Merging Videos on iPhone in 10 Efficient Ways

Alma Elliott
2024-04-18 16:33:55 • Filed to: Basic Editing Tips

There was a question about how to merge videos on iPhone by one of the Reddit users. The text said, “The best way to easily edit/merge 2 vertical videos together on iPhone without having to use a laptop?”

The answer is simple. To merge videos on iPhone(vertical or horizontal), you can download any of the free video editing tools from the App Store. When talking about editing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that footage must be split into multiple parts, or the stickers or effects are to be applied to it. Instead, the entire post-production process is covered by the umbrella term ‘Video Editing’.

With that said, here you will learn about some of the most appreciated iPhone/iPad apps that can be used to easily edit the media clips, especially when it is about knowing how to merge two videos on iPhone. Furthermore, one of the following sections also discusses an efficient PC program, in case fine-editing is required in order to give the video a professional touch.

Part 1: Top 10 Video Mergers – How to Merge Videos on iPhone

There are some apps that are specifically developed to merge two videos iPhone has, in addition to performing other basic-level post-production tasks right on your smartphone. Top 10 such mobile applications include:

1. Video Merger – Combine Videos

Video Merger is a great iPhone video merger. Unlike the name suggests, Video Merger, which enjoys a 4.6-star rating on the App Store, does not merely merge videos on iPhone but is also capable of doing many more things. Some of the key features that Video Merger offers are:

video merger combine videos

  • Trim and crop the media clips
  • Add text narrations and/or captions
  • Apply filters to the videos
  • Use your own recordings as background music or use your favorite one from the iTunes library
  • Upload the videos to cloud storage such as Dropbox
  • Share the merged clips on your favorite social media platform, etc.

Download Link:


iMovie is one of the greatest iPhone editing tools. A proprietary of Apple Inc., iMovie can be obtained from the App Store for free. Being developed by one of the leading vendors of the world, the app can be trusted when it comes to performance and memory management. Some of the most useful features that iMovie has included:

iMovie combine videos on iPhone

  • Creating Hollywood-style trailers
  • Adding animated titles using the available templates
  • Managing the playback speed of the clips
  • Applying solid, patterned, or gradient backgrounds
  • Adding sound effects or songs from your account’s music library
  • Using the projects across multiple devices by sharing them via iCloud Drive or AirDrop

Download Link:

3. Video Mixer to Combine Videos 

Video Mixer to Combine Videos is another free program for iPhone and iPad, Video Mixer to Combine Videos, as the name suggests, enables you to merge multiple videos that you can import to the app from your iDevice. Some of the key features that the software has are:

video mixer to combine videos

  • Apply overlay filters and/or shapes
  • Add background music
  • Single-tap merging of all the clips using the ‘Merge’ button
  • Share the output with others or save it to the device post-completion
  • Pause the project at any stage, and resume when intended
  • Import videos with original resolution

Download Link:

4. Video Joiner – Merger to Join 

Video Joiner – Merger to Join is an easy-to-use APP that allows you to merge video on your iPhone. In addition to performing other editing tasks on iPhone merge videos, for example, the app is also capable of doing other things such as:

Video Joiner merger video on iPhone

  • Saving (pausing) and resuming the projects as needed
  • Trimming the clips
  • Adding shape overlay to each of the added footages or the split segments separately
  • Adding background music
  • Changing videos’ background-color
  • Adding filters to each of the clips or segments separately

Download Link:

5. Videoshop – Video Editor

Videoshop is a completed video editing APP suited for iPhone. With the whopping 4.9-star rating on the App Store, Videoshop – Video Editor is one of the most-used apps for post-production tasks on your smart device. The key features that the program offers include:

videoshop merge videos on iPhone

  • Lip sync
  • Sound effects of laughter, audience noises, etc.
  • Captioning and text narrations
  • Video distortion effect
  • Filters
  • Video resizing
  • Video rotate and flip

Download Link:

6. Vimeo

Vimeo was developed by one of the major streaming platforms with an identical name, Vimeo is probably the only free program with in-app purchases that has no adverts whatsoever. Some other lucrative features that the application offers include:

vimeo merge 2 videos on iPhone

  • Recording or uploading your videos in up to 4K resolution for streaming right from within the app itself
  • Live events streaming
  • Password protecting the shared videos
  • Sharing the videos privately
  • Downloading the videos for offline viewing
  • Creating a watch list

Download Link:

7. Video Editor&Maker – FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is developed by one of the most versatile vendors of the software industry, Wondershare. The app is a smartphone-compatible sibling of a PC program called Filmora that is available for both Windows and Mac platforms. Some of the significant key features that FilmoraGo offers include:

Filmora go iPhone merge videos

  • Timeline-oriented video editing approach
  • Trimming and splitting
  • Merge videos on iPhone
  • Adding background music
  • Built-in effects and presets
  • Sharing produced videos to YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Download Link:

8. Splice – Video Editor & Maker

Splice has gained a 4.6-star rating on the App Store from around 220.5K satisfied users across the globe. The app is feature-enriched and is capable of performing almost all the complex post-production tasks easily as compared to its competitors. The key features that make Splice unique, especially when you are planning to merge two videos iPhone have included:

splice merge videos on iPhone free

  • Managing video orientation
  • Adding custom outros
  • Applying time-lapse or slow-motion effects
  • Adding stock soundtracks that are available for free from within the app itself
  • Sharing the produced videos to YouTube, Facebook, Messages, Instagram, etc.
  • Saving the outputs of your device’s internal storage

Download Link:

9. Quick 

Quick is proprietary to one of the most renowned action camera manufacturers, GoPro. Although the app works perfectly well with the footage captured from the cameras, with the built-in editor, it can even recognize foreign video clips and allows the users to edit them as needed. The significant features that Quick has been that of it:

quick merge two videos on iPhone

  • Allows you to merge videos on iPhone along with the photos
  • Enables you to add up to 200 media files for editing and joining
  • Lets you choose a theme for your projects to reflect your preferred ambiance post exporting
  • Gives you access to up to 100 soundtracks that can be used as background music
  • Auto syncs audio with the videos at the point of transitions
  • Can produce videos in up to 1080p resolution with up to 60 fps (frames per second)

10. VivaVideo – Video Editor&Maker 

VivaVideo is a popular APP in the APP store. With around 800 million downloads and a 4.8-star rating on the App Store, VivaVideo is yet another popular and appreciated video editing app available for free. Some of the advanced features that the program offers to its consumers include:

Vivavideo combine two videos together on iPhone

  • Keyframe-oriented object appearances such as stickers, texts, etc.
  • Enables Picture-in-Picture
  • Multi-track approach for sound effects and other music clips
  • Slow-motion or time-lapse from 0.25x to 4x speed respectively
  • Managing video backgrounds
  • Enables zooming in and zooming out in the video clips

Download Link:

Part 2: Try Another Efficient Video Merger – Wondershare DemoCreator

The fact of the matter is, no mobile app is strong enough to compete with a PC program. The freehand and the expanded experience you get while using a computer are incomparable whatsoever. The same is the case with Wondershare DemoCreator that is software for both Windows and Mac platforms and can be downloaded for free from its official website.

The All-in-One Screen Recorder & Video Editor

Record desktop screen and webcam simultaneously
Edit recorded clips quickly with a wide range of professional tools
Built-in plentiful templates and effects
Export to MP4, MOV, MKV, GIF and multiple formats
Free Download
Secure Download
Free Download
Secure Download

To elaborate, DemoCreator is a screencasting and post-production application that enables you to record the computer screen, and edit those or foreign videos using the built-in editor.

In comparison, when you try to merge videos on iPhone, there are certain restrictions such as limited editing options, single-track timelines, resolution and orientation constraints, etc. On the other hand, while using a PC application like Wondershare DemoCreator, you get access to the multi-layered timeline, ease of previewing the expected output, convenient navigation and tools’ selection, one-touch dragging and dropping, and much more.

You can learn how to merge videos with Wondershare DemoCreator by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Import Videos to the Media Box

Launch DemoCreator on your computer (Windows 10 here), click Video Editor when the welcome screen pops up, click Import from the Media box at the upper-left area of the main interface, and select and import the media clips that you want to merge.

democreator combine videos on iPhone

Step 2: Add the Media to Timeline

Click and drag the first source video from the Media box, and drop it inside the Timeline at the bottom. Repeat this step for each of the imported clips in your preferred sequence individually. Optionally, click Transitions from the left bar, and choose and drag your preferred transition effect between the two clips in the Timeline. You can also add the transitions at the beginning and end of the media files.

democreator merge videos on iPhone

Step 3: Merge the Videos

Click Export from the top-right corner of the interface. When the Export box comes up, ensure that the Local category is selected in the left bar, use the available options and fields in the right to set up custom export preferences, and click Export from the bottom-right corner to merge the videos with Wondershare DemoCreator.

democreator merge videos

democreator merge 2 videos on iPhone


It is easy to learn how to merge videos on iPhone, and even the process of doing so is fairly simple. However, regardless of the ease of accessibility and usage that the mobile apps offer, they can never replace the robustness of an efficient PC program like Wondershare DemoCreator that offers a multi-track timeline approach, the convenience of dragging and dropping, simplified previewing, etc.