Text-to-speech generators are software that alters written text into spoken words. This technology is useful for communicating with humans, especially impaired ones. Text-to-speech or TTS tools work with text input of written documentation and web pages. In educational and corporate settings, TTS makes digital content accessible to everyone.

Moreover, marketing and customer services use this system as an interactive voice response. Considering its benefits, delve into this guide and learn more about TTS. This article will explain how online text-to-speech-free can help you in learning. Besides, you will find some of the best text-to-speech converters to ease your tasks.

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  1. How Does Text to Speech Help in Learning?
  2. Recognizing Some Top-Notch Text-to-Speech for Free Services in 2023
  3. Making TTS Easy on Computer: Using Wondershare DemoCreator

Part 1. How Does Text to Speech Help in Learning?

One of the major contributions of TTS converters is providing better learning experiences. In this regard, there are many free online text-to-speech converters available. They can make your learning exclusive and empower you to learn independently. TTS is making the educational life of diverse learners easy. You can read the point below to know how it transforms the learning curve.

  1. Multi-sensory Learning: Humans learn better when all their senses are involved. TTS engages our visual and auditory senses to promote learning and comprehension. In this way, users can retain attention to the information more effectively.
  2. Language Development: Text-to-speech generators can help with pronunciation. Learners can currently pronounce difficult words when they are spoken after conversion. It enables them to mimic the phrases and develop accurate spoken language skills.
  3. Reduce Cognitive Load: Reading texts consumes more cognitive effort instead of listening. Thus, when transformed into speech, lengthy and complex texts can reduce cognitive load. Also, it proves fruitful for learners with reading comprehension difficulties.
  4. Proofreading and Editing: With TTS, manual proofreading efforts and costs have been reduced. People can proofread text by turning it into speech. This way, awkward phrases, and missing words are easily identified by listening.
  5. Flexible Learning: Remote learners can access educational content anywhere with TTS. They can listen to the converted speech while commuting and doing household chores. Text-to-speech allows you to listen to educational content without being in educational settings.

Part 2. Recognizing Some Top-Notch Text-to-Speech for Free Services in 2023

Text-to-speech (TTS) converters allow digital material to have its voice. The concept of TTS is not new, but its applications face several challenges and playback laggings. That's why we have enlisted some top-notch free text-to-speech TTS in this section. 

1. NaturalReader

It is a considerable TTS converter for educational, personal, or commercial use. Its simple interface enables all kinds of users to benefit instantly. NaturalReader can transform PDFs, text, and more than 20 written content formats. With its cross-compatibility, you can use it online, in the Chrome extension, and on mobile phones.

naturalreader text to speech generator

Key Features

  1. After getting text-to-speech, users can change the speed of the speech. For instance, you can play the speech at 2x, 3x, or 4x speed.
  2. It provides different languages and AI voices for speech. Pick one that suits you best from the given 4-5 options.
  3. NaturalReader accepts many formats to transform text-to-speech voices free Users can paste their text, add scanned images, and insert links to web pages.

2. TTSMaker

Generating unique content without any crew is now possible with this online tool. Content creators just need a script for video dubbing of characters. With natural speech, this platform provides engaging content for TikTok and YouTube. The generated speech can be shared commercially as you own its copyright. This tool supports many languages like French, German, English, etc.

ttsmaker text to speech generator

Key Features

  1. Paste your text in TTSMaker and choose any of the languages for speech. Users can insert text input of up to 10,000 characters only.
  2. Before exporting, you can change the audio quality and format. There are Mp3, OGG, WAV, and AAC file formats to export the converted speech.
  3. This online tool also allows you to add pauses in the speech. You can change the voice speed, volume, and pitch as required.

3. FreeTTS

Recording voiceovers manually is outdated in this era of text-to-speech generators. You can use FreeTTS to get MP3 files of robotic voices. It is powered by Google machine learning that processes text-to-speech with high-quality results. This tool allows you to customize the output by providing pauses and audio formatting details.

freetts text to speech generator

Key Features

  1. Users can copy and paste their text of up to 200 text characters in the given box. With this free converter, you can get a speech of a maximum of 1000 text characters per week.
  2. It supports Google TTS and Amazon TTS for language and voice translation. After picking one, you get many options to select the gender and accent of the voice.
  3. Once you adjust all the parameters, click on Convert to Mp3 to get quick results. This way, you can download the MP3 audio file of the speech without any complex process.

4. Textmagic

This tool is specially designed for dyslexic individuals to understand text easily. It supports 50 languages and natural-sounding voices to benefit people globally. Some of its language support regions are Europe, the Middle East, East Asia, and North America. Textmagic ensures the security of your data by providing a robot reCAPTCHA.

textmagic text to speech generator

Key Features

  1. On this converter, paste your text or upload a text file for text-to-speech conversion. You can input the text of a maximum of 2500 characters.
  2. Impaired individuals can change the font size and slow down the speech sound. In this regard, they can either slow down or fasten the speech from given options.
  3. After converting, you can download the MP3 file directly into your system. Otherwise, there is an option to generate a shareable output link.

5. Voicemaker

With industry-leading features, this online text-to-speech free is a good option. Many companies rely on this platform for YouTube videos, audiobooks, and e-learning materials. There are neural TTS for human-like voices and standard TTS for AI voices. After choosing one, you have to pick one language, region, and voice of your choice.

voicemaker text to speech generator

Key Features

  1. Its business version offers more than 130 languages and more than 1000 voices. Within this plan, you can convert up to 10,000 text characters.
  2. Voicemaker allows you to make adjustments in voice settings. Using the sliders, you can change voice volume, speed, and pitch as desired.
  3. This tool provides several options for voice effects like anger, softness, or sadness. Besides, users can select an audio file format to export the speech.

6. Speechify

If you want human-like voices instead of robotic ones, use this tool. Speechify is a free text-to-speech TTS that offers accurate-sounding voices. The generated speeches are available in over 100 accents and more than 30 languages. It is integrated with cutting-edge OCR technology that can transform images into speech. You can turn on auto-highlight and scroll to track the speech from text.

speechify text to speech generator

Key Features

  1. After dropping a text file in Speechify, pick on voice. Some popular voices are John, Erica, Narrator, and Henry.
  2. You can increase the speed of speech to boost your productivity. Using the speed slider, users can set a slower, average, faster, and Speed Reader.
  3. It enables you to download the MP3 file at your assigned speed. Speechify allows you to get an audio file of a maximum of 60 minutes.

7. PlayHT

Are you still searching for a specialist in text-to-speech for free? End your search on PlayHT because it offers realistic TTS voices in more than 140 languages. After using this TTS generator, you can save the files in MP3 and WAV formats. It supports a cloud storage system that allows you to work anywhere using a password.

playht text to speech generator

Key Features

  1. From pre-made voices, select a male and female voice of your intended language. Afterward, there are options to choose narrative and advertising voice tones.
  2. This tool enables an advanced voice control feature to adjust the speech. Using it, you can change the voice stability, intensity, and similarity.
  3. PlayHT can regenerate the speech if you are unsatisfied with the current version. Besides, users can generate multiple speeches by inputting prompts from different paragraphs.

Part 3. Making TTS Easy on Computer: Using Wondershare DemoCreator

If you didn't get the options in earlier discussed tools, look into this part. Online text-to-speech free converters lack several professional features. That's where desktop converters are preferred, and Wondershare DemoCreator is exceptional. It can assist in crafting professional videos out of the written text.

This platform can instantly transform your text into voiceovers along with diverse avatars. DemoCreator cut the need for video editing, recording, or dubbing equipment. With AI avatars, entertain your text-to-speech video and overcome your camera anxiety. 

Exceptional Key Features of DemoCreator

With DemoCreator, you can record virtual screens by adding cartoon filters and effects. For work efficacy, it allows you to share your videos through secure cloud links. Let's explore some main features of DemoCreator to the idea of its effectiveness.

  1. AI Speech-to-Text: Subtitles make the content understandable for a global audience. Thus, this tool can generate auto-captions of any video accurately. It can transcribe the content in more than 90 languages. Once the subtitles are generated, you can change their size and color.
  2. AI Noise Remover: Making digital content flawless is no longer a dream with DemoCreator. It offers a background noise remover with robust algorithms. Users can remove or denoise wind, fan, or click voices. For this process, you can upload MOV, VOB, MTS, MP3, and MP4 files.
  3. Voice Changer: Social media content creators always strive to create something new. They often use voice changers for podcasts and YouTube videos. DemoCreator makes them sound like male, female, robot, and child. With various voice tones, you can quickly gain the attention of viewers.
  4. Avatar Presentation: Make an interactive presentation with an avatar to stand out from the rest. Using this tool, you can customize an avatar from a 2D and 3D VTubers collection. Despite recording an avatar presentation, users can live-stream on popular platforms.

How to Use DemoCreator as a Text-to-Speech Generator

As you have seen, the advantages and benefits DemoCreator serves. Now, it's time to practically use this software to get text-to-speech for free.

step1Launch the DemoCreator and Explore Video Editor

Install Wondershare DemoCreator on your devices. For this purpose, head to its official site and ensure you get its' latest version. After successfully launching it, click the "Video Editor” option from the main screen. You will enter the editing screen of DemoCreator this way.

start democreator video editor

Free Download
Free Download

step2Import Your Media File and Bring it to the Timeline

From the editing screen, press the “+” button and browse the media. Choose one and tap the "Open" button to import the file. Drag and drop that file into the timeline section for further processing.

add video to the timeline
step3Add Text Through Annotation to Start Conversion

Next, move to the top toolbar of the media panel and select the "Annotation" option. Hold on to any text templates and drop them in the Timeline. Drag its corners to adjust its length as per your video. Afterward, go to the right-side panel and paste your text in the "Text" section. Scroll down there and make necessary changes in the text style, spacing, font, or size.

add and edit text
step4Transform Text-to-Speech and Export to Save

Move back to the timeline section and explore the “AI Dubbing” icon it’s the toolbar. Tap to get a pop-up screen of “Select Dubbing Parameter.” Pick one language and “Voice Name” to proceed with “OK.” Get a preview of the video and move to the “Export” button if you are satisfied with the results.

apply tts function democreator

Free Download
Free Download


In short, transforming text into speech is proving extremely beneficial for learners. The Internet is full of online text-to-speech free converter for providing instant solutions. Such tools can somehow restrict you from unleashing your full potential. Thus, Wondershare DemoCreator is a perfect TTS converter with various customization options.

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