, and the application keeps on removing bugs like White screens, etc.

prank call fake call

1.5. Call Voice Changer Allogag

Did you ever think of a tool that transforms your voice into any character and lets you prank people? Voice changer Allogag is a must-have application if you want to carry out calls while hiding your identity. You can call your enemies to deliver any message, or you can prank call your friends for joy.

With Allogag, you can make voices of a child, monster, alien, chipmunk, or transform your voice to male from female, and vice versa. However, people have faced issues while buying credits. Some users have reported that they did not receive the credits and had to buy them again.

call voice changer allogag

Part 2: Top 5 Voice Changers for Android Phone Calls

We have understood the working of 5 major voice-changing applications. Now, we will move forward and introduce 5 free call voice changers for Android phones, helping them to prank calls quickly.

2.1. PRANK DIAL - Prank Call App

If you are an Android user, Prank Dial live call voice changer for Android is the best prank call software that will have you in fits of laughter while pranking your enemies. There are different prank calls available that users can choose from and make fake calls. Moreover, you can also save the calls on your prank call history. There are almost 150+ prank calls available that provide diversity to the userbase.

You can also watch the prank call reaction provided by other users. However, some users have complained that they were unable to carry a fake call, and every time they tried, the call was hung up. This issue should be resolved, so users can successfully use the services of Prank Dial.

prank dial app for android

2.2. MagicCall – Voice Changer App

MagicCall is installed among 10,000,000+ devices and has a 4+ rating on the Play Store. This live call voice changer for Android is suitable for devices running Android 5.0 and later versions. This application provides real-time voice changing on the call. You can adopt the voice of any cartoon, kid, or male and vice versa. Moreover, you can also play built-in sounds during the call like clap, whistle, kiss, etc.

If you want to change the background sound of your call, then the application would insert the traffic noise or a music concert sound in the background. The userbase of MagicCall is appreciative of the fact that you can test your voice before the prank and do fake calls in real-time with the cheapest rates.

magiccall voice changer app

2.3. Funcalls - Voice Changer & Rec

Introducing new features and fixing the bugs with time is what makes Funcalls the best voice changer app for Android during the call. You can make international prank calls to phones and landlines at the cheapest rates. Before you call in real-time, Funcalls will let you make a DEMO call and check your skills before a real-time call.

Using the application is very simple. You just have to enter the phone number you want to call, select his country’s name, and choose the desired voice. When the directed person attends the call, you can change your voice in real-time and add different sound effects.

funcall voice changer

2.4. Fake Call - Prank Friends

Want to get out of trouble or deliver your messages anonymously? Fake Call is here. Even if you want to give yourself a fake call to get out of any awkward meeting or conversation, a Fake Call will work out for you. The best feature of Fake Call is that you can schedule a fake call and choose the background picture, name, and number yourself.

If you want to keep the prank light, you can add funny voices and sound effects. Despite having these amazing features, Fake Call doesn’t reportedly work for every phone. The userbase of Fake Call complains about its inability to call or schedule a prank call.

fake calls prank friends

2.5. Prank Call Voice Changer App By Ownage Pranks

Prank calling was never that easy, but you can instantly do pranks with people via Ownage Pranks, a live call voice changer for Android. You need to pick a pre-recorded prank call from the application’s library. Then, select the phone number from your contacts who you want to prank. Now, press the “Send” button, and the spoofed call will be delivered to the target.

Moreover, if you want to fake call the same person over and over, Ownage Pranks mask your identity with different numbers every time. Moreover, the calls are made through Wi-Fi, not with the cellular company. However, Ownage Pranks have their limitations. You can only use this application for entertainment purposes, and the application will not be responsible for any serious result.

prank call voice changer by ownage pranks


All of us would have thought once in our life to prank our friends or family members for the sake of entertainment. This article will let that dream come true, as we have explained the 10 best voice changers for phone calls. One can use pre-recorded prank calls as well as to conduct a real-time spoofed call on people, and they will never get any clue of your identity. If you want to find a voice changer for PC, then you can check the video below.