In this interconnected world, adopting new technologies is crucial. Artificial Intelligence is becoming fuel to the audio transcription process these days. Transcripts are word-to-word records of digital content. Integration of AI in such transcription reduces the fraction of budget and effort. An automatic audio transcription helps language learners with Machine learning algorithms.

Speech-to-text conversion proves fruitful in many use cases. Some of the uses in different settings will be highlighted in this article. You can continue reading to explore industry-leading AI Audio transcription tools. Thus, identify the aspects that make a tool perfect, along with an exceptional example of such a tool. 

In this article
  1. What Are the Use Cases of Audio Transcriptions in the Professional Industry?
  2. Best AI Audio Transcription Tools Available for Explicit Operations
  3. What Makes a Perfect Audio Transcription Tool?
  4. Wondershare DemoCreator: A Unique Desktop Alternative for Free Audio Transcription

Part 1. What Are the Use Cases of Audio Transcriptions in the Professional Industry?

Audio transcriptions are invaluable in professional settings for documenting and meetings. Transcribing these events enables easy review of discussions and decisions. Also, it allows participants to focus on the conversation without any distractions. If you want to know more about the use cases of audio transcription AI, just move forward.

1. Interviews

In journalism and human resources, transcribing interviews is a common practice. This process provides an accurate record of spoken words, facilitating in-depth analysis. Transcriptions capture contextual details that you may miss through other means.

2. Legal Proceedings

The legal industry relies on audio transcriptions for documenting court hearings. Moreover, accurate transcriptions are essential for legal records. Plus, you can also use it for analysis and as a reference during court proceedings.

3. Medical and Healthcare

Transcriptions are crucial in the healthcare sector for documenting medical dictations. Doctors also use it for keeping patient records and interactions with patients. Accurate transcriptions contribute to comprehensive healthcare documentation, aiding in better patient care.

4. Content Creation

Podcasters and content creators benefit from audio transcriptions to enhance their content. These transcriptions make content more accessible by providing captions for videos. In this way, it improves the searchability of the video content. AI audio transcription also allows the creation of written content derived from spoken words.

Part 2: Best AI Audio Transcription Tools Available for Explicit Operations

AI-powered tools that turn speech into text have changed how we capture spoken words. They make things easier to understand and help us analyze information faster. But it's important to pick the right tool for the right task. People need accurate and safe transcription services that can handle this kind of content well. Let's check out some of the best AI tools and see what they can do.

1. Flixier

The Flixier tool changes your audio into text quite fast and without much cost. You don't need to download anything; just use it in your web browser. You just have to log in and put your audio or video file there. It'll change the audio into words, and then you can edit and save it. Flixier uses a technology for automatic audio transcription that can also make subtitles for your videos.

flixier ai audio transcription
  • Presents the facility of video editing apart from transcription.
  • Integrated with the Zoom conferencing platform, allowing for accurate meeting transcripts.
  • Easy-to-use interface with no special technical skill required.
  • Limitations on the number of edits to be performed.
Plan Pricing
Pro $7/month
Business $15/month

2. Notta

It’s another effective online audio transcription AI converter that converts speech into text with just a few clicks. You only need to go through three simple steps to get your task done. It allows multiple formats of audio to convert them into text. Also, the accuracy is near perfect for voice recognition. The accuracy is up to 98.86% and continuously improves daily.

notta ai audio transcription
  • Supports more than a hundred transcription languages, including English, German, etc.
  • Provides automatic AI summary of the transcribed speech.
  • Secured with an SSL certificate, ensuring the protection of your privacy.
  • Not up-to-the-mark administrative management and customer care.
Plan Pricing
Pro $8.25/month
Business $44/month

3. Maestra

This is one of the leading AI technologies equipped with advanced editing. Maestra is capable of creating subtitles, voiceovers, and transcripts in a few minutes. The tool can be used to grab the audience with its captivating caption and voiceover services. Moreover, you can save much of your time by utilizing this efficient toolkit. Hence, it leads to an increase in your productivity.

maestra ai audio transcription
  • Allows the creation of Maestra Teams with permission to edit.
  • Permits the access of your account on multiple devices with multiple people.
  • Facilitates with multilingual caption and voiceover editing options.
  • There are some glitches and technical issues in the voiceover services.
Plan Pricing
Pay As You Go $10/hour
Premium Subscription $29/month

4. Happy Scribe

Get your free audio transcription with Happy Scribe quite fast and conveniently. This tool is compatible with more than 40 formats of audio to convert them into text. Moreover, you don't need to worry about your region because it supports 120 languages. Also, it provides the facility of the first 10 minutes free of cost. If you are looking for immediate transcription, this facility is for you specifically.

happy scribe ai audio transcription
  • Human-made transcription and subtitle creation are provided.
  • Appealing interface and a strong emphasis on excellent customer service.
  • Quick actions, saving a lot of time and increasing productivity.
  • The prices are a little high, producing difficulties for some users.
Plan Pricing
Basic $10/month
Pro $17/month
Business $29/month


Turn your audio into writing easily and accurately using VEED’s AI technology. You have the permission to bring alterations to the work produced according to your way. Furthermore, allows you to get results fast, saving you time. You also get tools to edit your videos and audio and make them sound great. The smart tech understands even tough recordings, giving you the right words.

veed io ai audio transcription
  • Helps to get your content ranked in the search engine results.
  • Able to upload files with no limitation on their sizes.
  • Allows easy navigation throughout its interface.
  • Bugs present that lead to the crashing of the software during use.
Plan Pricing
Basic $12/month
Pro $24/month
Business $59/month

6. Transkriptor

Transkriptor is one of the most powerful yet affordable automatic audio transcription software. It can reach up to 99% accuracy while transcribing your files. Moreover, it is designed for users with a variety of technical exposure. Like other software, it is also supported with multiple languages, increasing its demand. Also, the AI incorporated in it is able to generate meeting notes automatically.

transkriptor ai audio transcription
  • Facilitates users to chat with Transkriptor AI assistant to ask questions.
  • Allows remote collaboration by letting the whole team work simultaneously.
  • Users can export files in multiple formats.
  • Sometimes, over transcript with unnecessary phrases in a conversation like "umm," etc.
Plan Pricing
Lite $4.99/month
Premium $12/month

Part 3. What Makes a Perfect Audio Transcription Tool?

Eliminate the need for manual note-taking with audio transcription as a replacement. The first and foremost benefit of transcription is to make the content accessible to all. That’s why using a perfect tool is important to grow the content reach. To explore the aspect of a perfect tool, delve into the details of this section.

  1. Accuracy: You know accuracy makes your content or brand reliable. Any error can shift your audience to your competitors. Thus, a perfect tool must generate accurate results in transcription. You can ensure that it can handle complex vocabulary and different accents.
  2. Formatting Options: Everyone needs a complete platform for transcription and editing. However, a perfect audio transcription AI is one with formatting options. It allows you to transcribe text and then change font size, style, alignment, etc.
  3. Customization: A better option that allows you to create your dictionary. Such tools accept your terminologies and names for accurate transcriptions. Besides, they allow you to set file export parameters and cater to diverse languages.
  4. Security and Privacy: The original movie files are everything to professional video editors. Loss of data or ransomware can cause negative consequences. Hence, looking for a good tool with high-end security and confidentiality would be best.

Part 4. Wondershare DemoCreator: A Unique Desktop Alternative for Free Audio Transcription

No doubt, earlier, we highlighted the best choices in AI audio transcription. If you want a perfect tool that aligns with the points mentioned earlier, use Wondershare DemoCreator. It is an incredible all-in-all video generator that can record and edit screens to the next level. Users can perform speech-to-text conversion or audio transcription within seconds.

Using this tool, you get many choices in language and caption styles. Despite that, you can make adjustments to the speed and text size for your ease. With these options, non-native language speakers can easily comprehend the content of videos. Apart from audio transcription, there are various other features it offers, such as:

  1. AI Dubbing: Along with speech-to-text, this tool can also convert text-to-speech. It offers an AI dubbing option where you just have to paste the text for sound. Users can even change the voice style and language as required.
  2. Audio Denoise: For flawless media, users can remove background noises with DemoCreator. It can even detect wind, fan, and click noises to filter it out of the audio. Not only denoise, but you can also customize audio by changing its speed and type.
  3. Avatar Presentation: If you are a camera-shy person, use avatar for presentations. Using this platform, you can change avatar styles that match with you. While avatar presentation, record your screen to ensure detailed and informative content delivery.

How to Get Perfect Audio Transcription with DemoCreator

This platform is the easiest solution in audio transcription so far. Even video editing beginners can operate it successfully with its intuitive user interface. Let's begin a new journey to get free audio transcription in the simple steps below.

step1Install DemoCreator and Explore its Video Editor Option

Launch Wondershare DemoCreator and access its main interface. Look for the “Video Editor” option and click to enter in an editing window.

open democreator video editor

Free Download
Free Download

step2Import Your Projects and Look for Auto-Caption

There, go to the “+” button and import your video into the media panel. Hold that video and drop it into the Timeline section to start audio transcription. Now, click on the "Captions" icon next to the "Annotation" at the toolbar of the media panel. Press "Start to Recognize" and pick any language to transcribe the speech.

proceed to ai captions feature
step3Export the File After Ending the Editing Process

If you are satisfied with the generated audio transcription, move to the top right corner. Hit the "Export" button and set the desired export parameters there. Lastly, tap on the "Export" and get the file at your assigned location in the system.

generate transcript and export

Bonus Part: How to Perform Text-to-Speech in DemoCreator

Besides creating speech-to-text, this platform can generate text-to-speech. To explore the process, below are the steps to go ahead:

step1Insert and Edit Text in Projects for Speech Conversion

Import the file in the timeline section and go to the “Annotation” icon in the media panel. After tapping it, you will find text templates. Drag one of them in the timeline and navigate towards the right-side panel. Paste the text into the “Text” section and scroll down to make changes if required. You can change font size, style, alignment, Letter Spacing, etc.

add text to imported video
step2Discover and Utilize AI Dubbing Feature in Your Media

Move back to the timeline and drag the “Text” corners to fit it with the video length. Now, look for the “AI Dubbing” icon in the toolbar of the timeline. Click on it and get a pop-up window named “Select Dubbing Parameters.” Choose one language and “Voice Name” from the given choices. Later, press the “OK” and preview the results.

set and perform tts democreator

Free Download
Free Download


To summarize, AI has changed the game of the old speech-to-text conversion process. You might get familiar with how beneficial is free audio transcription services in various settings. The above-explained tools are undoubtedly good, but they are just simple converters. If you want to enhance your media more, then use DemoCreator. It offers many customizations by being an all-in-all video editor.

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