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How to Use Free Voice Changer App on PC

Alma Elliott
2024-02-22 17:39:38 • Filed to: Audio Editing

When a funny game, "The Talking Tom," went viral, every one of us was amused by the funny voice of the cartoon. If you want to embrace that sound or any other funny or scary sound, a voice changer will help you. Multiple reasons can lead you towards using a sound changer tool. You might want to mask up your identity and keep a call anonymous.

Or else, you may want to prank your friends or create fun in your audio calls or online games. Whatever the purpose is, you can change your voice with the best voice changer tools. In this article, we will introduce the 9 best real-time voice changer tools for your audio files which are as follows:

1. DemoCreator Voice Changer

Wondershare DemoCreator is an effective screen recorder, video editor, as well as voice-changing tool. The application helps you screen-record online conversations, office meetings, and courses that are later used to increase productivity and learning. If you want to enhance the quality of your recorded video, you can adjust the audio, add subtitles, and remove the background noise easily.

There are different editing effects delivered by Wondershare DemoCreator. The "Audio Fade In and Fade Out," Transitions, Effects, Green Screen Effects, and Stickers add to the brilliance of the video. With the DemoCreator video editor, you can combine, blend, and disperse audio files and create desired sounds.

The voice changer of Wondershare DemoCreator enables people to add diversity to the video by transforming the voice via its sound filters and effects. Here, we will learn how to transform your voice into something funny or scary with DemoCreator free voice changer:

Step 1: Launch DemoCreator Voice Changer

Download and install the DemoCreator tool on your device and proceed to open it. You can either record the video right away by clicking “New Recording” or edit the pre-recorded video. If you want to edit a pre-recorded video, choose the “Video Editor” option from the interface. A new window will open.


Step 2: Import the File and Drag

Now, click on the "+" sign to choose the "Import Media Files" option and import the file to the platform. Drag the file from the media tab to the timeline in order to transform it.

import media file

Step 3: Change the Original Voice

Select the video from the timeline and click on "Audio," and it will open the panel where you can manage the audio of that video file. Now, there will be a "Voice Changer" option from the panel with different voice options. Choose your desired sound to alter the audio of your file into the specific sound.

voice changer

Step 4: Export the Voice-Changed File

Once the audio is changed, click on "Export" to select the format and the other video properties. Now, set the video destination, and click on the "Export" button to save the file to your device.


Advantages of DemoCreator

  1. The application is all-in-one, as the user gets to screen record, change the voice, and edit the video in one platform.
  2. The tool offers different pricing plans worth every penny and provides a pricing plan for students as well.

Disadvantage of DemoCreator

  1. DemoCreator will put its watermark on any video you edit through it if you are using its free version.

2. Voicemod Voice Changer 

Adding real-time changed voices and customized sound effects to your favorite games is now achievable with Voicemod Voice Changer. The application also supports other programs, including WhatsApp Desktop, Skype, TeamSpeak, and Discord.

Whether you want to create interesting content for your YouTube channel or change your voice in-game, Voicemod will provide you with plenty of voice-changing possibilities. The tool changes the tone and pitch of the user's voice or adds distortion. Therefore, you can modify your voice like a chipmunk, demon, or robot.

voicemod voice changer

Pros of Voicemod Voice Changer

  1. Voicemod is a safe and legally allowed voice-changing software, which is why people have been using it for years now.
  2. Besides the paid version of Voicemod Voice Changer, you can utilize many helpful features from its free version too.

Con of Voicemod Voice Changer

  1. The Customer Service of this application is not that efficient. They delay the responses for a long time.

3. Skype Voice Changer

Skype Voice Changer enables people to make the best out of their voices with the aid of real-time effects. Transforming sounds is as easy as it could be across Skype Voice Changer. However, another impressive point that makes it a good choice across digital platforms is its ability to generate computer-based voices.

While you set up computer-generated voices with the speech phrases determined throughout, conversations can get cheesy. Talking with another user gets quite interesting under such extensive features. The tool effectively uses the effects and built-in characters and voices to make the best sounds for you to interact with the other user across Skype.

skype voice changer pro

Assistance of Skype Voice Changer

  1. The application has an easy-to-use interface that can be processed by any person with no prior experience.
  2. The platform allows users to go through their pre-recorded voices again.

The problem of Skype Voice Changer

  1. Users cannot operate this tool beyond Windows and cannot make better use of it across applications except Skype.

4. NCH Voxal Voice Changer

If you want to create interesting content, hide your identity, or mask up to your current location, the NCH Voxal Voice Changer will assist you. By modifying, distorting, and manipulating your own sound, you can prank people and mask up your identity easily. With the help of an audio editor, you can surely add audio effects to the audio.

However, the NCH Voxal Voice Changer will help you add a stadium announcer effect to your existing audio. You just need to select any voice from different categories of sound effects and customize or fine-tune the sound. Now, you can open any communication app like Zoom or Skype to surprise your friends with the transformed voice.

voxal voice changer interface

Merits of NCH Voxal Voice Changer

  1. This software has extensive compatibility with various devices and communication applications.
  2. The user interface is quite straightforward with multiple hotkeys.

Demerit of NCH Voxal Voice Changer

  1. You might have to restart some applications for using the services of the NCH Voxal Voice Changer.

5. All-in-One Voice Changer 

All-in-One Voice Changer is the best real-time voice changer software and voice editing application for Windows users. It allows you to create personalized audio files for video dubbing purposes. Moreover, you can also alter the local audio files into WMA, WAV, or MP3 formats. If you want to add effects on specific parts, All-in-One Voice Changer allows you to drag percentage sliders to specific positions.

You can change the audio tone of any audio file by shifting the pitch of that audio. You will be able to stretch or accelerate the sound or add preset effects to add amusement to the audio file.

all-in-one voice changer

Advantages of All-in-One Voice Changer

  1. With this voice changer for Windows, you can create videos with sounds you like and be an outstanding content creator.
  2. The process of altering and adding sounds is very easy, and almost everyone can perform it.

Disadvantage of All-in-One Voice Changer

  1. The user interface of this app is very old-fashioned and lacks advanced editing options.

6. SuperVoiceChanger 

A super fun voice modulator for Windows, SuperVoiceChanger assists you in modifying your voice's sound. With this tool, you will be able to sound like a totally different person while talking through your computer. The application's interface is quite easy, and you can use multiple modification parameters from the same window.

If you want to establish a conversation on Skype or WhatsApp desktop, you can use the tons of different voice filters from the app and hide your identity easily. It is free to use the application services.

supervoicechanger interface

Merits of SuperVoiceChanger

  1. SuperVoiceChanger keeps on fixing bugs and enhancing the modification settings for voice-changing purposes.
  2. This app provides a safe and secure connection, and the user's data is 100% protected.

Shortcoming of SuperVoiceChanger

  1. The application is only compatible with Windows software.

7. MorphVOX 

The premium features available at MorphVOX distinguish the software from all other present voice-changing services. It comprises advanced voice-learning algorithms that produce the best-quality sounds. Moreover, the low bandwidth and CPU usage does not disrupt the working of other programs on the device.

You can also make the background sound like you are somewhere else. Additionally, you can quickly add environmental effects to your voice or play quick voices and effects with single clicks. Moreover, the application can be fully integrated with different games and chatting applications.

morphvox voice changer

Leads of MorphVOX

  1. The application has updated its interface and now offers various palettes and content organizers.
  2. It has a pre and post-graphic equalizer that produces sculpted audios.

Problem of MorphVOX

  1. The app has an advanced interface; technical know-how is required in order to operate the app.

8. Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer is one of the best real-time voice changer tools available. It is designed to improve voice-over IP calls. The built-in audio effects in the app are able to be applied to incoming and outgoing sound streams with the help of virtual microphones. So, when you make a call, your voice will be transformed into the selected voice style.

It is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, along with an attractive interface design. You can download the software for free and take benefit from the variety of available built-in sounds.

clownfish voice changer windows

Helpful Points of Clownfish Voice Changer

  1. This application is compatible with various Operating Systems, including Windows XP, Vista, Chromebook, etc.
  2. You can also reduce the background voice coming from your microphone.

Drawback of Clownfish Voice Changer

  1. There are various bugs in the app that make it difficult to alter the voice quickly, and the user has to make changes more often in the settings.

9. Voicemeeter

Voicemeeter is another audio mixer app that helps in mixing and managing audio sources to or from audio devices. The mechanism to do so is by integrating 3 inputs into 3 outputs with the help of 2 buses. Therefore, music, movie, Skype call, or video game sound is mixed and sent to VOIP, recording apps, or audio outputs.

The application acts both as a virtual audio mixer and a virtual audio device. Voicemeeter supports audio interfaces, including WaveRT, WASAPI, MME, etc.

voicemeeter interface

Assistance of Voicemeeter

  1. The Customer Support of Voicemeeter is always accessible if someone has any query or issue.
  2. Voicemeeter provides guaranteed privacy to the user’s data.

Problem of Voicemeeter

  1. This voice-changing software does not have updated features, and the interface is also quite outdated.

10. AV Voice Changer

Applications that provide excess variety in changing voices across the platform are preferred to use. AV Voice Changer particularly helps users modify and control the voice's characteristics, which in turn makes significant changes across the age and gender of the voice. Such diversity with the preferences and effects is only possible across AV Voice Changer.

This application working on the virtual driver technology is operable across most VoIP programs, games, and web chat applications, which includes diversity along with accuracy.

av voice changer interface

Proficient Points of AV Voice Changer

  1. Audio processing is covered with extensive algorithms that assure the natural quality within each voice.
  2. The growing library of sound effects is one of the best features available across the tool.

Issue of AV Voice Changer

  1. The user is required to pay for the subscription for utilizing the features of AV Voice Changer.


The article has explained the features of the 9 best voice changers for PC, along with the step-by-step guide of DemoCreator. Considering the qualities, the DemoCreator voice changer is the best option for users due to its efficient features. Download the best voice changer, DemoCreator, right now and gain access to the thrilling video editor and voice changer function.