GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) is one of the most widely used picture formats. In fact, GIF is only second to JPG in terms of usability. One advantage of using a GIF file is that it allows you to speak to your audience without uttering a word. A well-thought-out GIF can also help you create a unique brand to which your followers can relate. These reasons and many more make GIFs perfect for adding as a Twitter animated profile picture. But can you really add an animated Twitter profile picture? This guidepost will help you figure that out.

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Part 1. Can I Animate My Twitter Avatar?

Before answering this question, it's critical to note that your profile picture plays a vital role on your Twitter account. This picture will help your Twitter followers quickly identify your tweets, building a brand in the process. Most Twitter users add their portrait headshots, although the PFP can be something else, like your dog, car, business logo, and more.

Having said that, Twitter PFP consists of two photos. First, you'll be requested to add a header, the large photo on top of the profile. The recommended size for header photos is usually 1500 x 500 pixels. Besides the header photo, Twitter users must also upload a profile photo, which adds personality to their account. Twitter recommends a minimum size of 200 x 200 pixels, although users can add up to 400 x 400 pixels.

Regarding the main question, users cannot add an animated Twitter profile picture. In other words, Twitter doesn't support adding animated GIFs as profile images. Users can only add PNG, JPG, and GIF formats. An animated GIF is simply a GIF file with moving images. But don't worry if you want to add a Twitter animated profile picture because this guidepost will share some simple workarounds.

Part 2. How to Keep Your Twitter Profile Picture Animated? [2 Ways]

So, why doesn't your animated Twitter avatar work like on other profiles? This section shares some secrets for making your Twitter animated GIF PFP work.

[Solution 1] Set a GIF as Twitter PFP Before 2013

As mentioned, Twitter doesn't allow users to upload an animated Twitter profile picture. But that rule was only introduced recently. Twitter accounts created before 2013 can set animated GIFs as the PFP without restrictions. So, if you're one of these users, follow these steps on how to put GIF on your Twitter profile picture:

Step 1. Create an animated GIF photo you want to add on Twitter and save it on your device. There are many programs to create animated GIFs for Twitter. Try GIF Maker.

Step 2. Next, crop the animated GIF to ensure the picture is square. As said before, Twitter supports up to 200 x 200p photos with a 1:1 aspect ratio. Also, the maximum file size should be 5MB. Again, should come in handy.

Step 3. Now open your Twitter account and tap Edit Profile before clicking your profile photo.

add twitter animated profile picture on older account

Step 4. Select a picture from your local storage and zoom it to fit the display. After that, click Apply before tapping Save to add your animated GIF avatar as the Twitter profile picture.

[Solution 2] Make a Twitter Animated Avatar After 2013

All hope is not lost if you use a Twitter account created in 2013 and earlier. That's because there is a trick on how to make Twitter profile picture a GIF. Here is the thing; Twitter animated GIF avatars only work in specific dimensions as the profile picture. You can use 1:1 aspect ratios of 384, 192, 128, 96, and 48 pixels. Adding a different size than the ones mentioned will not work on Twitter.

But while using this trick, it's also vital to remember the recommended Twitter dimension of 200 pixels. This means you should use animated GIF profile pictures of 192 x 192 pixels to get the best results. But be free to use any of the image dimensions discussed above.

Part 3. [Extra Tips] How to Create an Appealing Animated Avatar?

Do you want to record an avatar video of yourself and share it on Twitter, Twitch, and other platforms? Use Wondershare DemoCreator Avatar Maker to generate a digital replica of yourself. It's a dedicated screen recorder for Mac/Windows, allowing users to record almost anything on their computer screens. DemoCreator uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your webcam video into an active avatar while recording. Users can choose from 10+ 2D/3D avatars before customizing the avatar's color, background, and other settings. And after recording the avatar video, you can trim it using the built-in editor before converting it to an animated GIF file.

make twitter profile picture gif

Free Download
Free Download

How to make a Twitter profile picture a GIF with DemoCreator:

Step 1. Install and run DemoCreator Avatar Maker.

Head to Wondershare's official website and install DemoCreator on your Mac/Win computer. Once the program is installed, run it before clicking the Video Presentation button.

Step 2. Customize the camera settings.

Your webcam will launch automatically after launching the presentation tool. Choose the screen layout that you wish to record. Because we'll be creating a GIF file, proceed to mute the system audio and microphone recording at the top-left corner.

Step 3. Choose an avatar and calibrate the camera.

Tap the Avatar button and select an animation that fits your character in the presentation. After choosing an avatar, you may need to calibrate your screen to fit perfectly. You can also change the recording background and apply filters to the recording.

Step 4. Record and convert the video to an animated GIF.

To start capturing the avatar video, tap the Demo & Record button. After recording content, preview and trim it before opening the “Advanced Editing” tool. Click Export and choose GIF as the output format before saving the video.


That is how to create and add a Twitter animated profile picture quickly and easily. Remember that only Twitter accounts built before 2013 can add animated profile pictures. But if your version is newer, use the trick discussed in this post to set a GIF profile picture on Twitter. And yes, use DemoCreator to create attractive animated GIF avatars for your Twitter account on desktops.

Free Download
Free Download

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