How to Trim Video on Instagram Directly in 3 Simple Steps

David Wilson
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Basic Editing Tips

If you are a regular user of Instagram and continuously post videos there, you might be interested in learning how to trim videos on Instagram directly to save time. Even though the app allows you to get the job done simply, the level of precision that is required to trim the clips with perfection can only be achieved if some more robust options are used, which clearly Instagram doesn't have.

Therefore, the following sections explain how you can trim video for Instagram from within the software itself, and by using a couple of other third-party tools that can make your trimming and other editing tasks much easier.

Part 1: How to Trim Video on Instagram Directly?

Being an advanced app, Instagram has a built-in trimmer that allows you to get rid of unwanted portions in the videos. You can either trim the clips that you have recorded using the program's camera, or any other media footage that your phone's internal memory has.

To learn how to trim a video to post on Instagram, you can follow the instructions given below:

Step 1: Select or Record a Video

On your Instagram's Home screen, tap the +button, select the video from your device that you want to trim, and tap Next from the top-right corner. Alternatively, you can also tap Your Story to record a new video.

trim video on instagram directly

Step 2: Trim the Video

On the next screen, tap Trim from the bottom, and drag the trimming handles in the Timeline inwards, thus eliminating the starting (and/or ending) segments from the video. Tap Next when done.

trim video on instagram directly

Step 3: Post the Video

On the New Post screen, type a title for the video, use the other available options as needed to add more details, and tap Share to post the trimmed video on Instagram.

trim video on instagram directly

Part 2: A More Efficient Way - Trim Instagram Video with DemoCreator

As mentioned above, when you want to trim the videos with precision to meet the industry standards, you cannot rely on the tools that have been integrated into the apps like Instagram or Facebook merely as a secondary entity, and you need a dedicated program that has been specifically designed and developed for the purpose. This is where DemoCreator comes into play.

DemoCreator is a product by one of the leading software development organizations, Wondershare. Wondershare DemoCreator is a one-stop software that allows you to record your computer screen, add voice to them, lets you edit videos, apply transitions and other effects, crop and trim the footage, and do much more.

You can follow the steps given below to use Wondershare DemoCreator to trim video for Instagram:

Step 1: Import the Video for Trimming

Click Import from the Media Library preset at the upper-left section of the interface, and select and import the source video that you want to trim for Instagram to DemoCreator.


Step 2: Trim the Video

Drag the video from the Media Library to the Timeline at the bottom, place the play head over the frame you want to trim the clip from and click Split from the toolbar above the Timeline. Select the unwanted segment, and press Delete on the keyboard.

Repeat this process to split other portions of the clip as needed, and remove all the unnecessary segments. Finally, drag the first part of the media to 00:00:00:00 (left-most) in the Timeline, and then drag each of the separated clips next to each other, so there is no space between them to trim the video for Instagram. Press the Play button in the Preview window to see if the video plays flawlessly.


Step 3: Export the Video

Click Export from the top-right corner of the interface, make sure that the local category in the left pane is selected, choose your preferred format from the drop-down list (MP4 should be perfect), populate the other fields, and define the custom preferences using the available options as needed, and click Export to get the video for Instagram.


Part 3: How to Trim Video for Instagram Story?

To learn how to trim video for an Instagram story, it is important to know the involvement of two major ingredients namely: Changing the Video's Aspect Ratio

The video must be in a 9:16 aspect ratio and preferably in 1080 x 1920 resolution to comply with the app. Therefore, you need a separate tool that natively allows you to change the aspect ratio of the videos that you wish to post on Instagram as a story. In order to change the aspect ratio for the Instagram story using Wondershare DemoCreator, you can follow the instructions given below:

1. Change the Video's Aspect Ratio

Launch Wondershare DemoCreator, and click Video Editor on the welcome screen. When the new project window opens up, right-click anywhere in the Preview window, and click Project Settings. On the Project Settings box, click the Lock icon from the Preset section to unlock the aspect ratio dimensions, manually enter 1080x1920 in both width and height fields, and click OK to close the box saving the changes.




2. Tips to Improve Your Instagram Stories

A couple of tips that can help you improve your Instagram stories are - the videos must be well-decorated with stickers, effects, and transitions to become more attractive and engaging. As mentioned earlier, the best program for this purpose is Wondershare DemoCreator.

To learn how to trim a video for an Instagram story, and add effects, stickers, and transitions to it, you can follow the detailed instructions given below:

The first is to Import the Source Video (that has a 9:16 Aspect Ratio) and add It to the Timeline. Launch Wondershare DemoCreator, as explained earlier, click Video Editor then click Import from the media bin. Select and import the Instagram video. Next, drag the video from the Media Library to the Timeline.

1. Crop the Video

To crop, select the remaining part of the video, click Crop from the toolbar, use the cropping handles preset at the sides of the screen on the crop window as needed, and click OK to save the changes.



2. Add Stickers, Effects, and Transitions to the Video

To add a sticker, click the Sticker icon from the left pane of the interface, choose a sticker, drag it to the Timeline, move it near the Skimmer, and make sure that the two snap to each other. Repeat the process to add as many stickers as needed.


To add an effect, select Effects from the left pane of the window, drag an effect to the Timeline and place it right above the video track. Now select the effect in the Preview window, and use the available handles to adjust its appearance as per your requirements.


To add a transition, click Transitions from the left pane, drag your preferred transition to the Timeline, and place it at the beginning or end of the media clip.


Note: Transitions can also be used when two separate footage are there in the Timeline, and you need a smooth switch from one of them to the other.

3. Speed Up the Video

To speed up the video to save time, select the media in the Timeline that you want to play faster, and from the Properties Area present on the right side of the interface, drag the Speed slider to the right. Likewise, dragging the slider to the left decreases the playback speed of the video.



Depending on your field of interest, and the target audience you wish to distribute your videos to, you can either learn how to trim video on Instagram directly or use an efficient app like Wondershare DemoCreator that allows you to make your footage more interesting. For instance, if you are a food blogger, you can add transitions and/or speed up the video where you are going from one shop to another.